I am so excited this morning….it was weigh day…down 5#s…..I was concerned as my calories have been in the 1500’s to 1800’s all week, but I have been exercising like crazy in the pool, and been to the gym twice this week….so I am very happy with my results of the week….will try to get the calories back down to 1200 this week and continue with the exercising, try to get to the gym a few more times….and hopefully I will be under 280….whooo hoooo short term goal…..

I missed a couple days, I have been in the pool till after 9p both nights, I realize its no excuse to not post, but by the time I get home, shower and sit down on my bed, I lay down and go sound asleep….LOL  been hot the last couple days, 107, 108, swimming at sunset into the night is so refreshing …the little bats come out at sunset, when the sky is pink and they dip down into the pool for a little drink… fun to watch….and no one is there…whooo hooo so I get on with my exercising all by myself….there a couple gals that swim at that time, but they are very nice and don’t what to chat to much…I am not a pool chatter….LOL….

The shed was due yesterday but the truck that was suppose to bring it broke down in Flagstaff….so its on hold until the truck is fixed. eta unknown….my only question to the gentleman that called was, you don’t have another truck???   Sounds like our sad truck story…LOL  We spent the first half of the day entertaining paint contractors….were getting bids to have this relic painted….LOL  its amazing at the difference in bids….the old neighbor man who lives adjacent to us across the street had yet to come over and meet us sent over one of his friends, were waiting on his bid…he asked what we were going to do with the old metal shed….he is going to take it, we told him as long as he would haul it off it was free…so  that was a bonus….we don’t have to deal with tearing it down and the sooner it is gone the better….so life is good in our world….its all about hurry up and wait, but still good….

so until tomorrow….hope you all enjoy your Sunday….I am certainly walking a little lighter today….LOL

Thursday Already!!

Amazing how fast the week can go by…especially when I thought it was Friday on Monday…LOL   been a busy week…still working on the brick laying where the trees were…we re trying to do a little every morning when its cool enough to work outside, at least for us….we had the truck tuned up and had to take it out for a drive yesterday…we headed north and then took a side trip out into the desert, (on a county road) to Crystal Hill….it was beautiful out and we had a great morning playing…thought I would share some pictures….

14067539_10206932529691766_3706752057889336459_n14095821_10206932530011774_5974517895244013359_n14102227_10206932525371658_4028496927643835823_n Teddy Bear Chollo14045705_10206932529011749_6767758555847835921_n14102533_10206932528211729_8418048101391132386_n

Crystal Hill below…


This is a picture (below) is right outside of the pool wear I swim, there are a row of hills/mountains and if we have clouds, they are generally right along the hills…was a beautiful day…(Tuesday)


14141733_10206923657029955_8354869726854374134_nMy bedroom does not have a light switch, the switch is connected to a fan without a light…so until my son the electrician can come make switch magic happen, I did the next best, cheapest thing….yup..I bought a clapper…..Clap On-Clap Off..(anyone who has seen the commercials will definitely being singing that)  .LOL..I must say it works great…you say, why are you so lazy that you can’t turn on a light when you walk in the room, well a couple reasons, one, my bedroom is extremely dark, I have sun protectors on all the windows and the lamps are all well into the room so I have to enter a dark room, ( I am known to leave stuff lay around n the floor, trip hazard !)and 2nd, it actually irritates my arthritic fingers to turn the little nasty dial on the lamps….oh hum, life!!!  But hey…Clap On…Clap Off , I am golden!!!!

I have been doing okay..still have yet to loose a pound, I am counting calories and journaling, weighing in on Mondays…exercising in the pool, probably not enough, I have been eating 1200 – to 1500 calories a day all healthy food, lots of fruit/smoothies, salads, quinoa/rice and tons of vegies ….I need to start exercising, perhaps a gym run would help boost my energy level….however if you see how much I am sweating dealing with brick laying again …. I am getting over an hour, sometimes hour and half of an intense workout at least 4 days a week…I am moving bricks, shoveling sand/rocks from one place to another, at least that is what it seems like….so I will continue to trudge along….the weather is cooling off a little, I think that will help….

