Its Thursday already…..when did that happen….played in the yard, watered, had a little talk with the wilting petunias, more like  a pep talk….told, them to just hang in there I would be here here for them, and would be happy to sprinkle them with water in the cool mornings before the hot afternoon sun comes around – my herbs are doing wonderful, used some basil and oregano yesterday on some vegies…yum I had been over at my friend     Lynn over @, she has some of the best recipes with pictures, I was looking around her recipes and it put me in the mood to cook…so that’s what I did all morning yesterday, vegie lasagna, a hearty, vegie and meat meatloaf for my husband, mashed potatoes with fresh spinach for my husband, felt great to cook up a storm, next is my root vegie roast off, I am waiting till Monday as the temperature is going up over a hundred tomorrow.  I love curried vegies and its that time of year, sugar baby pumpkins and all the different squashes have hit the grocery store.  Sitting here eating a lovely fresh fruit salad with yogurt…I took a picture but no matter what I did, it looked like a bowl of something I wouldn’t want to eat  LOL  trust me its very good….so eating is going well, I still haven’t put pen to paper or clicked away on my journal sight….I will get back to that starting tomorrow….Made it to the pool yesterday afternoon, got in a good work out, had to keep moving , the pool was pretty cool…they need to bump up the heater, so that was a positive step…overall…on the journey again to better health..

Had the scare last night….went to bed early to read, woke up at 9p when hubby came to bed. couldn’t get back to sleep, so book in hand I read until 3a a really loud noise woke both of us out our a lovely slumber.  My husband can’t hear well with his aides in his ears and for him to be woken up in a jolt was a surprise to him…he grabbed my hand and said, what was that?  I said I don’t know, it sounded like it was on the roof, or outside our bedroom window, like someone walking across metal – needless to say we jumped up, I grabbed my phone and had 911 ready to push and I followed my husband through the house out to the front porch.  nothing, gate closed, car looked fine, truck basking in the moonlight. Peace and quiet out front, so we headed back to the Arizona room and out to the back parch area. Again nothing, everything looked like it should, nothing out of place, I could hear the train off in the distance. And mind you not another noise.  So I chalked it up to an animal of some sort, a large bird, maybe a neighbors cat, unlikely since you never see any felines around, but the road runners are out and about and have been know to run across the roof, also the hawks have been back hunting in the desert behind the house, but never have landed to our knowledge on the house, and the way the noise was, it would of had to fall the roof onto something metal.  I went back to bed, drawing all my energies back together to ask them to keep us protected, and my hubby went for a walk about outside and came to report all clear, nothing.  So sleep was sketchy at best for me, every noise, every vehicle, every train, I was awake to hear them.  I crawled out of bed at 10a this morning with the worst back ache, only to go out and find everything in its place and nothing disturbed.  IN the meantime my husband went in to take a shower and get ready for the day.  He came running out to get me and had me come into the bathroom, I had no idea what the hell he was rattling on about LOL when he said look in the shower, I really didn’t want to, I was afraid of what I was going to see on the other side of the curtain., well since we no longer have the RV, we have been using some of the stuff we bought for it around the house, we had the suction cup container that holds soaps, small bottles of shampoo and that kind of stuff stuck on the wall of the shower, it had fallen off and was laying on the bottom of the shower – poof the noise we heard in the wee hours of the morning – LOL  my heart was immediately set free from the fear that was gripping it, I didn’t even know that I felt that way until I realized it wasn’t someone sneaking around outside.  so that was the excitement for the year as far as I am concerned.  LOL

life is good, hubbys birthday tomorrow, I think he will get his flu shot and then we will go out for lunch, he wants a big ole steak, Texas Roadhouse is the destination.

Hope this finds all well and getting ready for the weekend…..


Life is good in the southwestern part of my world, the high heat is ebbing away making it fun again, actually able to get out and play in the yard.  Of course I am immediately drawn to dirt, flower pots and plants  LOL  I found myself wandering the garden section of Home Depot,  they had some new annual in, will get more as the weather really drops, so I was able to start with one of my herb gardens, and picked up a few sad looking petunias in hope they will want to grow for me  LOL  I have been out talking to them everyday and letting them know I am on there side, and I am the one with the watering can LOL


A little color to look at and some fresh herbs to cook with…its a start !!

