Well back in California. after that little whirl trip north….but I am in heaven driving….I had switched to 4 cylinders years ago, saving on gas and emissions, doing better for mother nature and all….well let me tell you, having 6 cylinders under the hood is a lot of fun….LOL  and Subaru has an eye sight program, I drove for over 90 miles on the freeway and never touched the gas or breaks, she does it all…slows down gently when coming to close and you can set it 1,2,or 3 car lengths in front of you… very nice feature….of course you still have to be alert and focused the entire time, but we sure saved on gas….got our optimal gas mileage it offered…yay….very happy with our new purchase…

we are resting up here for a couple days and heading back to Arizona….its going to be 96′ here today so I think we might head to the beach…but we are ready to head home and settle in and regroup and head out again for a new adventure…..

Sure going to miss the greenery of Washington state….this was on the way to my sisters..


along Hood Canal


The Olympics off in in the distance, this was the most I saw of them the entire time, always covered in clouds….


Sunset from my sisters deck…..the sky was beautiful….


Good Ole Shasta on our way home…..she is always a beauty and showing off!!!

Well life is getting better, we are getting rested up and starting to feel better about our decision to leave the RV world behind, who knows what the future will bring, but for now we are going to hit road in our new ride and see where it takes us….

eating a lot of salads and soups…..need to get the car snacks better organized…make better choices…perhaps stop at a grocery store instead of the mini mart at the gas stations…that would be a good start…

So I will catch up with everyone when we get back to the desert home….xxxx


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  1. I’m so happy that you sound so happy! Really it makes my heart sing that you have found a whole new adventure to live out of the ruins of the RV. Silver linings indeed. Safe travels soul sista xx


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