Were home from our little jaunt to San Diego….we stayed at our first airbnb, Janette our hostess was so gracious and sweet…it was a little surreal entering someone’s home and hanging out with them, but she made us feel like old friends coming for a visit….in the future we will try to book a private entrance and have our own space with no interaction.   Almost made me feel like a college student…LOL  it was so muggy while we were there I thought we were in Louisiana….LOL  this trip certainly didn’t help us beat the heat…however we did have a fun time…and I am pretty sure I sweat off a few pounds…LOL

here are a few pictures…we spent quite a bit of time just hanging out at Balboa Park again….very beautiful….my husband is learning to just sit and enjoy…


And then of course, my favorite is Coronado Island, we had a nice lunch right on the water and watched the boats come and go…


we came home to dry hot heat….hate to say it but it was almost welcoming compared to the mugginess…LOL   not a lot of news, same ole same ole…we are going to head to our California home the first week of August….hopefully there will be fog involved…LOL  we have half a garage full of RV stuff that needs a good sorting through and we are having the side of the house worked on, and will also paint the deck…not sure how long we will be there but a few weeks for sure…

I feel good, trying to get up the oomph to head to the gym…its just so hot when you head outside you really don’t want to exercise….there is no cool air here or cold water…we often wonder how the ancestors did it all those years ago with no air conditioners…I have to say they were tuff that’s for sure….

Here is a picture of the clouds just off in the distance tonight….no lightening but they sure were pretty…


have a great weekend coming up…..


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  1. Very lovely and I wish you in turn a lovely weekend. AirBnB has reaped mixed rewards for me … never bad but sometimes a little too personal for my reclusive taste. I always go for a self contained unit and that seems to work well. Xx


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