ahhhhh – Home!!

Its true, there is no place like home!  Drove down the coast in fog and cool weather…I could of stayed there for days,  however the pull of home was tugging on our heart strings, then we crossed over and headed into the heat…we stayed at Tehachapi, about 6 hours from home, and we got up and left at 3a to try to beat the heat and be home before the temps were up…it was 105 at 10a when we got home… by 4p it was 115′ at our house..  we were gone for over 6 weeks and were really excited to see how the house, plants and everything did without us…I must say it did just fine…I just went out and watered and all my desert plants were happy as can be….how they can grow in this heat is beyond me…but they all looked happy and hot…LOL  just gave them all a little drink and had to fight off the  little tiny mosquitos…they were very happy to see breakfast out and about early…LOL  heading to the DMV to register our new ride…which by the way drives and rides a little like a being on a cloud…


Well Tuesday was the hottest day of this little heat wave we are having….the weather channel clocked us in at 120′ and our weather station, which is out back on a very tall pole read 125′, we are about 5 miles from the weather stations thermometer, but they also have more wind than we did….regardless it was hot….

Today is Wednesday ant we are at about 112’…you may think that’s hot, but its not bad considering the 120’…we were out and about until noon and it was 105’….not bad….

Life is getting back to normal, being home, sleeping in our own beds….catching our breath from the whirlwind we have been on….we have to be back in Calif in August to deal with a couple jobs lined up on the house…

Diet is going along just fine…getting back at it ….still working at incorporating more protein daily…checking the time the pool opens in the morning as its the only time I can go when the UV rays are low….they close at 5p so that makes it hard to swim after sunset….

I hope this finds everyone having a wonderful summer or enjoying the winter on the other side of the world….until later….


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