Where does the time go….its already the 11th….I was sitting here yesterday, going through bills to pay and getting caught up on all the household accounts….when itI dawned on me, I was living  in the wrong week of the month…even though I was registering the date, it wasn’t registering in my little mind…LOL  reality hit…I live by a calendar during vacations, well really all the time…if I don’t write it down it doesn’t exist..LOL  I had forgotten the calendar I had started at home for this trip and when I got here I recreated it…I had called all the MD’s to confirm the appointments, but even then I wrote a couple on the wrong Friday…LOL  its getting hard to be in charge…LOL   so with my calendar up dated and correct, I am know on the right day and on the correct week…where does time go….

Life is good for me….foggy nights, cool weather, sunny afternoons….perfect in my opinion….however for my husband battling lung disease, fog and cool weather only means its going to be hard to breath…so he is back on prednisone, its been months since he has had to take it, I feel bad for him, but I do not miss the hot heat of the desert.  We are dealing with issues on the house so looks like we will be here for a couple more weeks.

20638553_10209783988176446_350563185976174612_n  I snapped a picture sitting in traffic in SF of fog on the golden gate bridge….I love the fog the coast brings us…..

Just had my blood work done for my up and coming MD appointment next week…really curious to see where my A1C is at since I have gained back 50#’s…yes I am fully aware of the need to get it off my body, easier said then done….I really need to work on my mind set and just do it…aghhhhh   I hate having to be a grown up!!!

Well we are off to find a pair of head phones for hubby so he can hear on the computer….we can’t find his good ones that were in RV….so new ones it is…