I am going to commit to blogging every day for a month again…I know that helps to journal on here….so until tomorrow…..


new-moon  Another reason to have a twirl under the big NEW MOON…..not that I need a reason, but new moons are just as magical as a full moons….so go out do a jig, twirl or full on move about….and think about what you would like the universe to know, help solve or just listen…..tonight I will have our friend Terry ( )   in my thoughts….asking the universe to care and heal him….and for out Oxford buddy, Cameron  (  )  for clear weather and a fantastic walk for his charity HENRY….I you have never visited these  2 wonderful men…go on over….read their blogs….they are a couple of good guys!!!   and as always clothes are optional while dancing tonight….LOL

Been a wonderfully hot weekend…LOL  up to 114 yesterday….been watching a lot of Copa America soccer on the TV, to hot to do much else…LOL  I have been able to stop eating the last 2 nights at 6p…feels good to get a little control over the inner rebel…calories  on Friday 1087 and yesterday 1323…so within my range…1000 to 1500…we are trying to get the freezer cleaned out as we leave in 3 weeks so its been pick and choose…LOL  so that’s a good thing…as I always make extra and freeze…I hate to say I haven’t been back to the gym….it just seems to hot to go work out in a hot gym….but I have been at the pool, with the exception of yesterday…just to hot…sounds crazy,you would think I would be there most the day…I will be there tonight for sure…I need to get a work out in and absorb some moisture…LOL   I can dance in the pool as I don’t go until the sun sets…LOL

Lifes good in desert paradise….looking forward to the new week….keep smiling and twirling…..LOL


Good Morning and welcome to June!!!!  Can’t believe how fast May went by…been a busy Memorial Day weekend….lots of swimming, enjoying the cool weather before the heat wave, and just good ole living!!! Gave the yard a good cool drink before the heat hits us…went around and checked everyone’s yards we are watching while they are away for the summer, all’s well in the desert.I am having to change my pool time to after the sun goes down ,so it will be late night swimming…hopefully all by myself….calories have been higher over the long weekend…just because…no excuses…but back on the 1200 quota as of today….need to get back to the gym….will be up and at the gym in the early hours, and swimming in the late….LOL….

Achy joints – hands and knee, not sure why….maybe my diet choices over the weekend have effected them…to many carbs….know that I wrote it down, it makes sense…LOL

starting to get piles together for our journey back to California…very excited to see my kids and everyone…

So Happy June to everyone….new moon on the 5th….get ready to dance!!!!!

Day 18

Friday…work week over…onto the weekend…it was a good day…up early…did some yard work…cleaned the house, well straightened it up…game night was at our house this week…every Friday we all get together to play some dice game and a tile game called chicken foot, we + us, my brother and his wife and another couple, friends of my that was fun…they will all be leaving in the next few weeks…most of the winter visitors will be gone by the end of the month…looking forward to less people….

Doing okay in the food area…not counting calories….just watching what I eat…the stress of the house renovations are coming to an end…YAY…only the steps and small deck left and I am hoping that by the end of next week that will all be done….then we are stopping for awhile…just going to enjoy life without worrying about what more needs to be done…weather is great…..low 90’s….surprising how wonderful the dry heat arthritis is like the dry heat, so happy that some of the aches and pains are at bay…they have been bailing hay, so my allergies are acting up, but hey it is spring after all….I am not sure when they pant the cotton, but that is also grown here as well, my sinus’s really hate it when its harvested…hopefully I will be able to get some pictures of those crops…and harvest…pretty interesting…

Well I find myself part of the day sitting outside under our Ficus Trees…they are actually great shade trees and rustle in the wind….I rook a few pictures from my chair….


One of my favorite place to be…

Until tomorrow….

Bricks & More Bricks


Our bricks arrived this afternoon….1500 to be exact…..they came directly from San Luis, Mexico about 22 miles from here….one man unloaded our 1/2 of the truck in 40 minutes….we were waiting with our little red wagon and wheel barrow….he just shook his head no, and said he would do it…so I sat back and watched…he was amazing at how quickly he unloaded…we finally got smart and we hired one of the men who helped lay the concrete to finish the landscaping….YAY  my body is silently thanking me…..

Been a good day….its 6p, I am at 1157 calories, done for the night, might have a cup of tea or a popsicle but no more eating after 6p…making sure I am journaling all my calories and owning every that feels good

My arthritis is letting me know the weather is changing…its been windy blew up to 20mph with gust over that…the dust/sand that flies through the air is amazing….making it hard to be out in it as it gets in your eyes and mouth…the mountains were hidden most the day….suppose to quiet down tomorrow…sounds crazy but it was actually cold today at 76…LOL sounds like  I am whining….guess I am….I feel bad for all of you in the south on the east coast…just watched the weather…hope everyone stays safe…well anyway I think my arthritis is reacting to the storm blowing over up north…we get the wind and low temperatures…I know we are all counting the days till spring is here….

not much else going on….until tomorrow….

