5th day over…..

Busy day, house cleaning, got a great work out vacuuming and cleaning the floor, laundry, dishes, cleaned up the spare room where I have been throwing everything I am taking with me….dealt with medications, ordered gifts for relatives in Germany, finished up my Christmas cards, got the budget completed for November and started on Decembers, gathered the presents I have been hiding here and there for my sweetheart and got all of them wrapped and ready to be tucked away until Christmas morning.  Lots of energy, feeling really good.  I have continued to exercise in the morning, today got it over with before coffee  LOL  most the time I need a little morning sip to get the motor going.  The grey skies have cleared off to blue and it was a great day in the desert southwest.  I never left the house or yard and stayed in my PJ’s all day….felt like I was cheating on something.

Tomorrow we are going out for lunch with my brother and his wife at a new Mexican restaurant, his birthday in on the 23rd of this month and mine is just a month away so we are combining them.   I have been wanting to try this place  out.   The front of the store is a Mexican bakery, Elvira’s and they sell the best homemade tamales, sweet and savory, and my favorite, cheese and chili, very good, they have a little eatery area in the back and I have always wanted to try it out.  So I am hoping for a yummy chili relleno, my favorite tomorrow.  I will let you know tomorrow night.  Food was okay today, trying to stay away from gluten to see if it helps the arthritis.  But wheat products run in my veins, so I am still eating a small amount, I certainly will not buy anymore for myself.  Otherwise life is moving along for me.  I am still on goal and looking forward to finishing this week strong.

Trying to stay away from the news, I watch the world news, and that’s all most to much for me.  Positive outlook, keeping the negativity at an arms reach, not that I am not aware of what’s going on, just don’t need to hear it over and over and over again.  Pretty sad world we are living in right now, so might as well make mine a fun, up beat one.

Thinkin I will be out doing a little jig under the full moon on Sunday…twirlin under the moon beams….

till tomorrow….