Start to Move….. I’ve Started

Well As normal I have been procrastinating….I ask why? there is no answer….perhaps lazy….the rebel keeps telling me you can do that tomorrow…why do it today…one more day won’t make a difference..It is so hard to stop the insanity in my mind…the rebel is so strong…I am weak….so back to the mantras, back to pushing the rebel  away, back to the            I will             I can                 I am  

Since I wrote this I have started my exercises….and have already done an increase to the set count…so its happening…really happening…lightening didn’t strike me down, my hair didn’t fall out, my knee didn’t seize up….I actually am feeling the results, my arthritic knee seems to be a little more flexible…its always hard to believe that moving a joint that hurts, would make it feel better….so I am an official….OMG an exerciser….LOL  I haven’t turned the big corner but I am getting into it…I can’t believe I am saying that….

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