Second week started

Been a long day, my hubby’s COPD is rearing its ugly head, so that means he is on prednisone, which means he doesn’t sleep and has the energy of many….so he was up at 3a, I was up at 4a, the day started, a couple naps later and here we are at 7p.  He is feeling better, prednisone is a magical drug for sure.  If he is up early tomorrow, I will just close the door tighter.  LOL  Plus the wind has blown all night and day, calmed down for the evening but it is suppose to blow until some time Thursday, off and on.  I did venture out this afternoon to pick up a few items needed.   Can’t believe its December again.  Christmas almost up on us, the New Year just a heart beat away…is it me or does the time just march on faster and faster?

We shared a baked potato for lunch with all the trimmings, and I had a cesar salad for dinner. I didn’t exercise today, no excuses, just didn’t do it. Nothing more on that.

I am leaving you with a picture from Hurricane Ridge, my father used to work for the National Park Service, this is just above Port Angeles Washington.  It is a beautiful place, depending on weather in the winter  getting to the top may not be possible. Elevation 5242′


until tomorrow…