I am back and its only been a couple weeks, LOL

Been getting up and working in the yard, mostly watering since the heat showed up early this year.

We had a double pond/waterfall out front, we hired a landscape company to come in and remove it. The previous owners had just put it in and was going to have fish?? in it, I am not sure how without shade, pretty sure they would of cooked in the heat. so its been removed and we shoved all the rocks that they had around the sides of it into a big pile and I have bought 3 big pots to plant in the fall. That kept us busy for several days, in fact my husband is still dealing with the electrical wires that was hooked up to run the pump for the water. Here are some pictures of the removal and we are still fixing it up, I will post a picture when we are completely done. We are removing old cactus and an orleandar that is dying, we have already cut it down but due to a fire across town up on Catalina Mountain we are staying in out of the smoky air. here is how it looked, ugly huh!! 2ns and 3rd pictures are them removing it, and last picture is the rocks all piled in the holes left but the fiberglass ponds. There were several boulders and we had them put them down the edge of the driveway. I think it looks better just in a pile of rocks than with the ponds. We did find a nice rat nest, lol and he was a big one that went scooting away, lol he didn’t look at all amused! There was also a really big lizard, over 12 inches long and pretty big around the belly, they said it was an iguana. I hope he comes back.

We also used the pavers that were around the edge of the pond to fill in under the palo verde tree. The previous owners had lots of small cactus planted around the bottom of the tree, however I was constantly battling with moles, or harris squirrels diggiing up under the roots and eating them. I was loosing the war, so I dug up the cactus that still had a chance, there on the deck in pots, and we put down the pavers surrounded by rock. We left the 2 saguaros and a hedge hog cactus and one other on at the base of the tree as they were all in good condition.

This single cactus on the right was one of the survivors now on my deck, and this is the hedge hog is full bloom this las year.

The fire I was talking about is called The Big Horn Fire, its was started by lightening a few weeks ago and its burning up in the mountain areas that are extremely hard to get to. They have had no loss of homes or buildings and the first fireman was hurt yesterday, he is in the hospital. There are over 960 men work on the fire. It had been extremely windy so we have been lucky with the smoke factor, not lucky for the firefighters, we are about miles to the closest area of the fire. The wind stopped the night before I went shopping and I took these pictures on my way into town.

This is why we are trying to stay inside and out of the contaminated air.

Hope this finds everyone doing well. Our Covid #’s are rising and I just heard that Trump feels he has the need to come see his border wall and do a rally in Phoenix. Wouldn’t you think that a normal thinking President would stay away and respect the need for social distancing since our #’s have increased over 18 thousand since last Monday, thats one week!! I really should stop before I say some think that I shouldn’t. He really is an AssHat!!

On that note, have a great week.

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  1. I love seeing photos of your garden and all the cacti! It’s so beautiful. How strange to have a pond in a place with no shade!

    I LOL’d at your description of Trump! It’s so true – him, and our PM!

    Sending you lots of love from across The Pond, Xx

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    • Good Morning, Thank you, I love the cactus, just wish I good grow succulents here. The Aloe love it on the deck. So I have probably 20+ pots of huge aloe . I think that him and your PM, Boris would make a great sequel to the Dumb and Dumber movie LOL. I enjoy your pictures as well, so peaceful from the deck of the boat and your allotment is ever changing. Hope your having a nice warm summer. Kathy

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