Happy St. Patrick’s Day

29313796_10211391247876934_9066391562006560768_n29314791_10211391249356971_8925317215071240192_n29365512_10211391247276919_6238902629842288640_nAs the weekend gets underway, 29314907_10211391248556951_7876261896721006592_nwe are getting ready to go for a drive out in the desert.  The sun is shining and the wind has blown itself out  LOL  so we are heading out to enjoy the day.  There is the annual airshow going on at the Marine base, we have been enjoying them practicing all week, even the Blue Angels came and did a couple fly overs in respect this week as they are not going to be here today.  I came out of a store the other day and heard them, they are certainly a sight up in the air. We ended up out in the desert north of us.  Such a beautiful day, blue sky, white clouds, it was perfect out.  This is up by a place called Palm Valley Canyon, and this side rode is called Queens Valley.  We drove up as far as the rode was easy to get over, but when the rocks became boulder like we turned around  LOL  we were all alone so didn’t want to deal with a flat tire by ourselves….but sure was pretty….





















Well, I have given the chiropractor every chance, its been well over a month since I agitated my sciatica on my left hip.  He has gotten it so I can turn over in bed and stand up without seeing stars or yelling out, but it still feels like its not completely back in!!  So when we went and met our new MD’s here in Yuma, she recommended therapy, water therapy actually.  So I have an appointment on Tuesday and fingers crossed that they will get me back to no pain.  And I am excited about getting into the pool again.  I went and saw the place and they have the water treadmills and a decent size therapy pool. So more to come on this after Tuesday.

Hope everyone had a great St. Paddies Day and enjoyed there corned beef and cabbage….’

I leave you with this…..xx



Well I am sitting here looking out of  our new windows….I love them…I will never order anything from Home Depot again this all started back on Jan 9th ! But these windows fit and are wonderful.  We spent the day painting around them and getting the house back in order.  Glad that little gig is over!!!  We put the new book case together without to much arguing, my husband doesn’t like to follow the directions, he just rams ahead and thinks he knows best  LOL  but he finally gave in and did it step by step even if it didn’t make any sense to him.  LOL  So I was able to gather all my stacks of books and they are in one place, he was saying it was a lot of books, however if he only knew how many I have gotten rid of during this move…LOL I have always loved books.  Needless to say we are way happier with the house, and having the washer and dryer out in the Arizona room has made a huge difference.  We bought metal shelves to put where they were in the kitchen, well the hall way leading out the door, anyway makes a lot more room for storage and opened up the kitchen area.  Now I need to work on the cabinets…LOL  One step at a time….

I haven’t been back on the scale but feeling great, lots of energy, and counting my calories, they vary from 1000 to 1500 sometimes higher.  Just trying to make it all work.  I am not sure I ever mentioned my sciatica was acting up.  My rocker that I have sat in for over 1 years finally gave in and apparently it was my hip/sciatica that pointed that out…LOL  it is so much better from what it was, but still giving me fits at night and if I sit in the wrong type of chair.  I have been doing my upper arms and neck area as far as exercise goes.  I  do not want to irritate my sciatica anymore than it is.  I have been seeing my chiro 3 times a week for several weeks.  I am hoping that it is better soon…At least I can stand up without seeing stars at this point.  I hate whining, but son of a gun the pain cam stop you in your place…. so much for that…I am eating healthy and eating  smaller portions, that’s one of my biggest problems. I like to eat!!!

Hubby is still dealing with his lung issues went to a new pulmonologist and he is thinking his COPD is being set off by allergies.  Lots of pollen in the desert at this time of the year especially as it is like spring here,  between the agricultural fields and the desert we get a double whammy here.  The wind is also a huge factor as they say it can carry pollen from over 50+ miles with it to us. I believe it….so he is setting him up for a scratch test for local pollen and switched him to a new steroid inhaler out on the market.  The Breo really effected his eyes, made them like he was looking through a fog, so he wouldn’t use it…Were heading into town in an hour for my chiro and his appointment with his ear MD. Will it never end!!!  But really we are both doing great….

Getting ready for my kids to come…My son has tried to always spend his birthdays with me, makes my heart happy for sure!!  So he is coming with his girlfriend and there new jeep, and my daughter is flying in for the occasion.  It will be fun.  He will take off with his gal and go on a 2 day road trip out on a trial  here called Camino del Diablo, its over a 1000 year old trail used first as a foot path by by Indians, then settlers and military men.  They are very excited.  It literally starts about 3 miles from our house and runs east across the Barry Goldwater bombing range and military fields.  They have to have permits and can only go during certain times of the year. He is still working on that. So who knows, there are all sorts of trials and roads  for them to go on….My daughter is making her first trip here, I am looking forward to showing her around and hitting the local tearoom one of her favorite things to do.  It will be a very quick weekend….

