Well its been awhile since I have been on here. Its not because I am so incredibly busy with life, lol to be honest we signed up for Netflix and I have been binge watching some shows I wanted to see. Plus when the weather permits we work on the yard, but for the last couple weeks we have been held up inside staying cool.

The other evening our dog, who can stand at any window in the house and look out, they are very low to the floor, one of the reasons I love this house, well anyway she was going nuts growling and barking out the window looking at the back yard. This was about 3 weeks ago. We always stand there looking for animals that she may see, and finally my husband says, look there’s a turtle. Si we left her on the deck and we went out and checked out the desert tortoise, he/she was a big one, she wasn’t scared of us, I checked her over for chew marks, it was in great shape. Not sure how long it had been living in our back yard with the fence and all, but we set her on the outside of the fence by some big cactus areas and watched it crawl away. That was exciting for sure, I had my husband put his foot by it so I could show how big she was.

I was on my way into town the other day and noticed a couple trucks moving large saguaros. I have seen them empty many times but this was the first time I had seen them with a load. Thought it might be interesting to some of you.

We have a big fire across town in the Catalina mountains. It has been burning since last Friday when a lightening strike started it. Its only 10% contained and they are evacuating some residents in the foothills at the bottom of the mountain. Winds have picked up, blew 30 here today, I feel for the fire fighters, its rough terrain to say the least, I noticed they have 4 big planes dropping retardant all day long. We are not in any danger, infact I have only smelled smoke once. So that is a good for us. This picture was taken on my way into town to grocery shop.

The corona virus is taking a toll on Arizona. I see that Phoenix’s hospitals are almost full. Not sure why the governor is still opening up business. Well I do know, he’s a republican and does everything Trump tells him to do. Asshat for sure!! I saw on the news that one of the hot spots for the young crowd is a bar downtown, they had to close because all the workers tested positive for the virus. I went to Lowes the other day for dirt, and no one had mask on, it was like nothing had happened. Crazy times for sure. My husband with his pulmonary issues has not left the house except for MD appointments. I try to order what I can on line and go to the grocery store once a month. The numbers are going up everyday here, I started watching when it was 300 infected in the entire state, we are now 34.660 increasing by the thousands! I am sure that we will be in crash mode soon. Sad really. Our governor is one of them that deemed, golf and hair/nail salons as essential business !!! WTF was all I could say. Better move on to a different topic as I can get on a roll and it just gets ugly from here!! lol

We drove out to have a look at the grandma of all saguaros, the one with over a 100 arms, she was all budded up ready to pop with flowers. We never went back to check on her, next year. We have had a very early hot summer here. It was 107 at the end of May, and June is getting ramped up. So we just stay in out of the heat and as it gets hot here the air quality gets worse.

Well life is good here, were healthy, staying away from others. I hope this finds everyone doing well and enjoying the summer to the best of your ability. I am so ready for a road trip!! Maybe next spring.

Later gators….xx

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