WoW – another week has gone by….

Really where does the time go???  I look up and another week has passed….

we have been just tying to beat the hot, muggy heat….we had to run into El Cajon Subaru the other morning….the eyesight lights were lighting up the dashboard…after a phone call and referring to the owners manual we found it we could drive it without the eyesight…its a pain as the cruise control goes out too…I love the cruise control…we did everything the book suggested and it still didn’t reset itself….so up packed and ready to spend the night if we had to, off we went…its only 2.5 hours away and its over the mountains near San Diego where its nice and cool….LOL   so we weren’t  crying to bad…LOL   the lights were off in the morning when we set out and everything was working perfectly but we were up and ready for a road trip…..long story short, I didn’t get my door shut tight…tight enough not to have the little red door ajar light pop on, but not tight enough to seal it….the doors are so much heavier than any of the other cars we have ever owned…shows how safe they really are….so that was a great outing…came home the road #94, great road but it did add an extra hours to our journey….amazing at how close to the border we were….lots of border patrol along the way…we stopped to have lunch on the side of the road….we noticed a dark colored SUV stopped up the road watching us….kinda creepy…we ate quick and left…as we drove by I had a glance and it was the boarder patrol….I wonder if he thought we were waiting for someone…LOL  We did go out early the other morning and got the oil changed on the new car…pretty sad when you excited to get to go out for an oil change…it was done and we were home before 8a…LOL hate to say it was 100′ by then….LOL at least our joints don’t hurt and my husband can breath better…but wow is it hot here….

Swimming is either early in the morning or after the sun goes down….nothing in between for me…

Doing okay on the diet front…trying not eat after 69…if I do its either a salad or protein…I still haven’t gotten on the scale…big baby that I am….maybe tomorrow…its been taunting me as I walk by it every morning…I swear I can hear it daring me….LOL

The monsoon season is in full swing to the East of us…pretty intense around Phoenix….it seems to wear thin when it gets close to us…there were some clouds last night…hers a  picture…I know your saying, “Sister those aren’t clouds”  but here they are…LOL


In Phoenix they get hit really bad….heres a few pictures off google…

They also get the dust storms during the monsoon…..I have experienced a dust storm in New Mexico…we were trapped at a state park for 3 days in the RV…pretty incredible..

We are off to San Diego on Tuesday….hope the Airbnb goes well….can’t wait to put my feet back in the ocean….

until later…


8 thoughts on “WoW – another week has gone by….

  1. Where is it going? I swear my life is evaporating time seems to go so fast these days. I guess its age but I don’t want to own up to that!! Get on those scales and get a baseline. Doesn’t matter a jot what it is but at least then you know and I’m willing to bet you are better than you think you are. Lots of love from England and I’m so pleased to see your girlie back and blogging!! Xx


    • I can’t believe how quick a week can go by…were basically hibernating in the house because its to darn hot to go outside…..I will get on the scale in the morning…I snoozed in till after 10a this morning like an ole hibernating bear….lol

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  2. Obviously, those border patrol people knew you were coming and were on the look out. Was it a full moon?
    It is so cold here today and my fingers are freezing with the Reynards.
    Thanks so much for sharing those storm photos from Phoenix. I particularly like the second one on the left, which looks positively apocalyptic.
    I am waiting for the cleaner to finish up so I can have a nap. I’m sooo tired.
    xx Rowena

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