So this is what a cement bridge will do to a RV doing 30mph, you can’t see the cracked mirror or broken out passenger window…..pretty sad….I am just so thankful that my husband wasn’t injured…..the fire department was amazed that the propane tank didn’t explode, it was completely moved back and all the knobs sheared off…  It has been a long week of coming to grips with the fact we no longer have our beloved RV, its like loosing a good friend, we have seem many states and logged almost 75 thousand miles with her.   She will be missed….We have heard from the insurance company and they are going to total her, now it will be interesting to see what they will offer us, we aren’t expecting a bank roll, we just hope they are fair.  Should know by tomorrow….fingers crossed….


My cousin and I went out toward Sonoma, the wine country is in full swing…we stopped at a few quaint shops and a good ole fashion rummage sale at one of the churches along the way…was a beautiful day and I was happy to accompany her for a nice ride out and about….


Doing well in-regards to exercise….getting a lot of yard work done, we had some huge aloe plants growing along the deck that needed to go, we need to replace the bottom of the deck to keep the wild animals out from under the house, so it took 3 of us and several hours of work but we won…just a lot of sweating and my hands look like I have been fighting with a cactus….LOL  but a great at to exercise, trying to eat well, I have had to confess I have had pizza once, our favorite pizza place is here…Mary’s Pizza… yummmm

hope everyone is having some sun and fun…


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    • yes the frame where the propane tank was attached was wrenched and they thought it would never go back the same, making driving ever so difficult….fingers crossed…I did my homework and have quotes and sites for them to visit to compare to ours, I never mind a good challenge…who better than an insurance company!! Happy week my friend…kat

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  1. It is absolutely levelling looking at that damage. Reminds me just how fragile we are. In one piece is the best way . And a piece of pizza? Dang it … you only live once and I reckon it was calling you like a siren from the pond! Xx


  2. It is very sad the damage on the RV and as you indicated your husband is okay. I hope all works out well for you with the insurance company. Continue to have fun even though you have had some bad along the way. I hope you have a Happy Monday kat. 🙂


    • it was a cute little 19’….we fell in love with it…but accident happens…so we are looking while we wait for the insurance to decide what they think we should get back…LOL but also thinking about traveling in a car and staying at hotel/motels/air B&B’s…..lots to think about…..

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