Happy Thanksgiving

Well, fall has finally arrived in the desert southwest, we are still in the 90’s but they keep promising lower temps. We have already had a dusting of snow on the tops of the mountains, up over 8000: feet. So that was a promising start to the fall/winter season. However since then, it feels more like summer than fall. I will quit whining but really!!!

I have been absent from here for no other reason than stress on life! I miss my kids, I miss going to a store without thinking I may bring home the virus. and now with covid increasing at this time. well I could go on and on and on. I am sharing that this is the reason I have not been on here. I don’t have a lot of nice things to say. But I will try!

Life is the same, we have been working hard on the yard, I hired a landscape company to come clean up the big plants and trees full of mistletoe, its a type of it and it kills the trees quickly. Its nice to see the yard cleaned up. My cousin who moved to Phoenix this year, came down and I showed her some of the big nurseries in town and sent her home with several pots of aloe and cactus. So my deck is looking a little better, not so cluttered.

This is what out agaves looked like when they were all cleaned up. I could here them thanking us. LOL

My sister just sent me my birthday box, and I was able to open all my presents early, it was such a special birthday, she started with a not, that said this was from everyone. Well I assumed she meant her kids, lol, however what it ended meaning was from all the family that has passed. I got a couch couch quilt made from blocks my late sister had made and my sister finished it up, I alos got a rock painted by my brother, and then she sent me a wooden box that my parents always had on there bedroom dresser full of this and that, it also contained my fathers leather wallet which was still full of everything he carried in it for at years, like 30. It is full of pictures of all the grandkids when they were little and other fun items. Even an old Sizzler restaurant Senior Card, LOL my parents loved a good bargain and when we lived in Petaluma Ca. they had a local one near them, they ate out there at least once a week if not more. LOL that sure brought back memories. She also made me a pillow from a sweatshirt I bought my mom when I was in our home town Chewelah Washington and the collar she added was from my late sister. So I was a very heart felt birthday, I appreciated it so much. She previously made me a pillow from one of my fathers shirt, even left the piece of gum in the pocket. LOLSO I am surrounded with love from my family, live and those that have left us. I love it.

Well I am rambling, be safe over this holiday season, looks like we have a vaccine in the very near future but it will take a good year for everyone to be vaccinated before we can start getting back to some sense of normalcy.


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