Last day of our get-a-way

Sitting in San Diego, enjoying the fog and cool weather…its been a glorious 3 days…nothing but ocean, beaches, sun and fog….just what the doctor ordered for us…heading back in the morning before all the craziness starts for the big 4th of July weekend here…they are getting geared up so we want to be gone early…we are only 3 hours from home so not a lot to stress on…LOL

We are trying to get the hang of traveling in a car, hotel/motel hopping and learning about some meals out of the cooler….well we know we need a new cooler…not sure how old this one is, but the little plug that hold the ice water in, lets just say we can’t remove it or it will break into many pieces…LOL  but getting the kinks worked out before we go out for a couple weeks…

Here are a few pictures I have taken along the way….instead of staying on I-8 all the way, we took off over the hills, 78/79, beautiful drive….


Spent the first night in Temecula, nothing exciting except it was in the low 60’s at night…felt great to have cool, fresh air….and cold water at the tap…LOL  then we headed over the next set of hills, up high enough to get a good look at the fog layer…..we come out at San Juan Capistrano, we were a few hours before it opened so we continued up the road to Costa Mesa….




I found this huge cactus along the route….I have a start off one in Yuma…this must be over 100 years I bet…huge…in Costa Mesa we spent a lot of time just enjoying the ocean…lots of beaches but so full of people…we drove a short ways north and was able to find some parking along the side of the road and had it all to ourselves…


This was Huntington Beach Pier…not able to find a spot to park but I did get a picture…LOL19554088_10209460232402754_3867706504634271223_n

That’s about all we did here….it was a beautiful 82′ out with a nice cool breeze…..we did drive around and enjoyed the beautiful homes there….

Then onto San Diego, we didn’t make it Coronado Island last time we were there….well I have fallen in love with that area…this is the famous  grand 1888 Victorian property on Coronado Island, I borrowed the picture off the internet…I wasn’t able to get a good picture….they kinda want you to pay to get on the grounds…so that wasn’t going to happen….but it is beautiful… I could only imagine what it was like back then, now its so developed around it that you can’t even see it hardly…this picture had to be taken off a boat out front….the colors are the same….


We were on the beach this morning by 10a, before the fog burned off…this is on the island as well…very nice…lots of surfers…I walked in the water for about an hour….absolutely heaven!!!


From another little area on the island….a small park with benches…we were lucky to be the only ones there…we came back in the afternoon and enjoyed just driving around and looking at all the homes and people of course…LOL19642258_10209469572876260_5052712702955581905_n

We also found a few hours to go to Balboa Park in San Diego…it dates back to the 1600’s…lots of beautiful gardens and grounds to walk…


Bringing this little adventure to an end…didn’t get a sunset in, to foggy out tonight…but I told my husband he owed me 3 nights of sunsets…LOL

I will catch up in the next few days with you all…


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