Well we finished one side of the property this morning and decided to take the rest of the day ( picture below) .we drove out of town about 20 miles, turned off the highway and drove east another 12 miles to Castle Dome, a huge volcanic plug that you can see from out backyard…lots of mines near here….below is Castle Dome


One of my favorite cactus, the beautiful Saguaro’s this one has to be over 50 years as they do not start to grow arms until that age, and with two arms probably closer to 80…they are amazing….I love the trident look….

12669703_10205534787869094_6539704891773531160_n mountains near the Dome12718286_10205534788229103_733547477688693116_n They built up a ghost town, its okay but I would rather just see nature  12743814_10205534788709115_5198199067039759744_n

The Sonoran Desert near the Dome..I am in love with this….LOL12743991_10205534787509085_4443840359556417481_n12744586_10205534789229128_5535211092624697023_n Teddy Bear Chollo Cactus….

Been a great week…lots of exercise, we ordered a pallet of adobe bricks (500 of them),( we call them Mexican bricks), to finish the side yard, got all but about 80 laid down in 2 days…dug up 3 stumps in the backyard, we thought we were going to have to have the stump man come grind them, however, they were so rotten we were able to uproot them…YAY  save us some money….so getting plenty of exercise..


This one was pretty deep had to cut off some of its roots…he other one was easy-peasy..a couple shovels of sand and poof it lifted out..


12742665_10205540853260725_541093143584744194_nthis is the finished side of the driveway…..YAY

.I also bought some weights since I didn’t bring mine from California…so working them into my routine during the day…been eating a little over 1200 cal each day, but I am hungry so I would rather keep myself satisfied than feel deprived..

The temperature is 88′ so my arthritis is better…my knee isn’t always happy with all the bending to lay bricks, a couple advil good as new…LOL I am experiencing numbness in my hands at night…I had a neck injury when I was very young, (5yrs old)3  crushed vertebrae’s I am always careful of my neck, but I am thinking I have overworked that area of my body with all the frigin, beautiful bricks, so ice and routine Advil for a few days…hopefully I will have a  better night sleep…not whining just stating some facts out loud so now maybe I will do something about it….LOL.

I got my new dishwasher yesterday and now my new sink just arrived so maybe if I am good, my husband and brother will put that in this weekend….fingers crossed….

The dog got a good clipping and I am afraid everyone in the neighborhood has Chika fur in there yard…it was pretty windy when it came her turn for a clip and bath…LOL

well I am rambling….so I will leave you with a picture of the sunrise this morning…

12715301_10205540854500756_2352412793515447170_n from our back yard….

Until tomorrow….

Things are a changin….

Another huge change was noticed today…may sound trivial to some, but to me it was huge….for the first time in many years I was able to sit comfortably in a booth in a restaurant…no squished in feeling like I am going to pop the table up at any minute….sounds frigin sad when I write it – but hey its true…I met a good friend for lunch today…she always wants to sit in a booth…I thought why not, if I don’t fit we can always sit at a table…so I bent down and whooola I slid right in and still had room to put both my hands in front of me….

imagesGZD37ZQ8 these are exactly what they looked like…

now why am I going to all this hoopala…..well when you have been heavy for as long as I have been,  it is a big deal to finally feel like your starting to be part of the “normal” world again, get to do things normal people do…like sit in frigin booths…I have no answers for the many questions I can hear you all asking , why didn’t you do this years ago….I did try, I lost 111#’s back in the early 80’s….I was in a size 10 pants….then I married a control freak…lets just say my life took a turn for the worst for over 10 years after that…when I finally got out of that relationship I was left with heavy guilt and did not know how to deal with it, so I ate…and ate and ate…to fill the emptiness I felt not from the loss of my marriage, but from being drained of all real emotion,…then my sister dropped dead unexpectedly and I ate to kill the pain…I ate a lot…all the time, I probably put on over 50#’s at that time…and kept it on…but now, over the last year with the help of Overeaters Anonymous, I was able to finally let go of the guilt and understand the pain I carried and put the rebel on my shoulder in her place so I could get past myself to see what I needed to do….

