Hard to believe its the middle of the month. I was making an appointment for a recall for out Toyota and I put it on the wrong week, LOL When I went to double check the date, I realized that it was written in on the previous week. That’s what I get for sitting at home all the time, there is no need to know what day or time it is. We have missed garbage pick up more than once. LOL

Monsoon season is up on us. We had a really good down pour a couple days ago. Man did the yard need it. I could hear the saguaros sucking up the water as fast as they could. Been a hot spring and early summer. I just heard the weather man say the temps are coming down to a more normal number.

I am sorry to say our state is out of control in regards to the covid virus. We have a really idiot for a governor. Sorry, but he is!! There is still not a state wide mask order, it goes by county. Sad, just sad!

Okay I have to stop, or I will get on a roll and won’t be able to stop bitching and you will all see the really ugly side of me. LOL

No new news, just hanging out at home, staying away from everyone.

later gators

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