All new to me…setting goals,  trying to make it happen….I have never set a personal goal before, if there was something I wanted to do, I just did it, I wanted to get my mile under 10 minutes in high school, never in a million years did I even think of setting a goal, I just kept at it till I did it and broke the record I set for my self, I never thought of it as a goal, I lost 111#’s in 1981, I didn’t set any goals I just kept at it until it was done, but now looking  back, it was….hummmm my mind is going perhaps I am wrong and I have set personal goals……it was just something I did , never “goal” oriented…LOL   well I thought I was doing a first on this journey…guess not, just renamed it “goal”  my first goal has been fulfilled…loosing  50#’s…felt really good, but then I gave myself some slack, why not I had reached the first goal of my journey…I deserved it, right??

Hummm I put back on 6#’s…..not good…I have to say I have already lost one of those…and working very hard on the rest…so needless to say I have learned that meeting your goals is just that…nothing more, nothing less, just a job well done….its not a free eating pass…or lacking on exercise…yes I was on vacation, but I lost 7 pounds the first 2 weeks so its possible to loose no matter…I have a new goal set, and am looking forward to reaching it and then the next and the next…I have to be on, be focused and own it…..