So now, at my age, I am so happy that I am able to put my life back on a healthy track, I cannot have any regrets for how I lived life up to now it was what it was, dwelling on it won’t make it go away….feeling guilty for my actions of the past will only weigh me down…no pun intended…so when I am able to do something that a lot of people take for granted is a biggie for me…its just another step in the right direction…when I look in the mirror these days a women I used to know…she is looking back at me with a little more gray, her dimples are back, there is sparkle in her eyes…she is standing straighter and taller…and I am feeling good….and I just wanted to share with all of you…thanks to your encouragement, your ideas, your motivation, and your inspirational stories are all helping me become a better person…inside and out…thanks……

Until tomorrow

Oh Hum…Lazy Saturay…..

Its been a nice kick back day….I did clean the house…worked up a great sweat….we did the grocery shopping….that was totally uneventful…my husband has come down with terrible allergies so I literally mucked out the bedroom…all the blankets have been washed and I dare anyone to find a speck of dust!!!!  LOL I had a cooking bug going on so I made a big pot of soup with pork and leeks, kale and collard greens for my husband…put up 5 servings for the freezer…and I made myself a big batch of steamed greens…kale, collards, spinach and leeks….adding a lot of dark leafy greens to my diet..they go with everything and low carb, low cal and high in goodness….I ended my day under 1000 calories @ 992 and my carbs are @ 80.06 so I was able to get those numbers down…It is getting easier…

I spent the rest of the day playing in the yard, reading, and watching the Blue Angels in San Francisco, the local station had it live..I added a couple pictures I took on my tv…LOL  I know I am terrible…but they were magnificent…


and then a fellow blogger and I talked about conks, the fungi that grows on trees, she had a beautiful picture of some on a post and I said I would add my picture of mine…so here you go Pearly: go check out her blog..

IMG_20151010_210502824my conk painted my mother, this one was found in the Olympics in Washington state near our home when I was young…its 8″  high and 9″ long…and its over 30 years old…..

I am adding a couple other pictures just for the fun of  it….12112157_1213188052030386_4592164130554164446_nwitches by dick

My brother painted the witches…one of my favorites…the other is off the internet…

As you can see it has been a very calm peaceful day….tomorrow I am picking up my niece the dolphin and will be at the pool by 10a….

sooo until tomorrow…..


images   I love the month of October….., Everything pumpkin, the leaves changing color, the air starts to turn cool…there’s to much I like to write it all down……oh yes did I mention witches & black cats….

Well Tuesday…I was going to get up early and have all my exercise over early….well that went out the window with no sleep last night…I was up, oh I don’t know, maybe 5 times…couldn’t get my mind to shut off… my MD wrote me an email and told me my lab values looked good but she was classifying me pre-diabetic… I in the normal, just near the high end…not all the way but near…I have lost over 55 #’s been eating a complete healthy diet, exercising…so WTF!!!  I thought and thought about what I had been eating… I have been eating a slice of cheese daily with my eggbeater omelet…so that must be it….I have otherwise cleansed myself of all processed  foods…I have introduced Zero vitamin water into my life…it has 5 carbs, and 0 on all the rest…and I can drink up to 4 a day….hummmm could that be the culprit…so I have decided to start tracking my carbs, proteins, sugars and fats….I am determined to get my #’s back down to where they were a year ago…so I am pretty sure that’s what kept me up all night….starting in the morning I will be writing it all down in a journal, my app on my phone doesn’t list the carbs per entry, but it keeps an on going count of carbs, pro, and fats….and until I get a littel more educated in regards to carbs per food so I can make better choices….

I did make it to the gym for a 1.5 hr work out…before I even left for the gym, I did some shopping, more dirt… then I got home and did some  yard work and got a good sweat on and my heart rate up for about 30 minutes…then off to the gym….30 minutes on the machines and I worked up another good sweat and elevated heart rate…I am trying to push myself by upping the weights and lower the reps but doing more sets…its working…I included 100 crunches on the abd machine..then on to the pool…I upped my 20 minute jog to 30 minutes and then another 30 minutes of swimming the pool and doing some more water aerobics….I am loving the exercise…especially the pool…strange to think and even more strange to say it out loud…LOL.

I am sitting here yawning so it looks like I am going to get some sleep…Yay…

I am at 1056 calories but real high carb intake according to my app…so I am going to bed to review my app for the last couple months…

until tomorrow….