I went to the store to get a few item, non of which were TP or hand soap, always have that stocked at home. The feeling in the store was of mass hysteria, not only was the TP isle bare, but not one dry package of noodles, ramen or anything else resembling, the rice was down to a couple packages and not a dry bean in site. The bread isle was just as bad. I have never been around such panic before. IS it all from the fear or running low on the normal items you should keep stocked in your homes, like soap, TP, dry pantry products ?!? Crazy frenzy. There was one man standing in the self check out with a bottle, big bottle of whisky, bag of chips and something else, he said real loud he wasn’t worried about stalking up, and someone else yelled back, but the whiskey will certainly kill the virus, at least the entire end of the store was laughing about that. I had been seeing it all one Facebook and Instagram, the stores with empty shelves and peoples baskets filled to the top with TP and water, but i was skeptical. Guess I shouldn’t have been. Kinda scary!

Well back to normal life. I hope everyone out there are taking the normal precautions to stay healthy,. Were good here in the desert southwest. we will continue to wash our hands, and use TP as normal, may not get to make a pot of beans anytime soon.

My daughter arrived yesterday, first visit to Tucson. We are going to go our and see the town this weekend and show her all the beauty that Tucson has to offer.

Stay healthy, safe and virus free my blog friends. xx

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  1. My husband arrived home via the store (went in for some milk) in what I can only describe as a rage. Really, honestly, if people just calmed down (and the media, of course are whipping it up a storm), bought what they need and realised that walling yourself in with toilet paper and surrounding yourself with industrial quantities of food which will eventually go off and be thrown out is not the way to handle the situation. Yes, it is true, we all need to be sensible but sensible does not extend to panic buying like a frenzied plague of locusts. In other news, we were due to fly to Phoenix last Saturday but Harvard called a ban on all business travel. My husband, therefore says that when things have calmed down, we will go to Tucson where one of his old students is now a professor. Watch this space and all shall be well x

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    • Yes it has been absolute chaos in the stores here. Crazy ass people, I would love to see you when and if you ever make it over here. I will PM you with my phone number and you can text if you like when your going to be in town, And i agree that loading up on food and TP is over kill!! What are people thinking, or rather why aren’t they thinking!! XXkat

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