I been on this blog for 6 years. That is a little frightening since I started this blog as a personal journey for myself as I struggled to loose weight. As naïve as I was I had no idea that I was becoming a part of a community of other bloggers. I remember back to when my daughter came over right after I started journaling and asked if I had replied to anyone? I must of had that “deer in the head lights” look as she said I had a list of followers and did I reply to them. LOL Long story short, here I am. I am so happy to be part of this community of people. I know that I am not as faithful as I should be about writing on here, its not like I am doing anything else. LOL So I will try to be more present!

We we got a dusting of snow down here in what they call the valley floor in Tucson, Mt. Lemmon got over 3′ of snow, I am guessing the skiers will be in heaven this week after they open the roads. Sure is pretty.

This is right behind out house. Pretty exciting for desert dwellers!

Well now onto more disturbing note. Its been 6 years since I have started this journey and I can say I was well on my way to weight loss, 70# down in 2018, and then I am not sure what happened! Well it doesn’t take much thought to know that I must of started eating again and not caring. Here I sit 6 years later, I am still at a weight loss of 31#s, but no where near my goal that I set for myself 6 years ago. I am back at it, have been for 3 weeks. I stopped all the craziness that I had going on in my head. Like paying for weight watchers monthly thinking it would magically help, well it might if I actually tried to follow it. I was to busy trying to fudge my way way through it for it make any significant change in my eating habit. So canceled that and put away all the self help books that I have glanced at and told myself that I need to stop the craziness in my life and just frigin get it together. grow up, be an adult and take control of the one thing I have had no control over in my entire life. So I did just that. I have been doing a fast, 3p to whenever I get up and have something to eat. I can drink whatever I want after 3pm as long as its not called food. What I mean is, no hearty soups, or milkshakes, I do have hot teas or broth and I generally have a coffee in the evening. But nothing that would be called food, I have been doing this for over 3 weeks and I am sleeping better and really have only had a couple bad evenings where I wanted to graze the kitchen. I finish up in the kitchen at 3, dishes done, coffee ready for the morning and walk away. This is how I lived my life for years in my younger years. The reality of it all is, you would think I would be starving in the morning after 15 hours with no food. But I am not, I could actually go until noon to have my first and only meal of the day. It really is amazing if we listen to our bodies and not our minds, after all we are just a type of animal and they seem to have no problem with weight when not influenced by humans. I would say 99% of animals are at they’re ideal weight, if they have adequate food to choose from, they don’t overeat or starve themselves purposely. They eat when there hungry and drink when they are thirsty. The only reason, most of what I can see in this world is that they overweight when there is an outside influencer, as a human giving them treats or over feeding, I realize that there always special circumstances but that is the just of it. I have known this as all of you have too since you were very young. So I am trying to get back to basics with my body. I eat what I want, I do not overeat, I could do better, make better choices but baby steps will get me there quicker than head games! It was like a gut punch to realize that it has been 6 years already. I was 58 when I started this journey and I am now 64!! If I don’t get a little seriously I will be 60 in 6 more years and a lot more unhealthy. I have several points against me and I don’t need to give them any chances to set it, like diabetes, it runs in our family and I am overweight and my A1C is in the prediabetic numbers so I need that to get that under control, my arthritis is not going to get any better but I could help myself with weight loss and movement, my father died of a heart attach at age 63, so another strike against me, I have recently started on blood pressure medication, its not high but my BP has always been right at the top of good, 140/84, it was lower when I was thinner, so another issue, I recently ended up with high cholesterol, my MD says that could just be an age thing since I hardly consume any meat products, or weight induced. another issue to work on. Not only is my body for the first time in 64 years yelling at me my skin is letting me know that I am aging, is not only is sagging, its dry and feels old!! My hair, well lets not go there, I used to have beautiful thick, shiny curly hair, down past my waste at one time. Well, thinning, grey dull, looks lifeless to me!! Another reason to try harder. So here at my 6 year mark, I will not call myself a failure, but a procrastinator that has not stopped making excuses for years for myself. I have asked the rebel in my soul to help instead of fighting against me all the time. I will and I am going to make a difference in my life this year!!! My word to myself.

I found if I journaled on here that I was more focused to staying in tune with me. So I will be on here more and keeping in touch not only with me, but all of you.

I hope that your all safe and untouched by Covid. We have been hiding out at home and only venturing out as needed for groceries or MD appointments. I wish you all health and peace in this new year.

I can only speak for myself, but I felt a change in the mental atmosphere of my mind at the changing of the guard in the White House. I do not label myself with a political party, however I follow the better person for the job. I gave Trump a chance and even though he did do some positive things for our country it was out weighed for me by the completer bully and asshat that he is. If he would just taken some direction in how to be a better man for the job and think of someone else than himself, he would still be president. I am sorry for the Republican party, they are good people, but there leader got off the path for America, and he was not thinking about us a nation. His actions proved that. I hope that Biden will bring us back together as a nation if he can. I feel that the tone of the Whitehouse has improved and hearing from the scientist about Covid is a positive move. No one should try to be someone they are not. Okay I will get off the soapbox, but lets give this administration a chance to see what he can do for us, just like we gave Trump the chance.

Welcome to 2021, may this be a healthier, happier, year for us all.

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  1. Hi Kat,
    I’m not sure this was the best time to be reading your post, because I just sat down to eat peanut butter and butter on white bread for lunch, but I also had a mango. A friend of mine is doing keto with her husband and she’s lost weight., but she’s young and also downloading baby fat so she’s going to have a head start on us.
    I was going through some photos last night and saw some of me from behind which were a shocker. I think I’ll need to join you on the weight loss crusade, but I do like my baking. Maybe just one day off a week…
    Well, I’ve got to jump in the shower while it’s free. We’re going out tonight and the ballerina has just cleared out. I didn’t know ballerina’s needed so many showers. Before dance, after dance. I just thought they twirled around like the little ballerina in my jewellery box as a kid, and looking pretty!
    Hope you’re well and well done for getting back into the diet.
    Best wishes,


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