Well we are planning another jaunt up to Las Vegas, there is so much to see and do in that area, not only the strip, but Red Rock Canyon and Lake Mead area.  Its all beautiful and I have seen it all before, but it is always changing with the seasons.

My eating is still on track, II have not been journaling, that’s not a good thing.  I find if I journal I stay true to what I am trying to do.  Focus is still there, but it trails off sometimes.  I do go over my days intake while I lay in bed.  To little to late by that time.  So I need to be more vigilant to what and where I am eating.  I am thinking I need to get back on here more than once every week or so.  It really does help to get back to owning up, so to say, to what I am up to, even if no one reads it but me.  I actually forget to weigh on Saturday, oh my!!  By the time I remembered it was well into the day and I already had eaten, can’t weigh after that !!  So I will do it in the morning, always tomorrow LOL

Otherwise life is good, since the weather is cooling off, we have mucked out the Arizona room, all shiny and clean., ready to be used.

My heart is still with those impacted with fires, winds, hurricanes, floods.

Until Later


Home from a wonderful quick trip up to the Grand Canyon.  Took us 7 hours to be sitting on the southern rim having a picnic.  It certainly is breath taking no matter how many times I see it.

21463276_10210097940065047_2149890992739133519_n21558868_10210097938265002_6057751183986312803_n21616416_10210097940425056_5646895238454534562_n21751356_10210097941385080_8997719448143536632_nHome from a wonderful quick trip up to the Grand Canyon.  Took us 7 hours to be sitting on the southern rim having a picnic.  It certainly is breath taking no matter how many times I see it.  The colors are constantly changing depending on where your standing.  It truly is one of the wonders of the world.

We stayed at a little town called Williams, its the beginning of the  South entrance to the canyon,  50 mile drive from Williams.  We stayed at an Airbnb out in the country.  We  left at 5a in the morning and we had to wait for the frost to thaw from the windshield before we get drive, LOL  it was a cool 31′ out.  Haven’t been in that cold of weather for a very, very long time. LOL  One the way up we drove up the west side of the Phoenix area and straight up to Flagstaff.  To come home we came through Lake Havasu where the London Bridge is, another one of my favorite places to visit.  I took this a couple years ago around Christmas.


From there we keep driving south on #95 to Parker,  its also on the Colorado River, its about 90 miles from our house and we drive up there for lunch just to get out of town.  These pictures are from a state Park we stop at.


Then onto home.  It felt good to get away, even if for just one night.  We are planning a couple nights in Tucson in October.  The monsoons will be over and the cool weather will have arrived.  There is nothing like sitting among the saguaros in the Saguaro National Park.  We always have a picnic there whenever we go.  I am checking out concerts in the area.  Its only 4 hours from home and there is so much to do and see while we are there.

Life is good in the desert southwest.  Weather is down in the high 70’s at night, almost time for a second blanket  LOL .  No news is good news.  Eating healthy and clean, exercising and really just enjoying life to the fullest.

My heart and thoughts go out to all those affected by the fires, hurricanes, earthquakes…my oh my what is going on!!!!

Until later…

Down another pound, only 1, but I will take it !  I have been going to the pool and getting in some great work outs. and really watching my eating.  I haven’t been journaling my food, but I really should start.  I just hate all the apps that I have been looking at.  Probably more to do with my cheap ass phone that takes forever to use.  LOL  I will keep looking into them until I find one I like.  I have been adding as I go in my head, so at least I am counting.  Feels good to be back in control.  Well as in control as I can be !!

We are heading out for a road trip tomorrow.  We are about 7 hours from the grand canyon.  I have secured us an airbnb in Flagstaff, an hour from the canyon.  We will leave before dawn tomorrow and go up and check out the canyon, we have been there before, but it really is a beautiful place, never hurts to go back and have another lookie…We will go through Sedona on our way back so I an get a red rock fix  LOL  I absolutely love red rocks, can’t get enough of them.  We are planning to be back  on Monday or Tuesday, we are expecting fun stuff from Amazon, LOL pretty sad when deliveries are calling the shots in your life.. At least we are not going to San Diego again !!The weather is cooling off and we can start heading East and North, YAY…

My heart goes out to those in London !  Between the weather and mother natures natural disasters, whether fire, earthquakes or hurricane and flooding, terrorist and our current government, the world is a very scary place these days.   Stay safe….