We have been out in the desert to go to a Skull Rock, you have to drive about 12 miles off the road to get to it, slow going but pretty scenery.  Going to take the kids up here. You can walk inside,  people have started camp fires in side…lots of fun stuff to see in the desert southwest..



Hate to say it but the weather has been wonderful here….just right to be exact, the wind could cooperate a little more, but hey its winter…The news man said it was going to be a beautiful sunset the other day so we hoped in the car and headed west, but the clouds almost all went away at the last hour of sunset, they are what makes the sunsets here so nice…….we ended up about 10 miles from Mexico and waited….this is the best it got in my opinion…


until later……

Another week

Life is good in the desert Southwest…. sun is out, weather is cool and wind is light.  perfect in my book!!   I am not sure I could deal with all the snow and ice.  Been a long, very long time since I have lived anywhere really cold, California had its cold stretches, generally less than a week, and we have had out share of wet, rainy seasons….but really cold, snow, ice for endless days to weeks to months, nope long, long time.   Last time I lived anywhere that the snow would actually stay and become hard ice was 35 years ago, and now I am so spoiled with desert winters that it seems  life time ago….on that note I hope everyone is seeing a little of the spring weather that is just ahead of us…

They Olympics are coming to and end…been a great 2 weeks, we have enjoyed watch new Olympic winners emerge and seeing the surprise on there faces…A lifetime of work coming to the peak….how wonderful…

The flu is still running hot here in Arizona…we are still staying out of the public as much as we can…I finally got smart and went out and measured around out house and 7 laps is a 1/4 of a mile….so off I go in the morning, after I plug in the coffee pot so its ready when I am done.  LOL   I will increase my laps by  1/4 of a mile after a week.   Crazy I didn’t think of this sooner.   LOL  you walk anywhere in this neighborhood you have to be barked at by yards full of little ankle biters  I really hate barking dogs….they dogs next door know me so that’s all good.  So exercise is happening.  Also have a little routine I do inside.  Its a start, and its making feel  better, certainly more energy.  I do miss the go in and get it over with routine at the gym, I really hate exercise, but I do know that its a no brainer that it has to be done or else !!  I really don’t want the or else’s…

Well off to put laundry in the dryer….till later


Another senseless shooting in a school full of innocent kids….I have been spending time trying to understand all the reasons why this happen…the broken human being that felt he had to take so many lives, for what reason could this benefit him…only he knows….my heart has been so heavy with grief for those families that have lost that special child….I cannot imagine there pain!  I know how badly it has affected me, who never has even heard of this town in Florida, nor do I know any of them, however my heart, soul and all that I am aches with sadness.  If only is all I can say, if only…..

On a lighter note, I got on the scale this morning and have dropped 5#’s since my last stepped on it, its been at least 2 weeks.  So I am happy the numbers are headed in down.  I am doing something right.  Life for us in the desert southwest is good.  Even though we think its cold out, it really isn’t  LOL  the sun is out and the wind is absent, so life is good.

I have been sunk in the Olympics, love to watch the athletes and watch all the unity amongst them.

hope everyone is doing well……………….

Happy Valentines Day

It has been a busy, busy, busy week…..all the appliance had a meeting or party one night after we went to bed and decided that the dryer would start by stopping, it was so old that it wasn’t worth buying a new belt for it, so new dryer, problems, of course!!!  Nothing is easy here…Where they had the washer and dryer in the house was in the kitchen entrance in a little alcove.  The 2 we had, had just enough room to work there.  Well those were very old appliances, to buy a new dryer that would work there with a side vent was astronomical prices, they were off brands we never heard of, had to order online without seeing them, so we decided to move the laundry room to the Arizona room corner – so calling and having to set up plumbers to come give us estimates, only 2 showed up out of 4, one said it couldn’t be done, the second said no problem, we had to pick up about 50 bricks and they dug to the water and septic lines and filled it in, my husband relayed the bricks, I really thought we were done moving bricks around LOL  oh well….so that’s done and we have a new dryer that didn’t break the bank and the washer is working better with the correct venting….yay, however the fridge got in on the conversation, it had already been letting us know that it didn’t want to keep the food cold….or rather it did and froze everything…it was being very fickle…so new fridge is in its place and how wonderful to have my cottage cheese at a perfect temperature other than ice!!  I am hoping the stove didn’t get in on the party, its working just fine!!  LOL  We ordered new picture windows to be put in the living room/kitchen eating area (3) and the little picture window over the sink…well after 3 weeks of waiting for them, they arrived, the installer called and we had a 20 minute notice to put them in, he said that that the home he was at cancelled on him, so of course we said come on over….needless to say, we were rearranging the house, clearing off the counters, hiding dirty dishes in the oven  LOL  lets just say we felt like a tidal wave hit us…I ran outside grabbing anything to cover and protect my cactus….well already long story made short,  the man who measured the windows did it all wrong…they were about 3 inches to small, all of them, the installer said a few things I cannot repeat…apparently the job that was canceled this morning was due to the exact same thing – wrong measurements ! So we are back in the waiting game for new windows.  Maybe by March 10th    –   aghhhh   pretty sad !!   That is how our life has been going. Running from store to store to check on prices and then home to check the internet!!..  My husband leaves no rock unturned!!  I would of bought the first one I saw that had every thing I  wanted, I hate shopping!!!!  We have put in some shelving, wire racks to fill the area where the appliances were so I have more storage room.  I have been busy rearranging my kitchen. Makes it so much easier to work in.  To finish off a busy week my poor husband closed his finger in the hood of the truck, hes not sure what he was thinking about, but boom, it happened – off to urgent care we went, 5 stiches, a hole it his nail to keep the pressure off and a fracture bone under the nail – we were home!!  poor guy.  I am amazed at how well he has been doing.  It finally woke up from the nerve block today and started to throb, so all on course of healing…next will be the itching….we go back next Tuesday to get the stiches out.  I am hoping that the rest of February will be a little more quiet.  Fingers crossed…

