Day four and right on schedule –

Spent a better part of the day sitting in an ear Dr.s waiting room.  My husband needed to find an ENT, so we did!!  Good doctor and took good care of my husband, but this was our first outing into the MD world besides urgent care….we did learn something, be the first one on the appointment list.  LOL  He was in no hurry to see anyone, 3 hours later we were out of there.  Kinda like going to the DMV….

Then we went out and had a nice lunch and home…by then it was late afternoon and a nap was in order.  LOL  The weather has been gray skies for 3 days.  I am ready for a little sunshine.

Until tomorrow…


Late day three….not until my head hit the pillow did I realize I forgot to post….as my mother would of said, better late than never  LOL

It was not a terribly busy day, but I just wasn’t on my lap top much….I went out and have been gathering little gifts for my sweetheart so he will have some fun while I am away. Speaking getting away, I am getting so excited.  I really feel like I am going home when I head back to California.  And to get to stay at my daughters and grandcat sitting is always fun…Just being back in the town makes my heart happy.   Don’t get me wrong, I like the desert southwest, I know it makes my husbands life so much better to be here in the low humid air.   Its just not where I ever in a million years thought I would be,  but that said, I always try to see the bright side of life, and well, the desert has its own beauty and charm.  Its been gray and overcast here, only in the 70’s, feels like fall.  So that has been a nice change from the sun.

I was up and had my exercises done before I ever got dressed, that felt great.  I never once was tempted in the stores to buy something to nibble on or even drink.  I am really going to cut out the diet Pepsi.  I did it for over 5 years and then one little sip, and poof like a bad drug, I was back on it.  I wasn’t back to busy mass quantities but I would have a bottle every now and then. But even that was to much.   So back to water, and ice tea when I am out and about.  I am feeling more in control, sounds a little soon to be spouting that, but really I am going onto day four in my goal week and haven’t had one bit of trouble…makes you realize what a little effort in ones like will do.

So I am into day four and heading out the door for a MD appointment with my husband.  I will be back tonight to wrap it all up.

Day two….so much more energy today, its nice when the pain goes away, makes life so much easier.  Up and at em’ early.  Didn’t make it to the gym, but got a work out in here at home.  I have weights  (3#’s) so did an entire upper arm work out.  Made my self a wonderful bowl of vegie soup in a delicious broth and had a vegie patty for dinner with the trimmings.  Back to the chiro tomorrow, he doesn’t like me to do to much on the day I get adjusted, so will get up early, or try to and get in a quick work out before I see him.

see you tomorrow…..

Day one… I am, blogging as I promised.  I was up at 7a, got in 20 minutes of easy movement, way to early to be up doing cardio  LOL  I tossed and turned all night with exercise anticipation   LOL   felt like I was going to be heading to a new school  LOL  changing life strategies certainly plays on the sub-conscience, I will definitely sleep well tonight.  As far as eating, well I started with my favorite, sticky, gummy oatmeal and a pear, no sugar just a little milk.  Lunch was another breakfast favorite, dry scrambled eggs, small amount of hash browns, beans and cottage cheese.   Full and done for the night.

Been to the chiropractor and had a few adjustments but given full range of motion starting tomorrow.  So the gym is on my list, just not at 7a  LOL  I do better after a cup of java and a little news.

See you all tomorrow   ***

Wow, now its post Thanksgiving….I can not believe that the days roll into the next, so gracefully, silently, just like the gray on my temples….and what do I have to show for it…

I truly hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! Ours was quiet, but well enjoyed with my brother and his wife, they did the turkey and additions, we did the ham and trimmings and met in the Arizona room with nowhere left on the table to put anything.  It was delicious.  I am certainly thankful all that I have and where my retirement has taken me.

I am going to commit to blogging for a week, I know it doesn’t sound like a long time, but when I look at how much time goes by between my post, I think I should start with a week, its a goal I think I can commit to.  I will also add 30 minutes of exercise of some sort daily for this 7 days, another goal I think I can keep.  I have been doing well with my food/diet, when I say diet I mean the food I eat.  I didn’t over eat on Thanksgiving.  It felt good to have a little of everything,  and they took all there food home and that left us with ours.  Yams divided up and into the freezer, my husband doesn’t like them and i can only eat so many….the same with the ham.  I didn’t make so much that we would have lots of left overs, no reason to do that.  I am trying to stay out of the kitchen from 6pm on, the evening is the worse time for me and a million of you.  I am going to keep a journal for a week, same goal time.  I have come to realize if I over set my goals I will for sure sabotage myself.  So mini goals lengths, if I can do a week, I am thinking I can do another one, and then another one, and then another one.  Changing it up !  The old way isn’t working, so what doesn’t work, let it go and change to something that will.

