Well, can you believe Christmas is just around the weekends end!!  Hard to believe how fast December is racing on..   All settled in to my daughters home, very comfortable and quite cozy!!  I set up at the end of the dining room table and here is where I sit most the time…LOL  They do not have conventional tv, not even an antennae, but have Safari on the computer hooked up to the big tv screen, so I have several good places I can go from there.  But  mostly I am just reading of watching my shows on my laptop. And of course playing with Oscar.  He is the new cat they rescued from the shelter.  What  a big love…and spoiled.  He is so much entertainment  and companionship who needs anything else.

Good to be back in California, been lucky and have had sunny days and cool nights.  I have finally mustered up the courage to drive through some of the fire raged areas.  So much more than you think when watching TV show it.  They are busy in many areas getting it cleaned up and debris taken away so that’s a positive.  But when your in the north end of town driving around, its like a battle ground.

25445975_10210709784600778_8057507065906179792_n25446482_10210709782160717_4360528528617609563_n25507848_10210709782960737_5138792306016208102_n25398687_10210709782680730_6467139942631427493_nI love that the home owners in Coffey Park are putting home Christmas trees, they even have a tractor doing hayrides around the burned out neighborhoods singing Christmas carols every night.  Hopes and dreams of a new viable in the air here.  Nothing but positive signs of that all around the town.  lots of love from this community out there.  Nice to be part of it.  My daughter shared with me a list of business owners who lost there homes in the fire and are still open for business regardless, so I have been going down the list making sure I go there first to help support them.  Its hard to remain positive when your around the devastation, but all you have to do is run into someone from this city and they are not looking back but forward with smiles, and joy in there hearts.

My new best friend, or grandkitty is such a love !  I thought he would be a little down with a new person in the house and a different routine.  Let me tell you, he just goes with the flow…Meet Oscar  – always there waiting for me and demanding a little cuddle….


Food is going ok…yes I could be better…I went overboard the first couple days, but now I am back in control…had lunch with my son today, won ton soup….yum…and will have a salad here in a minute.  Tomorrow going out for Mexican with my cousin after she gets off work, so that will be good.  My daughter left me all there goodies they had been getting from friends, well I just put them all in the back of the fridge and am not interested in them.  I really have never been a big cookie fan…and I am taking the pepper jelly home with  me.  so I am trying to get back on focus and remember who and what I am trying to get healthy for.  Its not all for nothing !!

I have an eye exam in the morning, a follow up…hopefully everything is the same, its for my macular degeneration, it was only in the baby stage 2 years ago and I have been taking supplements for them and wearing sunglasses faithfully out in the sun.  So fingers crossed that I will get a good report tomorrow.

So I am off to go make my salad and find a movie…

Until later    HO HO HO




Just spoke with my sweetheart, he’s stuck inside with high winds, so he has turned to cleaning out all his closets !  Maybe I should leave more often…LOL  Sure strange to travel alone again….miss my cohort in trouble !!

On the way down I kept looking for the smoke from the huge Ventura fire,  I didn’t go to LA to connect with I-5, I criss crossed across to come out on the bottom of the Grapevine pass on the north side, that’s where the smoke started….it looked like a huge fog bank looking to the west, but it was smoke.. It was near sunset by this time…

I drove around the fire devastation, so much worse in person.  Looks apocalyptic, I believe that was how they were describing it on TV, and it is !!!!  Extremely sad….

I must say, it is so sad that I have to come back to Californian, hundreds of miles from the Mexican border to get good Mexican food.  Looks like I will have to keep looking for a good taco in Yuma !!

Well time to get it in gear, I think I have the house warm enough for a shower LOL  meeting my daughter for lunch at a new Chinese place, the owners lost there house in the fire so she likes to frequent there to help support them and she said the food is delicious.

I hope everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit….

Until later….


Good Morning,   I was in bed early last night, didn’t even hardly turn my computer on all day.  Been busy getting it together, I made my husband a couple casserole types of meals to pop into the oven and the pantry is full!!  So that can be checked off my list.

