I don’t know who wrote this,
but ❤️ It’s probably the most powerful words the world could ever hear!

We fell asleep in one world, and woke up in another.

Suddenly Disney is out of magic,
Paris is no longer romantic,
New York doesn’t stand up anymore,
the Chinese wall is no longer a fortress, and Mecca is empty.

Hugs & kisses suddenly become weapons, and not visiting parents & friends becomes an act of love.

Suddenly you realise that power, beauty & money are worthless, and can’t get you the oxygen you’re fighting for.

The world continues its life and it is beautiful. It only puts humans in cages. I think it’s sending us a message:

“You are not necessary. The air, earth, water and sky without you are fine. When you come back, remember that you are my guests. Not my masters.”

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  1. I love this. I sent it to my second daughter because it expresses everything she tries to teach in her own podcasts. It is written by Haroon Rashid, a poet from Kashmir. This article is worth reading. He originally penned the poem at the end of 2019 and then altered the ending in March of this year as a statement on the state of the world living with Covid-19. I think both versions stunning but the second, the one you have reproduced here is, as you say, about as powerful a poem as could possibly be written to capture where we are now. And what we need to remember if we are ever to cohabitate with Mother Earth. https://medium.com/@authorharoonrashid/we-fell-asleep-in-one-world-and-woke-up-in-another-suddenly-disney-is-out-of-magic-paris-is-no-a3bbdf8c5ff4 xx

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