They came, we laughed till we cried, ate to much, smiled until my cheeks hurt, held hands,  stayed up way to late and then just like that, they were gone.  I knew the 5 days would fly by, but didn’t realize that in a blink of an eye it would be over.  All I have know are pictures and memories to ponder back on.


I took my daughter to tea at the local farm stand, it was very good.


We went to the Yuma Territorial Prison, very interesting indeed.

30530924_10211563979435115_6073621722672660480_nshell in jail

I tried to lock her up so she would stay and not go home  LOL

My son got here on Wednesday so we had the evening with him.  He was exhausted from driving all day so my husband and I went to pick up the girls in San Diego on Thursday.  Fun afternoon with them and then we all had the evening together.  I have not laughed that hard in a long time.  We all  spent time in the desert, made it up to the skull again, fun to share our desert with the kids.  My son and his girlfriend took off on his birthday, Friday morning after breakfast,  to go exploring, they did the El Camino Diablo trail in one day, it was a great road he said, they made it to Sedona, to many people so they headed to the Grand Canyon and made it to the bottom and spent the night there. So his birthday was summed by him saying it was an “Epic Journey” , I am adding his stay with us as part of that  LOL .

My daughter and I did the touristy stuff one day, a trip to the border wall so she could see and touch it and to a wonderful Mexican bakery, they have good ones in California to, but nice to see what Yuma has to offer. She loves museums and old churches, so we went to the Yuma territorial prison and did the tour, read all about the history.  Then on Sunday she helped me try to find the best tacos in town.  We had tacos at 3 places and that was all we could do. We told the waitress what we were doing so they went above and beyond the normal single taco, it was nice, but way to filling.  Two out the three passed and I will go back, so that was most helpful.  She also did a little shopping at a couple of stores that sell wonderful pottery from Mexico.  She had to have a famous date shake and by then it was Sunday afternoon.  Time to get organized and packed.  Off to Phoenix airport at 5:30a.  I know that her husband and cat, Oscar, were ready for her to come home.

My heart is full of joy and love for getting to have both of my kids here with us all together !!  Bonus I will see them all again in a month.


Know that little whirlwind has passed, I am back to journaling and getting focused back on my own journey.  I know that having company shouldn’t have made a difference in my journey.  I did have one bad day, I had a date shake and ate some chocolate. I stayed  true to my gluten free eating.  I just had the sugar on those 2 occasions. So I am feeling good about that.  I even made cinnamon rolls and never had a bite.  They are resurfacing the pool so it is closed.  Should be open in a couple weeks.  To hot to go out walking, over 100 today, but I will go use the treadmill tomorrow at the gym.

Hope ole man winter has excited your part of the world……hello spring/summer !!


Welcome to April !!  Count down to the kids coming,  my son will be here Wednesday and we pick up his girlfriend and sister on Thursday morning, I told my husband next week this time we will be saying , wow that went quick  LOL

Just got home from the pool.  Only 4 people there, yay, got in a 45 minute workout and a good soak in hot tub with jets.  I have been journaling every day for the last week, stopped eating gluten products, I have no allergies, but with the inflammation in my hip I decided to stop consuming it.  I can not believe how much energy I have.  I have been getting out and walling in our yard, its measured out for quarter, half, three-quarters and full mile.  I haven’t done more than a quarter so far.  My knee is enjoying all the movement, keep the fluids moving in it.  I have cut back to 1000 calories for a week or so then will bump it up if I fell I need to.  I have yet to be hungry.  I bought some gluten free beard, not bad, I toast it and use it with eggs in the morning.  I have eaten lots of flour free, gluten free sweets, but have not tried the other food.  I love rice and came home with 4 bags of brown basmati, my favorite, so will cook some of that up tomorrow. I have no desire for any sweets or yeast products, which has always been my down fall.  My husband loves ice cream and I don’t even want any of that.  I am feeling extremely empowered by taking back total control of my food again.  Using water to drink as a filler, so alls good at this time.

I feel so bad for everyone up north across the USA, it looks like ole man winter is holding on as long as he can.  The weather has been in the middle to high 90’s here, but looks like its coming back down to the low 90’s and high 80’s.  I am glad, it was a bit much so early.  But the heat is like a blanket on my joints.  I shouldn’t complain about the heat, LOL  that’s one of the reasons we are here.

I did get a little twirl in under the full moon. I was in the pool early that morning and it was staring down at me just daring a little jig.  I was more than happy to do it..

Be happy *****

Happy Easter

Well update on the ongoing saga of my sciatica !!  I canceled my aquatic therapy and returned to the first health club I went to when we moved here.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was sold and the new owners have made a lot of positive changes.  So I was there this afternoon and got in a full 20 minutes of jogging and another 10 minutes of exercise.  I spent some time in the hot tub and let the jets work on my lower back.  Felt good to be back in the pool.  I will get up and go in the morning as there were 35 people, including children in the pool, I am thinking that it will be quieter in the morning.  My muscles are back to normal and the pain is gone, Yeah.  However I was still having some achiness that felt a lot like arthritis, so I had ex-rays done just o be sure and yep, I have the beginning’s of arthritis in my hips.  So, I am off gluten, white flour and all white sugar, and fructose and any products that contain them, I have been watching what I was eating already but I am turning the heat up on that.  I had to remind myself that I really am 61 and this really is the last journey of my life!!  SO get my ass in gear and get my health back !  I can only help myself and I need to get more serious than I have been.  A pound here and there are not enough.

