Number 83 — Adventure Geography

ANOTHER POST FROM MY SON, please in enjoy

Never have I felt my heart break and become whole in a single moment.  My tiny and overloaded Peugeot comes to a stop on Strada București, house number 83, the pop-up refugee center in Chișinău, the capital of Moldova. Currently setup in an old building downtown, the driveway runs through a big yellow archway at […]

Number 83 — Adventure Geography

Well its May already…

Really where is time going? It is true in my eyes, the older you get the faster time flies by. I can remember back to a time where it seemed it took forever for just one day to go by. LOL

Well the RV is packed and ready and we are just waiting for the results of some medical test I had to do. We went to see our MD who is retiring for the last time and while we were there he detected some PVC’s in my heart. I was in quite a snit at his office, my husband had been diagnosed with Parkinson the previous day, so that was weighing heavy on my heart, my son, who has been traveling all around Eastern Europe, working on refugee migration, was on the border of Ukraine and Slovakia, that was really heavy on my heart and all the pressure of finding a new MD and getting ready to travel, the price of gas going up and of course my husband vocally worrying about the money. and travel. Seemed to be to much for me. so my heart was beating a little irregularly. I asked my Md about them and his response was, “They haven’t killed you yet” ! Now don’t be hard on my doctor, he knows me well and knows that he has to say it like it is for me to really get it. I am pretty hard headed when it comes to my personal care, I like to be the one who makes the decisions in my care. So after thinking about it overnight, my father dropped dead of a heart attack back in 1983 at the young age of 63, and I googled PVC’s, I thought it prudent to see a cardiologist, so here I sit, waiting for my upcoming appointment a week from today. I have had a heart halter monitor for 3 days, done with that, and I had an echo cardiogram yesterday. The tech was quite chatty and shared with me all that he was seeing, which was really a very healthy heart. I passed all the criteria for having a good heart. He should me my Vena cave and other important areas in the heart, it was all amazing. In his opinion, he said the doctor is going to say have a wonderful trip, so that has made my life lighter in many aspects. So we should be on the road next Friday. YAY Better to be safe than sorry.

Summer is upon us early in the great southwest. We have already hit the 100′ mark on more than one day, so much for spring.

Looking forward to seeing the country again. We will have to drive around the big fires burning in New Mexico, seems like fire season came early also. We have a couple big fires up north of Phoenix so the air quality here is not good. I am ready to go. We are headed to Raleigh NC, where my sister and her family lives. I have not been back there since they moved before Covid. So really looking forward to that.

Our daughter was here last week for 4 days. So nice to have her visit. We explored the East side of Tucson, getting to know the city a little at a time.

Oh, by the way, my son is back in Germany finishing up his research at our nephew’s home in Hamburg and will be flying home next Wednesday. YAY Not sure when I will get to see them. Soon I hope.

Not much else going on here, need to get back at eating better, Stress eating for a couple weeks trying to deal with reality!! I understand that its not the best way to deal with stress, but I am who I am!! So today I am back at,

Hope life is good for everyone out there in WP land.

Happy Summer and Happy Travels, more from the road….

The Bura  — Adventure Geography

This is what my son has been doing the last few months. He is now back in Germany preparing to head back to the states. I am so very proud of who and what he has done with his life. For sure this journey has changed his life in many ways. He has more post on his blog if you would like to read more of his journey. He did end up at the border of Ukraine and entered and drove the western border on his way back to Germany. My heart aches with pride…Kathy

This piece is not about wind, nor is it really about my own experiences. I mean, there is a substantial section about wind in the beginning, and yes, what I am sharing is compiled from my own experiences — but I am just the messenger — the wind is something more. This piece is about […]

The Bura  — Adventure Geography