I just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Jonathan –  AllAboutHealthyChoices  for all he does for us out here in the blogging world.  Thank you for caring and offering to help.  I really appreciate it.

I leave you with a few positive quotes…




Sunday night….Thanksgiving week approaches us at a rapid rate…Christmas will be here then New Years…Holiday Season is here like it or not !  I hope everyone enjoys the season….

We certainly enjoyed Tucson.   I never get tired of the Saguaros..

Entering the Saguaro National Park , our first stop

23517421_10210481227206986_8858655879903824819_n23518900_10210481226446967_3718523173139121939_n A Saguaro with a fan or crown

It was a lovely day, and we stayed in the National park for several hours, I had never visited the desert museum, it was a little spendy to get in, but you could spend over 8 hours there easily.  They had trails, and multiple areas of the desert to visit.  Very informational. I recommend it if you visit the area.  Then on to my reason for going in the first place. Bach’s Nursery.  My husband  and I wondered around for a couple hours, in and out of cactus houses and finally decided  on what I wanted to get.  A cactus called a Totem, 080d65 I have 2 of the smaller ones, this is a picture I have from the internet.  I will take some of mine once they are in the ground….

untitled this is called a Mexican Fence Post,  again this is from the internet, you by it by the foot, mine is a little over a foot tall, I have to wait at least 5 days to plant it.  pictures to come.  I also got some small star barrels and   b5051aa5d712e0bd9ce0846eed02e415 another Artichoke plant, mine didn’t make it through the summer, not sure why, but I have a huge one back in California that is thriving in the rain, LOL  don’t ask….so again this is a picture off the interment,  this is one of my favorite cactus, I wish it would cooperate with me…

Anyway we had so much fun, well I did at least LOL

Life is good here in the desert southwest.  The cool air of winter has arrived.  I was in bed this morning and heard the air conditioner come one,  we set it at 76′ at night, my first thought was oh my how frigin warm is it outside the air is coming on, then I felt the warm air hit me, a huge groan, great the air conditioner is broken.  I get up to find my husband had it set on heat.  it was about 68′ in the house when he got up, very cold, it was below 60 outside LOL  so much to my relief the air conditioner is not broken  LOL  The wind blew all day yesterday, I ventured out to a Christmas Craft Fair, wind and all, it was fun, had all the basic Christmas homemade stuff you would expect – left with a home made wooden letter opener and some kitchen scrubbies, that’s it.  Wind stopped over night and I was able to get out and plant some of my new babies.

Diet is okay. Probably over did it in Tucson. But just once…haven’t weighed in forever, maybe I will hop on the scale in the morning.

Getting excited about heading to California, will miss my husband, but I am ready to see my kids even if its just for a short amount of time.

I will leave you with a funny from Facebook…



Really where does the time go…

Been busy doing nothing I guess – lol   Its Sunday and here I sit sipping my coffee and listening to Meet the Press, life is good in the desert Southwest.   Eating is okay, could be better, to much bread, so cutting that out as of this morning…haven’t been back to the gym for a few days.  My knee is absolutely killing me!!  Weather is cooling down and I am sure its reacting to the loss of heat in the air.  On one hands the cool weather is wonderful, feels so fresh, but wow, does the body hate it.  My husbands joints are bothering him to.  Funny, we were just wondering where we could to find the heat again…makes us laugh as so many come here to get out of the cold and into the heat, now that we have been here and are enjoying the heat, we can feel the difference – lol So I will be watching my eating closer this week and get it back on track, stay away from carbs !!

Veterans Day yesterday, nice to be out and see all the military stationed here the Southwest.  So proud of all the men in our family that have served.  Thank you to anyone reading this blog that served, I am thankful for your service.

Not a lot happening here, just seems we get up and carry on…

Hard to believe its already the 12th of November,  Thanksgiving is just a hop and skip away, then Santa will be here…Poof it will be January and onto a new year…I feel like we just did this!!  Pretty sure aging has speeded up yet again.  Before I had children it seemed like it a took a forever for a year to roll by, had kids, and the roll speeded up, birthdays, holidays seemed to come around a lot quicker.  Now that I am older, the roll is steaming ahead.  Now I understand the saying, slow time down again, it really does seem like the years are flying by.  Wasn’t I just 45!!  Now I am 60…Really!!!  I can barely remember the last 15 years….it really was just a blink of the eye….

Well I can go on and on and on about the loss of time so better just say….until later