Very excited that  a week from now my kids will be here.  I am so ready for kid hugs!!

I hope that everyone has a Happy Easter —


Pool therapy has started.   Not much different from a good aquatic workout.  Only difference was the treadmills, they use them to warm up.  They couldn’t believe I kept asking to for more challenged moves.  Seemed that most of what they had me doing was not helping my sciatica.  I finally asked if they could try some stretches that would actually help my hip.  I was there for that.  I think the 2 guys in the pool are just following an outline for everyone.  They can do 4 at a time, I was lucky and only had one other woman in with me.  She was very nice and did only what she had to.  There was a PT assistant in the room, but the topic was where to go for lunch.  I wasn’t impressed.  So you know me, I did what I thought was working my hip muscles the best.  I even got a good 15 minute jog in. I am going back on Tuesday.  They have a wellness program that they charge 15$ a session, (1 hour) if I want to continue after my therapy is done.  I am thinking I will go back over to the pool and sign up.  I can be there in the morning before the sun gets hot, they close at 5p. I am getting a little better, but not any ear as face as I want to !!

Looks like ole man winter is still  refusing to leave a lot of you !!  The sun God Helios is getting ready to let loss down here.  We have been up in the high 80’s and next week the 90’s are starting.  Actually the heat feels good.  The cactus are starting to bloom here.  Prettiest time of the year is just around the corner.

I am getting giddy, my kids will be here in a couple weeks.  My son’s birthday is April 6th, his girlfriend and my daughter are flying into San Diego on Thursday, he is arriving on Tuesday, we will ride together to go get the girls, then Friday, he wants to go see the skull, we will do that early and then him and his sweetheart will take off and go do a 4-wheel trail called Camino del Diablo, its an old route that was used before the railroad was here.  It starts about 4 miles from our home and heads east and will end at Ajo.  It takes 3 days they say, I have a feeling he will do it in 2.  Our daughter will stay the weekend here and we will give her a ride to Phoenix airport on Monday morning.  The flight back to Santa Rosa is only a couple hours.  I am excited that I can show her around. I just texted her to bring summer clothes LOL she replied it will be a nice change.  LOL

Life is good for use.  I am sick of my hip hurting but I am hoping I am on the right track with the physical therapy. Time will tell.  We are getting restless to head to Santa Rosa. We are leaving the middle of May.  Then from there not sure which way the wind will be blowing us, hopefully north to Canada.  I have always wanted to see Banff’s mountains and National Park.  Making no plans really. One stop at a time!!

Well I am off to bed – until later

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

29313796_10211391247876934_9066391562006560768_n29314791_10211391249356971_8925317215071240192_n29365512_10211391247276919_6238902629842288640_nAs the weekend gets underway, 29314907_10211391248556951_7876261896721006592_nwe are getting ready to go for a drive out in the desert.  The sun is shining and the wind has blown itself out  LOL  so we are heading out to enjoy the day.  There is the annual airshow going on at the Marine base, we have been enjoying them practicing all week, even the Blue Angels came and did a couple fly overs in respect this week as they are not going to be here today.  I came out of a store the other day and heard them, they are certainly a sight up in the air. We ended up out in the desert north of us.  Such a beautiful day, blue sky, white clouds, it was perfect out.  This is up by a place called Palm Valley Canyon, and this side rode is called Queens Valley.  We drove up as far as the rode was easy to get over, but when the rocks became boulder like we turned around  LOL  we were all alone so didn’t want to deal with a flat tire by ourselves….but sure was pretty….





















Well, I have given the chiropractor every chance, its been well over a month since I agitated my sciatica on my left hip.  He has gotten it so I can turn over in bed and stand up without seeing stars or yelling out, but it still feels like its not completely back in!!  So when we went and met our new MD’s here in Yuma, she recommended therapy, water therapy actually.  So I have an appointment on Tuesday and fingers crossed that they will get me back to no pain.  And I am excited about getting into the pool again.  I went and saw the place and they have the water treadmills and a decent size therapy pool. So more to come on this after Tuesday.

Hope everyone had a great St. Paddies Day and enjoyed there corned beef and cabbage….’