I am doing okay, my arthritis has reared its ugly little head with the drop in the weather.  Really makes one a believer in the hot, dry weather can make such a difference in ones bones and joints.  Next week I will really be crying as its freezing in Santa Rosa, I know boo hoo, I am sorry for all of you with snow and ice.  I used to love the cold weather until I got old  LOL  my bones and joints have proven to me that they prefer hot, dry, heat!!  Who would of thought!!!  As the ocean calls to me all the time.  I have all my warm clothes packed and several coats LOL been looking for my umbrella   LOL

Doing pretty good on the diet front, I use the word diet loosely, as I am not on a “diet” I am watching what I eat, and trying to cut back.  I probably should be on some type of diet plan, calorie cutting and cutting certain food out of my eating, I am not going to pretend I am not going to go out to my favorite places to eat.  We have no Indian food or good Italian here and it may sound crazy, but we really don’t even have a good Mexican restaurant in my opinion, and of course that it the only one that counts  LOL  I also have a good Thai rest we used to frequent.  I will be more diligent on what I choose to eat, but I will be visiting some of my favorite haunts.  I will skip the rich deserts and leave the chips and naan alone, but I am going to enjoy some of my favorite places.

I am really excited that I am going to get back to my favorite gym.  They are open 24 hours a day so I can be there late or early if I choose.  My daughters kitty is used to being alone in the morning so I will do all my errands, I know, what errands ?, but all my shopping and playing early and hit the gym and get in a work out and swim and they have the best Jacuzzi, if your alone you can actually float on your back and enjoy the warmth of the water.  I will have nothing to do but enjoy !!  I am going to cook Christmas dinner for my son and his girlfriend, my cousin will come over and help. I am looking forward to that.   Really going to miss my sweetheart, thank goodness for Skype !!

Well we are off to the doctors this morning, my husband to have a follow up with the ear MD and me with my chiro, slowly I am noticing some change in my back, my hip is all better, but we have moved up to my upper back.  My hands go to sleep and I know that’s from my neck being out.  SO slowly we are gaining.

I just heard, 2 weeks until Christmas…wow, its going to be here before I blink an eye…

Enjoy the day, week and rest of the year as far as that goes…

Week two, couple days late…just busy….getting things organized around the house today, started my pile to take with me out in the Arizona room.  Then we went for a drive and enjoyed the afternoon together.  I am going to miss my partner in crime this trip.  I spent the last couple hours filling out cards for him, I like to hide them around the house so he finds them like a game.  Keep him looking for awhile at least.  LOL

Everything is going along just fine.  life is good…. Happy Holidays…

Week two

Another windy day in the desert, however we did venture out.  Pretty sad day in Ventura, the wind was really bad for the fires.  My heart goes out to all of them, the Santa Ana winds are something to be feared.

I did not get up and do my exercises, however I did get up and do housework, almost as good.  Worked on a good sweat, things look a little shinier and cleaner, well at least to me and really that’s all that matters.  Sweetheart is good with whatever !!  LOL  went out to the local vegie stand and then by Martha’s Gardens Date farm and picked up some dates to take back for gifts.  I am leaving a day earlier, since I am seeing my chiro that morning and he doesn’t like me to do anything, lift, push, pull, bend, twist, so the best place is in my car, with the lumbar roll and heated seat  LOL  so off I go on Wednesday morning !

Hope this finds everyone getting into the Holiday spirit, HO HO HO

until tomorrow


Week 2

Good morning, got in a very brief work out before I had to leave for the chiro…will get a good one in tomorrow. Life is good in the desert southwest, I keep forgetting to mention the snow, I love the snow WordPress puts on for the holidays, probably only snow I will get to see   LOL

until tomorrow

Week two

Still windy here in the desert southwest, and for us, cold, it barely got to 60’…I realize that its in the 20’s in many areas of the US, but for us, that is cold.   Yesterday and today were the first 2 days since last May that we have not had the air conditioner on.  LOL

Not a lot happing here.  Staying out of the wind, and just hanging out.  Getting my exercise in this afternoon.  Going back to the chiro tomorrow, he does not like me to do anything after a treatment so I will try to get up early and get it in.   A little more organized for my trip.  Getting my MD appointments set up, I want to go see my specialist for macular degeneration, he wanted to see me in 2 years to compare how I am doing, September was the 3 year mark, so I am anxious to see how I am doing.  I take AREDS with saffron for my eyes along with, fish oil.  Well, fish oil has many purposes, but that is one of them.

I am rambling,  so until tomorrow…..