Well I guess it has never occurred to me to write about one of the most important reasons, well at least at the top of the list to why I am on  my journey to health.  It was not only to get as healthy as I can at my age and with my limitations… but to try to help my osteoarthritis…In 2010 I twisted my knee for about the umpteenth time in the garden, in the mud and dirt, however this time it wasn’t healing, it continued to hurt, swell, and was causing me to limp, so after many doctor visits to orthopedics, and my favorite sports doctor, and MRI’s and multiple x-rays….two and half years later I was finally diagnosed with arthritis.. half my knee was shot!! I would limp forever and my dreams of healing back to normal was gone….My sport doctor wanted me to have surgery, if not surgery than injections into my knee cap….no thanks….I am still limping and in the winter taking Arthritis Tylenol and Advil for pain, but it is manageable..it would be a cold day in hell before I agree to surgery…

Then there’s my hands, they are full of bumps or lumps, not sure what to call them, anyway my knuckles and joints hurt and ache more often than not…My sister sent me arthritis gloves, they really help when they ache…I am unable to open simple bottles, making a fist is almost impossible and I can no longer knock on a door without pain…you just don’t realize how much we do with out hands in everyday life, simple things…

Needless to say my life has changed drastically since my body has been invaded.  I can no longer garden, I can only play the piano for short intervals, its affected every aspect of my life….

I rearranged my bedroom so I can use the furniture in the night to lean on to get in and out of the bathroom with out falling down…I never expected this at my age…sure when I turn 70 or older but in my 50’s…how naïve of me to think this…being overweight and have worked over half my life on my feet, having the genes of my grandmother who was riddled with arthritis at a young age, what did I expect…I never gave it a thought, ever….

I was told that my grandmother before the age of 40 had arthritis in her hands and knees.  I remember her at a much older age and she was heavy set, and had arthritic knees and limped and her hands were full of lumps and bumps…my hands and knees are on there way to looking like my grandmothers…

I wish I knew way back then what I know now….I would of made some different choices, perhaps the outcome might of been changed, or not, but at least I wouldn’t be fighting the weight issue now….

I realize just writing that sounds like a cop-out…why haven’t I tried harder earlier…who in the hell knows…I am weak when it come to my food addiction….but I am doing it now….hopefully I will be able to make a difference in my last stage of my life….last thing I ever want to do is have surgery….I Will add to this as the months roll by…but for now…its game on!!!

6 thoughts on “OsteoArthritis

  1. 2012 while walking in the rain with heavy rainboots I tore my menescus, pain was terrible. They wanted terapy and surgery. I started to take 1000 mg if Omega complete, 1000 mg of Bromelain and 1000 mg of Tumeric tried MSM( sulfer) was allergic. After taking that dose once a day for 3 months I started walking without a cane. Today I’ m walking perfectly I can do stairs and carry packages.
    I know how you are feelung, every stage if healing is a victory. Thank you for sharing. Be well Solitaire.

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    • Maybe I will try the Bromelain and Omega complete, do you have a brand name you like better than others…like you I prefer self healing over medical surgery’s and chemical medication…I am currently taking, cinnamon, fish oil, glucosamine, dark cherry concentrate, for my arthritis and cook with ginger, turmeric and cinnamon daily…I am also using diet to help fight inflammation …Aghhh the pain of aging!!!!


      • New Chapter total OMEGA and the others I usually buy the herb in capsules by Botanic Choice, they are in Indiana. New Chapter GNC. I grate ginger like cheese in all my foods. I also use Chia seeds. Omega thins your blood. If you eat green leaf veggies and take blood thinner ask your doc. Good luck!

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  2. OsteoArthritis… this kicks my butt each and every day! Where did it come from? …and when will it go away? LOL ~bridgette


    • I was told old age and bad joints….I live by the old saying…Its a bitch to get old every day…Ahhhhh I am getting it under control with spices and herbs….and I started walking in the pool…feels good to be able to do exercise on the ol knee without it swelling….Yay!!


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