Here is a picture of my beauty blooming, I bought here from a man who sells cactus on the edge of the road on weekends for 5$, she sure adds color to our deck. Next picture was from this last winter, I was sitting at a light and this was out my window. Next picture is of our deck. I am getting it ready for summer . I have transplanted a few cactus into bigger pots this year, looking forward to watching them grow. Next was taken a few weeks ago, before the pandemic, this is the road we drive out every time we leave, we are so lucky to get to drive through Saguaro National Park every time we leave and come home, its really come to life with color. And last but not least, my beauty has blessed me with 2 buds opening at once. They only last a couple days but I sure enjoy them when I have them.

Not a lot going on in our neck of the world. Just staying home enjoying life. We have the hot tub and desert to enjoy while we wait out this virus. I only shop once a month, last time I was in the store it seemed to have a couple more items than before. But the shelves are still bare on several isles. Only handing out a 4 pack of TP per person and other items are only 2 per person. Can’t wait for normal, if that ever happens again, to come back. Its hard to imagine all the people who have lost there jobs, business and homes due to this virus. My heart aches for them. Keep smiling, no hugging, but we can all share a smile and kind words. Enjoy the pictures..

3 thoughts on “Greetings

    • hello, sorry I have been absent, we got netflix and have been binge watching series and movies, lol plus working in the yard but now its to hot unless you are up at the crack of dawn, lol I was just wondering if you purposely set up your blog for no comments? Just curious. XXkat

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