Ice%20Silver%20Metallic-ISM-188,192,196-640-en_US.jpg So instead of getting a new RV – we have decided to travel by car….pros and cons all weighed out, this little beauty won the draw, meet our new Subaru Outback   LOL   we are heading to Port Angeles Washington to pick it up, its on a truck heading in that direction should be there Monday or Tuesday. We are saving over 2 grand buying it there and get to see my sister and her husband too!!!  We are very excited to try something new, I think my husband is having more trouble understanding the entire concept of traveling in a car, but I have great faith I can change his mind —

Seems like we are dealing with one little crisis after another at this time – right now we are trying to out smart a huge, at least 40# raccoon that has taken up house under out bath tubs. I believe that we have won – he was unable to get through the massive door my husband built – will it never end !!!

only one more MD appointment tomorrow and that will conclude all doctors seen and great reviews for both myself and hubby….glad that’s over….

the only problem we have come across is with the roofers….the one real reason we are here…LOL  we have signed up for a maintenance plan with one of the local business but the man that does the job is out sick, so I am thinking that we will have to wait until we get back from up north—

Life is getting back to feeling more normal, the RV is gone so its not sitting out there reminding us of the accident…money is in the bank and all the i’s have been dotted and T’s crossed so I am thinking that bad experience is behind us…and on to making new memories—

Starting to get my eating under control, handling the stress better…working on a new beginning again, .so here we go!!!  Will I ever learn, I am hoping !!

planning to be back in Arizona in the next 2 weeks to regroup and plan a trip to the East coast—

Until later


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  1. The Subaru Outback is very cool. I think it would be a big deal adjusting to traveling in it vs the RV. You most likely made the right decision. Safe travels and I am glad everything seems to be working out for you. Happy Wednesday! 🙂


  2. Subaru means Pleiades in Japanese. I expect you know that but it seems rather appropriate to you since it is a rather lovely star constellation as represented on their badge. Happy motoring … she’s a doll! X


      • Welcome home! I heard it’s about 115-120 there! Summer is here, that’s for sure. It’s so much fun to travel… I bet you’ll be planning your next getaway soon 🙂


      • It was 120 yesterday, and 125 on our weather station that we have on a tall pole outback….its a little cooler today…we were out and about till noon and it was only 105…so not to bad…but much higher now…but sure feels good on the ole arthritic joints….yes we are thinking about going up north to the Flagstaff area…a little higher elevation so its a little cooler…yay

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  3. raccoons under the baths?? It sounds all very exotic to us over here! How varied your wildlife is. I hope you get the issue sorted soon. Your new car looks lovely and spacious. Xx


    • really not exotic, just more of a big pest making major damage to under the house…I think we beat him at his own game, now he is tearing up the lattice to get under the deck to check to see if the opening to under the house is available….keeping my husband busy nailing up holes…LOL


      • he has stayed out so far…we had to go our and buy repellant to keep him away….you should check to see if they have some kind of spray to detour rabbits…we call it cougar piss…LOL


      • Cougar piss sounds… fragrant! I found a recipe for rabbit repellant that was garlic, chilli and washing-up liquid. I made a batch up and it stank so much it kept us away instead! It rains a lot here so we’d have to apply it everyday for it to be properly effective. Xx


  4. 10/1/62002 – 1:26amno  soy tan fan de la lucha y eso que soy mexicano jaja la veia antes pero ahora se ha vuelto un circo es el efecto provocado por la wwe


  5. Hi Alison,Thanks for your insightful post. I think that perhaps it is true that men tend to define themselves by their work or careers; whereas women are more inclined to define themselves by their home and their retlnioaships. It is also interesting to me that this subject has triggered so many responses.


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