Well I finally drug out my best friend, the scale and approached it with a deep breath and smile !!  I was pleasantly surprised !! It wasn’t as bad as I thought.  I have lost 11 pounds  since I saw my MD on August 17th, give or take a couple #’s due to scale differences, but I will take it.  I have started to notice some slight body changes, ever so slightly, really boost my, lets get going button !!  I have stopped eating after 6p.  I forgot how much better I sleep on an empty stomach. Here I go again on another weight loss journey, hopefully a little smarter and a lot more in control.   I am going into this with the thought it will be the last time that I have to start over.  I don’t have enough time or energy left to keep the yoyo crap up!!

I hit the pool and did a decent work out.  I have yet to hit the gym, but I am thinking this week for sure.  Its starting to cool off here, makes wanting to go out so much easier, especially when it evolves exercise…LOL

We took a drive yesterday to check out what the crazy monsoon storm left in its wake.  Lots of water in all the washes on the road north of us, some of the poles on the road had snapped in two, doesn’t help the wood is so dry from the hot sun, and then add 60mph wind and you get some messed up poles.  We drove to Blythe, its about 20 miles West of Quartzsite to have lunch.  The waitress mentioned she had been in San Luis, which is south of us on the border of Mexico, she was trying to beat the storm, she it hail, rain and bad wind, needless to say she hit 2 flash floods that were over the road and ended up frying her car motor, no one was harmed,  and she said she knew better to be out there on the road.  The monsoon storms are like mini tornados, full of wind, fury, and lots of torrential rain!!  Certainly different from anything I have ever experienced.  When I was in Hawaii, it rained like crazy for about 15 minutes and flooded everywhere, and then within a half hour it was gone and dry, you wouldn’t have known it ever rained if you hadn’t been in that area.  Reminds me of the monsoons.  What is really even more scary is that we really haven’t even experienced a true monsoon season yet.  Sure its muggy and hot, but no rain or wind, lots of thunder and lightening here at our place, but very little wind or rain.    Ahhh the fun of getting to learn about our new home…

My heart is with everyone around the US that has been stricken with disaster.  Fire, rain, wind, hurricane, tornado’s….mother nature certainly is making sure we are taking notice!!  Be safe everyone…

until later…

I hope everyone was out dancing under the full moon last night, I got a couple twirls in !! Certainly was bright at our house.



Well with all the fires,  floods and storms going on all around us, its hard to say life is great in the Southwest Desert…but it is!   I can’t believe that there are so many out of control fires in the western U.S.  And the strongest hurricanes hitting the southeast, and the season has just begun.  Climate change is real and happening.  My heart goes out to all of those affected by the disasters.

With all the pain and suffering happening to so many, it sounds rather selfish to speak about myself !  I am having difficulty sharing what’s going on in my life when so many are suffering, after all my biggest worry is about how many calories I have eaten today,  and did I exercise.  Doesn’t seem right to me.  This is why I haven’t been on here, I can’t shake the feeling of self entitlement and making it all about my worries and woes when there is so many suffering the loss of a loved one and total devastation and wondering where and what they are gong to do next.

I am doing well, back at the 1200 – 1500 daily calories, can’t believe how much more energy I have.

For all those in the storm path, whether it be a fire storm or hurricane….keep safe and know your in my thoughts.





We are home – there really is no place like home.  Very torn when I miss California and my home there, however, its true, home is where you hang your hat, so to say.

I came home to learn that my friend and one of our bloggers, Terry, (Spearfruit) lost his battle with cancer.  He was a wonderful, warm, caring gentleman. He will be missed, not only by me but by many.  Loosing anyone can make time stop, make you take a deep breath and start to think about what really is important right now in your life.

My heart goes out to all those in fire danger, and those in the floods.