Greetings from Tucson. Sun is out, cactus are blooming and we are enjoying the peace and quiet of our back yard. We have hunkered down and are keeping our buts at home. With Peter have a couple major issues with his lungs we are avoiding everyone. I did go out to the store this morning, but I was there at 6a for the senior hour to shop. It was so much better than fighting the crazy crowds, they had a man at the door standing by a huge tower of toilet paper boxes, limiting everyone to just one. Either a 4 pack or 24 pack, the shelves were still empty of soup, bread ( they were putting some up when I arrived on that isle, but slim pickings) no rice or dry beans to be seen. There were 4 bottles of oil on the shelf and all the olive oil you could want. LOL crazy what is left. NO creamer for my coffee but I still have a couple in the fridge, I will call the little store near us and find out when they when they get there delivery. I hope everyone out there and there families are safe and doing okay. My daughter visited right as the crazyiness was setting in, She stayed a couple days and when they started talking about shutting airlines down, she high tailed it home. Still nice to see her, we did a lot of driving around and looking at places that were closed that we will visit the next time she is here.

2020 had started off with a pandemic, and it has brought many together and certainly has shown what an asshat we have for a president. I am afraid it is going to get way worse in the US before it gets better. I just read he is thinking about opening everything back up since the stock market keeps taking a dive. Economy over the safety and lives of the his citizens. I feel myself getting on a roll so I better stop before I put my foot in my mouth!!

Be safe, be kind and we will all get through this one way or another.

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  1. I’ve been away from this place for far too long but it is great to see you here (as well as having the joy of being in touch with you privately). I worry about your darling hubby so I am glad you are sheltering in place and just going out (you) for the groceries. It really is bonkers what is being taken and what left. But, in fairness, I do think a lot of people are just being nuts. As for the nut behind the wheel aka POTUS …. just don’t get me started. I erupted from bed this morning like a raging bull when I read the latest having not listened to his incoherent diatribe from the rose garden last night. Stay strong, stay safe and if you have the will, I have written for the first time in nearly two years and you will find it on my half-baked blog. xxx

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  2. The world seems a crazy place at the moment, but it’s reassuring to know you’re both safe and at home. We had a spate of panic buyers on this side of the pond too, but it’s all settled down now and shops are pretty well stocked again (here, at least). Shopping is a very different experience now though. Distances are marked out on the floor to keep everyone at bay, and trolleys and baskets disinfected between use. You have to queue for your turn in the store and only one family member is allowed to go shopping. We’re allowed out once a day for exercise and thankfully visiting our allotment is still allowed. We’d go crazy without it!

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    • Hello, life is good here, well for us at least, we didn’t loose our jobs or business, So we feel very blessed. I shop with the seniors, now that I am one, LOL however I have to get up at 5a to be there in line by 6a. I have heard that the big box stores are limiting shoppers in, so I stay away from those stores. I have been using Amazon a lot lately for small stuff. Seems like the store is a little more stocked when I go. I only go once a month, they still only give out one 4 pack of toilet paper per customer, crazy, and there are not other paper products in the store, I am not sure what the hoarding of TP was about, but I always had a stock pile because we get great coupons, lol our life is about the same as it was before the pandemic, however when I have the chance to see the kids for a couple weeks, its not possible. I keep Peter away from everyone with his lung issues, we are allowed out and do go for drives when we get stir crazy, nice to watch the desert come alive. Its starting to get hot warm here, soon it will be hot and we will be inside with the air on. LOL Sending you hugs, peace and smiles. XXkat

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