Monsoon was such a nice relief to the heat!! Love the rolling thunder that goes on and on and the nonstop lightening. And then the down pours of buckets of water, pooling here and there and trying to find anywhere to drain off to. Sure is amazing. We had a good couple days. It was only 72 out this morning, HOTTUB weather!! Yeah. Bnnes and joints sure feel better. Been in a few times since the monsoon brought cooler weather. However it is leaving us this morning for temperatures back up in the triple digits. Hopefully not for long!!

Not much else happening in our part of the world. Staying home as our state has lost its mind and gathered, partied and just plain out forgot we were in a pandemic!! At least we are under a mandatory face mask order. I have gone back to shopping at 6am and stocking up so I only have to go once a month. Our freezer is stocked and I generally only going for fruit, veg and dairy. I am certainly restless these days. I told my husband we are going for a drive, have a picnic and then return home. LOL he wasn’t sure he was up to that, but I am going nevertheless.

I miss seeing my kids. My son and his girlfriend are camping 2+ weeks as they drive from California to Minnesota for school. They have reported that all the National Parks are packed with tourist, and no one is social distancing, and many without mask. So they just keep moving through and stay where there are no people. I am a little jealous that they are out on the road, but sleeping on a blowup mattress in a tent, well those days were over for me years ago, LOL not that I am spoiled, but I am!! LOL My daughter and her husband are enjoying there time at home, both are working from the house, he works for the county and does go out to work sites to keep up on what’s going on in his projects. They have been remodeling there home and are finally on the last stretch, they have one bathroom and the kitchen to do. The kitchen is demo-ed out to the studs and I am excited to see the finished product. I have been able to see all the materials they picked out, its going to be beautiful. Wish I could go see it in person!! Someday!

We play a lot of cards, and I have been starting projects that end up sitting on the dining room table, LOL I have a quilt to finish, a whale picture I stared half way done, some clothes that need mending, and a couple cupboard’s that could use organizing. I also have several plants that need to go into new pots and some new pots that need new plants. LOL So I really can’t bitch about nothing to do!! I did get 2 loads of laundry done and flipped my mattress yesterday, lol that was something at least. LOL

Hope your staying safe and getting through this trying time. Nice to see out idiot president finally admit that we have a problem!! But that’s not saying much for him. I say don’t forget to vote this year. We need a change from all the lies, bulling and all the crap going on in Washington. I try not to be political but my goodness its hard to keep your cool when its thrown in your face. Part of the reason Arizona is in the state its in, well it is the reason were one of the “red” states that is in serious trouble is because our governor can’t kiss the presidents ass enough!! Not only did we open when we still have cases going up, he opened everything as fast as possible. The CDC guidelines were never met, not one!! Then letting him come and hold a rally in Phoenix, no masks, no social distancing, I can’t believe how many people put themselves in danger to listen to him tout at how wonderful he is! Well I had better stop as I just had to erase what I was writing next. LOL You can tell I am not a an of the asshole in the Whitehouse!!!

Oh well we all have our own opinions, not that mine is right, but really!!!!!

Have a good end of July, catch you in August….

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