Day 6

Almost there, a goal will be met.  I have had a great week, getting exercise back into my routine, well lets say I am getting a routine down.  Got in a short work out this morning.  Actually got on the scale for the first time in a long time.  Can’t say I was happy to see the number that popped up, but that will start changing.

Well we were talking about our outing today at a new little Mexican restaurant, well if I closed my eyes I could of been sitting in Mexico enjoying my taco.  The food was so authentic, no one spoke English , so we ordered what I recognized.  LOL My Spanish is very limited, but I managed to get us all something wonderful.  My brother and his wife had burritos, my husband had a torta, its a sandwich on a big soft roll, his was ham and cheese with all the fixings, I had a combination plate, 2 corn enchiladas and 2 tacos, they use the small tortillas, they were so good,  I shared with my brother.  I only had a bout 5 chips, there was to much good food to eat chips.  Water all around.  I will go back to have the tacos, and try there chili rellenos if they have them.  They didn’t have any today.    😦

Heading to bed…don’t forget to take a twirl in the beautiful moon beams….