Hope everyone had a safe, fun fourth of July! We spent the day inside enjoying the air conditioner. LOL Having a really warm summer, monsoon seems to have forgotten that its in season in Tucson. LOL Gonna get hotter before it gets better I am afraid. We have been trying to work on the yard, but that ends up mostly watering. To hot to plant my new pots on the rock pile in the front yard. I have made a couple benches out of old wood, almost finished, waiting on some rope to get here. Been cleaning out closets and organizing. So that feels good to be decluttering. Finding things I forgot I still had, LOL, kinda like Christmas in July. Feel for the border collie, to hot to play outside, been getting new toys through amazon for her, keeps me busy throwing them in the house. We also play chase me around and around. We also hid her toys and she finds them, then she shakes the hell out of them for hiding from her. LOL Anyway she keeps us moving on these hot days.

The strawberry full moon was certainly bright here. Not sure who took this, but it was big. My entire yard was lite up most of the night.

Well not much else happening, having some electrical around the outside brought up to code, and were going to have the shop and garage done the same this upcoming week. So that feels good that we know its up to code and safe. Also got all the led lights restrung on the deck, so we have some nice mood lighting. To hot to get into a mood on the deck, lol but come winter who knows!! lol

Well I am off here the 5 o’clock news is coming on, gotta see what’s happening in the world. We went over 100K corona viruses in our state, its completely out of control here!! Extremely scary.

Stay safe, wear a mask and keep smiling.

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