I leave you with this…..xx


Well I am sitting here looking out of  our new windows….I love them…I will never order anything from Home Depot again this all started back on Jan 9th ! But these windows fit and are wonderful.  We spent the day painting around them and getting the house back in order.  Glad that little gig is over!!!  We put the new book case together without to much arguing, my husband doesn’t like to follow the directions, he just rams ahead and thinks he knows best  LOL  but he finally gave in and did it step by step even if it didn’t make any sense to him.  LOL  So I was able to gather all my stacks of books and they are in one place, he was saying it was a lot of books, however if he only knew how many I have gotten rid of during this move…LOL I have always loved books.  Needless to say we are way happier with the house, and having the washer and dryer out in the Arizona room has made a huge difference.  We bought metal shelves to put where they were in the kitchen, well the hall way leading out the door, anyway makes a lot more room for storage and opened up the kitchen area.  Now I need to work on the cabinets…LOL  One step at a time….

I haven’t been back on the scale but feeling great, lots of energy, and counting my calories, they vary from 1000 to 1500 sometimes higher.  Just trying to make it all work.  I am not sure I ever mentioned my sciatica was acting up.  My rocker that I have sat in for over 1 years finally gave in and apparently it was my hip/sciatica that pointed that out…LOL  it is so much better from what it was, but still giving me fits at night and if I sit in the wrong type of chair.  I have been doing my upper arms and neck area as far as exercise goes.  I  do not want to irritate my sciatica anymore than it is.  I have been seeing my chiro 3 times a week for several weeks.  I am hoping that it is better soon…At least I can stand up without seeing stars at this point.  I hate whining, but son of a gun the pain cam stop you in your place…. so much for that…I am eating healthy and eating  smaller portions, that’s one of my biggest problems. I like to eat!!!

Hubby is still dealing with his lung issues went to a new pulmonologist and he is thinking his COPD is being set off by allergies.  Lots of pollen in the desert at this time of the year especially as it is like spring here,  between the agricultural fields and the desert we get a double whammy here.  The wind is also a huge factor as they say it can carry pollen from over 50+ miles with it to us. I believe it….so he is setting him up for a scratch test for local pollen and switched him to a new steroid inhaler out on the market.  The Breo really effected his eyes, made them like he was looking through a fog, so he wouldn’t use it…Were heading into town in an hour for my chiro and his appointment with his ear MD. Will it never end!!!  But really we are both doing great….

Getting ready for my kids to come…My son has tried to always spend his birthdays with me, makes my heart happy for sure!!  So he is coming with his girlfriend and there new jeep, and my daughter is flying in for the occasion.  It will be fun.  He will take off with his gal and go on a 2 day road trip out on a trial  here called Camino del Diablo, its over a 1000 year old trail used first as a foot path by by Indians, then settlers and military men.  They are very excited.  It literally starts about 3 miles from our house and runs east across the Barry Goldwater bombing range and military fields.  They have to have permits and can only go during certain times of the year. He is still working on that. So who knows, there are all sorts of trials and roads  for them to go on….My daughter is making her first trip here, I am looking forward to showing her around and hitting the local tearoom one of her favorite things to do.  It will be a very quick weekend….

We have been out in the desert to go to a Skull Rock, you have to drive about 12 miles off the road to get to it, slow going but pretty scenery.  Going to take the kids up here. You can walk inside,  people have started camp fires in side…lots of fun stuff to see in the desert southwest..



Hate to say it but the weather has been wonderful here….just right to be exact, the wind could cooperate a little more, but hey its winter…The news man said it was going to be a beautiful sunset the other day so we hoped in the car and headed west, but the clouds almost all went away at the last hour of sunset, they are what makes the sunsets here so nice…….we ended up about 10 miles from Mexico and waited….this is the best it got in my opinion…


until later……

Another week

Life is good in the desert Southwest…. sun is out, weather is cool and wind is light.  perfect in my book!!   I am not sure I could deal with all the snow and ice.  Been a long, very long time since I have lived anywhere really cold, California had its cold stretches, generally less than a week, and we have had out share of wet, rainy seasons….but really cold, snow, ice for endless days to weeks to months, nope long, long time.   Last time I lived anywhere that the snow would actually stay and become hard ice was 35 years ago, and now I am so spoiled with desert winters that it seems  life time ago….on that note I hope everyone is seeing a little of the spring weather that is just ahead of us…

They Olympics are coming to and end…been a great 2 weeks, we have enjoyed watch new Olympic winners emerge and seeing the surprise on there faces…A lifetime of work coming to the peak….how wonderful…

The flu is still running hot here in Arizona…we are still staying out of the public as much as we can…I finally got smart and went out and measured around out house and 7 laps is a 1/4 of a mile….so off I go in the morning, after I plug in the coffee pot so its ready when I am done.  LOL   I will increase my laps by  1/4 of a mile after a week.   Crazy I didn’t think of this sooner.   LOL  you walk anywhere in this neighborhood you have to be barked at by yards full of little ankle biters  I really hate barking dogs….they dogs next door know me so that’s all good.  So exercise is happening.  Also have a little routine I do inside.  Its a start, and its making feel  better, certainly more energy.  I do miss the go in and get it over with routine at the gym, I really hate exercise, but I do know that its a no brainer that it has to be done or else !!  I really don’t want the or else’s…

Well off to put laundry in the dryer….till later