Welcome to Fall

Harvest moons, cooler weather, finally, Christmas in all the stores I have been in. I am thinking they are in a hurry to get onto 2021. LOL

Life in the desert southwest has been good. We broke the record for most days over 100′ this year. Today is only the second day under 100 since, well forever it felt like. LOL Our night temps are dropping in the high 50’s so getting up early to start cleaning up all the cactus that didn’t make it. Seems like we lost several agaves if not from heat then from a beetle that bores into them and lays eggs. I have been trying to treat them but some of my agaves are 6′ across and make it impossible to get close, plus the snakes live under them in the heat, so I keep my distance.

Voted today, that felt good. Not sure what to say about whats going on in Washington, but its scary for sure.

Husband is doing great, dog is happy the days are getting cooler, were able to get out and play ball.

Really not alot going on. Same thing every day!.

so hope everyone is doing well, staying healthy and getting ready for the season change.


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