Good news first – then the bad…..

Well I will start with the good news….we are back in our home in sunny California…its beautiful out and my cousin has the house and yard looking great…lots of flowers blooming and color everywhere….really nice to be home….

I will share some pictures from the stay in Minden Nevada…we left early on Saturday morning and headed over the first pass…

18446974_10209058766926368_1671552572578755643_n  it was over 7000″ straight up….then on to South Lake Tahoe..

then over Echo summit (7380 elevation) down into Placerville…beautiful drive…

18447182_10209058765526333_6185635412690597263_n18425512_10209058766286352_3906008603490290030_n18424992_10209058767566384_7831781449144871143_n18486174_10209058768166399_4330682127016021115_n Waterfall on the way down….not a great picture as I couldn’t walk across the busy road…..

Ok – so the bad news started in Lake Tahoe, the engine light comes on in the RV….so I call and find an open repair shop in Placerville that can do a computer diagnostic on it…we assumed it was the O2 sensor….which it was….big relief….just had the one side replaced and was waiting for the second one to go off….bingo…it did…no problem….at this point we were about 4 miles from Camp Lotus….right on the American River…which is running at full capacity with lots of white rapids…so we head off to the camp on the backroads, I was driving my car in front and hubby was bringing up the rear…country roads, small narrow bridges with cement barriors on the sides….it was a busy road, heavy traffic…I looked up and saw my husband all over the road….somehow the mirror on the passenger side hit a pole which caused it to slam into the passenger window and it exploded…my husband said he thought someone hit him…so he tried to correct what ever it was and in the meantime the right side of the RV made contact with the cement bridge, causing all sorts of nasty damage, including ripping the front and handles off the propane tank, causing it to leak.  We of-course travel with a full tank…my husband is a little dazed and confused at this point, I run over to turn off the gas, however the valves are missing….so after much coaxing I get my husband away from the rig, in the meantime I am on the phone with 911….trying to figure out where the heck I am…I didn’t even know the name of the road….so after much explaining where we were, the CHP showed up….I expressed my concern about all the traffic driving by the RV on the side of the road….anyone could throw a lit cigarette out the window and BOOM we would all go up in a big bang….so he closed down the road, and the fire department had arrived…they were unable to get the propane tank to stop leaking so we had to wait for it leach out on its own time….took 2 hours…they just kept spraying it down with water…no citations were given…no one else was involved,  just my husband…so we were free to go after the RV was considered safe, we had it towed back to our house in California, we were only 120 miles from here…thank goodness…as my kids said we could of been back east up on a mountain no where near anything….so we are in the process of getting an adjuster out to look at it and let us know what the next step is, fix or salvage it….not sure its going to be able to be repaired….the door looks like an accordion, the steps up into it are hanging down, the entire side looks like a can opener tried to open it….we are sad, however we are relieved that everyone is safe and no injury’s…..does this put a kink in our summer plans….yup!!!  Someone was watching over my husband Saturday for sure.

Nice to be back in California….heading out to meet my daughter at a pub called The Plow, they make there own beers and ales,   my son in law plays his guitar on Monday nights there for a couple hours…always nice to spend time with them..

Until later…..



16 thoughts on “Good news first – then the bad…..

  1. Oh goodness Kat-so sorry to hear this but so happy you and hubby are well. RV’s can be replaced my friend! I am sure it shook you both up terribly. Alls well that ends well and yes we do have a guardian Angel watching over each of us always! xx


  2. Ghastly. I wait for good news from the adjuster for which I am keeping fingers and toes crossed (makes walking a little difficult but I’m happy to do what I can to help my friend in need) and sending my warmest most exploring thoughts to the universe. Chillax and take comfort from the Moon sista …. I know you will xxx


  3. Oh dear kat, I am so sorry to learn about the RV damage. I am thankful you and hubby are ok and you are there visiting the kids. I know everything will work out, just an inconvenience. Have as much as you can considering the situation and be safe my friend. 🙂


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