Well life is going on here in  finally, sunny Cal…I am getting the better of my office sorted out and that feels good, can’t believe how much “crap” I have been carrying around, can’t give it away   LOL    We had some estate sellers in to give us some words of wisdom and it seems that the best way to make money off of your “crap” is wait to sell it in a huge estate sale, they would only give us $2 per piece….that’s nothing compared to what we think its worth  LOL  so we have put that behind us and are just starting to sort through it all….as I sat in my office and opened drawers full of this & that and then some more of that,  it was just over whelming…..so I grabbed a box and started at one corner working my way around the room….I got my desk out and all the old computers we were keeping, for what reason I have no idea, so that cleaned up a complete wall, and then the books, between my husbands late wife’s German cookbooks all in German of course and all the gardening books I had, that counted over 50 alone….estate sale, all boxed up and ready when we are…so will be back in there today and try to sort out the huge built in armoire, stuffed to the gills….LOL   so that’s what I been doing, besides running here and there looking at RV’s, we still haven’t heard back from the insurance yet, so that little ordeal still isn’t over….

Did have a wonderful weekend filled with family and friends…BBQ, laughter and love felt by all.  My eating could be better, I am trying rein it in…my cousin and I are not the best for each other, we come from the same gene pool, we like to eat, and eat we do!!  I woke up feeling the need to say no, no more..

Will add a few pictures of part of the yard….we have been doing some yard work, we had to put up a new siding around the bottom of the deck, so we dug up 2 huge aloe Vera’s and cleaned out the flower beds along the deck, replacing them with old fence boards to sit cactus pots on…so that was great exercise session…LOL  still having trouble sitting from the sore muscles in the back of my legs and again we filled the 2 big green yard waste containers…will it ever end….nope don’t think so….LOL

The colorful front of the house and some of the blooms on the her cactus….

hope everyone is having a great day…..



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  1. The sorting and decluttering is therapeutic if you let it be …. the eating will settle itself. Love and happiness are priceless so drink them in, dear friend and bloom along with those fabulous cacti xx


  2. The sorting through your ‘stuff’, can be emotional and difficult. It is hard to get rid of stuff, even though once it is done, there is relief. Hang in there with all the other activities taking place and enjoy your time. I am hoping the insurance works to your favor. Happy Day kat. 🙂


    • So far the insurance is working in our favor, waiting for the final #, but happy so far, I feel like they are making us whole….and sorting through stuff is emotional, man have I been having crazy dreams, but cathartic at the same time…thanks Terry…

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  3. You do such beautiful arranging. The garden looks magnificent.
    Will be making a trip to Phoenix in a few months to check out Pebble Creek in Goodyear. Looking forward to seeing if it provides the active lifestyle my wife and I enjoy. Looking for an air conditioned vest for my wife. Not quite certain she is going to be willing to deal with the heat. I promised I would continuously TALK blowing cool air on her. She told me she is planning to have lunch with her divorce attorney! 😀


    • Phoenix area is beautiful….so close to Sedona and Lake Roosevelt, a hop and skip from beautiful areas all-round the area….I am used to the heat already….it feels so good on my joints….she will come to enjoy it, just make sure you get her a covered swimming pool…the fog in sunny California is killing the joints…LOL

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