Well I did it….the scale was a little dusty and was harboring dust bunnies as friends….but I got on it….I am actually at the same weight I was when I was at the MD’s office on June 6th….I haven’t gained, nor in that same breath, I haven’t lost….I am status quo…so I am stepping up my home exercise program, apparently I haven’t been doing enough…I have been to the pool several times…I feel like I get a good work out there, that’s probably what is saving my arese from gaining….I made a deal with my MD to loose before I return in August….guess its not going to happen on its own….darn it!!!!   My husband has decided that he would like to join the gym with me, he does the bike so I think we are heading that way in the morning….like he said its to hot to go anywhere else, and the gym is always nice and cool…might as well have an outing to there…I guess that’s one way to look at it…LOL   so going to buckle down and stop waiting for a miracle….hard work, move more, eat less….focus…..aghhhhhh!!!!!

Plus the other exciting news is Sprouts has opened here…the first health food store of its kind here….I had to drive over 3 hours to go to a Trader Joes, Cost Plus or Whole Foods…Sprouts is new to me, I went to one in Phoenix area and found it better than Whole Foods price wise…same exact products on the shelf…today it was crazy there…we are going tomorrow to have a look around….

We are leaving in 1 week to head back to California….really excited to go back home to see my kids and just be there…we are staying at another airbnb on our way, over by Tehachapi Pass, it is a private entry area and bathroom, we won’t have to be near or see anyone else…YAY   I am excited about that too!!

It rained on Tuesday here, very refreshing…my husband was out running around barefoot, it dumped on us for about 20 minutes….thunder and lightening  was like a bonus…..it washed all the dust off everything, it seemed brighter and happier right after…however it was so muggy you couldn’t breath after….but I love it when it rains in the desert…it was nothing like they are getting on the east side of the state…however I wouldn’t want to be out in the desert in any of the washes…

Wishing everyone joy and happiness….



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  1. SO much easier to go to the gym with a buddy and when the buddy is your hubby it’s all the better. I know this from recent experience both before I broke my leg and after it had healed. Sadly I’m now back ony own for a while and guess what? The Bean is no help gymwise at all. So it’s back to plodding up hills for me! X


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