Just reread the start of my last post, that was the last time we saw any monsoon storms. Crazy warm to hot hear this summer.

Not a lot going on in my area of the world, the virus is still trying to take over the state, its hot, we are looking into getting a new HVAC, so dealing with that, Amazing at the difference in prices, lol, we will make a decision this next weekend after we get several estimates. Chika is not a very happy border collie, its to hot to run outside and running in the house is not as fun, so looking for new ways to keep her busy. Still hiding out at home, getting my but beat in cards, lol you would think my house would be spotless, lol but its not.

I am on a 28 day challenge, fasting 16-8 I fast from 5p to 9a and then do the calorie counting from 9a to 5p. I basically fast anywhere from 12 to 16 normally, but this is keeping the night eating under control. Isn’t a big change really, well the night eating, but its time I stop doing that!! scale is dropping down so I am happy about that. Now if I started exercising too, it would be beneficial. I am just finishing my first week and don’t feel deprived of anything. LOL

Hope this finds everyone, safe, healthy and happy.

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