Where does the time go…

I haven’t posted as there really isn’t any thing new, up until yesterday that is….I went back and joined the pool I used to go to….the new one I was attempting to go to, well they are only open really early and close at 5p…just when the sun’s UV rays are finally going  down enough to go swim….so yesterday was the first day I was able to swim…oh my…I am pretty sure I was pretty close to heaven!!!  I was worried the pool water would  be to warm, nope!!  just cool enough to be soooo refreshing….I will head back this afternoon as soon as the UV #’s go to 4…

The weather in the desert is HOT, hummmm image that….its definitely hotter than last year…as now we are getting some monsoon clouds….moist, hot weather…yuk…we spend the majority of the day in the house….I get up at 6a to go out and water  or run to the store….we have taken up playing cards during the day to keep our brain waves active…

Well it is now the next day….never made it to the pool, even though the sun went down, it was still over 110 at midnight…I just couldn’t go out into the oven to go swimming….and today the wind woke me….its been blowing around 23 to 30mph….with wind in the desert there is blowing sand and dirt….however the temp is only 98′  YAY…hopefully the wind will let up this afternoon and I will hit the pool…..

I have been enjoying fresh vegies and brown rice….I have been making myself up large vegie curries and enjoying them….getting some exercise in at home…feeling great….a little house bound….LOL   but life is good in the desert….

We are heading back to San Diego for some fog, ocean, and cool weather in a week or so…going to try an AirBnB for the first time….I can’t believe how expenses hotel/motels have become….my son uses them when he travels all over the world…so why not…the price is great….you pay more if you want a bigger place to stay…but for us its all about a bed and private bathroom….we don’t need anything else…

xxXXxxHappy Summer



12 thoughts on “Where does the time go…

  1. I usually swim at sundown in Summer here. I don’t fancy being turned into a crisp at other times. I’ve never tried AirBnB,,,or uber. We often have family or friends where we’re travelling.
    Al Gore is on TV here tonight. His message is scary! Not good just before bed.
    Had a really hard moment today thinking about Bilbo while I was out today and just banging my head yet again against the reality of losing him.
    Take care and hope your travels go well.
    xx Ro


  2. Glad to see you’re staying active. I know it’s hot in the dessert, but I like that there are so many days of sunshine. I like to keep my car clean and lots of sunshine always helps.

    How far away is San Diego from y’all? I like the fact that the west coast is in such close proximity to Arizona. Looking forward to my visit to Goodyear.

    Stay healthy and happy. Keep swimming, attending planet fitness and eating healthy!


    • 3 hours and my toes are in the ocean….we have a couple 4000′ passes to go over but pretty easy driving….heading that was on Tuesday for a couple days of cool weather….Goodyear is about 2.5 hours from my place…your about 5 hours or so depending on the route you take to the Pacific….quickest would be 85 down to I-8 and straight out west…….no matter Goodyear has a lot beautiful places to visit around it…are you going to get to go up to Sedona?? or East to lake Roosevelte ?? Lots of beauty on the drive to there?? yes it is hard to stay active in 110′ heat….glad I bought some hand weights and have a great air conditioner…LOL

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      • Visiting a 40 and over community called Pebblecreek. Spending the entire time (in this region) to make sure the development (as well as the surrounding area) offers an active environment my wife and I like to participate in. I have already been to Sedona in the past. Beautiful area to visit. Wouldn’t be surprised (if we move to Az) if we head that way for a few months in the summer time.
        2.5 hour away (almost neighbors.) Don’t think I won’t surprise you and pop on in at some point if we move there! 🙂


      • right back at you…LOL Arizona is a beautiful state for sure….but it does have it special problems…..monsoon to name one….dust storms….but for the most part….its sunny and a pretty goo place to live….

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