Valentines day is tomorrow, I believe we are going to our favorite Thai restaurant.  No chocolates or flowers, just some really good food…

Eating has been going well.  I have probably could of done better in the evenings, but I am not beating myself up for it.

Well I am soooo enjoying the Olympics…GO Shaun White!!!

Until Later, sorry about the long winded post….

Well been a busy week….I have a new dryer that is know in the corner of the Arizona room, Yay ! We had an electrician come out and wire the room for a washer and dryer hook-up on Friday.  Today we have the plumber here piping and hooking up all the water and take away lines.  IN the meantime he wanted to have a look at the hot water heater, wanted to turn it off while the water was stopped. Well it is 11 years old and the rust running down the front looks like its bleeding to death, lol.  My husband looked at in October and there was no rust, but like all the other appliances in this ole home, they are all giving up one at a time! So the plumber is putting a brand new hot water heater as I type!! Hopefully we will get the washer moved  to night.  The sun is starting to dip low in the sky.   Then on Monday morning, the window installer called to tell us his morning appointment wasn’t working out and could he come put ours in.  Of Course, we are ready for the to be done, so with less than 30 minute warning, we set to getting curtains and blinds down, moving furniture, had to clean off the counters in the kitchen, take down pictures and so forth.  He came, started to remove the window, first one out, up went the window, boom it was 3′ to small all the way around.  All the windows were to small, even the kitchen.  So that came to an abrupt halt….house put back, curtains washed and blinds put back up.  This installer told us that his first installation was the same problem!!  He is a contractor hired by Home Depot. said he is taking over for the contractor that measured our windows.  Well its Wednesday and our new windows haven’t even been ordered yet!! We will give them one more day to deal with it or we will go in and get our money back…damn those big box stores!!  So no new windows yet!!  But it will happen, just not as quick as we wanted.   So that is what’s been going on in my world all week, and it hasn’t stopped!!

Been doing well eating, coming in at 1200 calories a day.  Staying away from high calorie foods, no white sugar and flour.  My energy level is above and beyond!!  YAY  Journaling everyday,  helps to look back at what I have eaten instead of trying to rely on my memory at night when I go over my intake…most the time I woke up remembering something I forgot to add in.

Not much else going on,  great weather, in the 80’s, sorry, but it is the desert southwest!!  We are anticipating some wind this next week, they are never fun.  My sinuses take a beating from the wind.

Well going to check  on the progress of the plumber.    hopefully I will be one before another week passes!!!

Don’t forget the Olympics are starting Friday……


February 1st…..a new month, a little closer to spring for those in the wiles of winter, the  day of Amore closing in on us.   My valentine is moving my washer and dryer out to the Arizona room.  There is already a new dryer there and the plumber will be here on Wednesday to do all the piping.  I can’t hardly wait to put the house back together… just in time for the contractor to come put in the windows.  lol

I haven’t talked a lot about my calorie intake, I have around 1500 calories a day, I am going to drop that to 1200 for the month of February, I have been pretty much on target with closing the kitchen at 5p, my husband stops at 3p, but that wasn’t working for me.  So I have my salad in the late afternoon.  I not weighing weekly anymore, haven’t been on the scale in a while.  It has to be about a life change. bigger than dropping weight, that should happen automatically.  Journaling my calories, seems to really help to stay on track.  I am still not utilizing the gym as the flu is rampant here in Yuma.  Last thing I need is my husband to come down that nasty bug….so for now home exercise is working.

I leave you with a few pictures of the beautiful moon some professionals put on Facebook.  My cells camera didn’t do the beautiful orb any justice….but it was a nice twirl light for sure….moon beams….

Somewhere in the desert southwest….


This was taken at Jenner in Sonoma County at the mouth of the Russian River just about 1/2 mile from the ocean….very close to where we live in California…one of my favorite pictures


Another in the southwest


Devils Tower in Wyoming


Sure was a special night….hope you all got to see it…