Raining in the Northwest

Sitting in Port Angeles Washington at my sisters, enjoying the rain, fog and damp weather….feels refreshing….it was so foggy this morning, it felt magical….fog at marLove the green trees and all the ferns….I lived here many moons ago….went to first grade in this town….my father worked for the Olympic National Park Service, was a great childhood….I will later next week have pictures of Kalaloch, another part of the Olympic NPS out on the coast….

My husband being the gambler in the family, LOL, we spent a few hours at 7 cedars, 11952036_10204649651581240_4384993722748565440_n11896094_10204649649421186_7898662245772619722_n

and here are a couple of there totems….beautiful… there are several therse are just a couple….

Doing pretty well on the food front…I have been eating a lot of fruit…fresh peaches to be exact….oh my so sweet and juicy, can’t get enough….I have been staying around 1500cal sometimes over a little other times under a little…I new it would be harder here than anywhere else on our journey…I am not making cinnamon rolls this trip, I usually make them a couple times while I am here, today I have cut up a big bowl of fresh strawberries and peaches to have over angel food cake and home whipped cream….yum….and really  not bad on the calories…I am using a measuring cup so I am trying to be as exact as I can…enjoying myself keeping myself in check at the same time…as I am trying to retrain myself that this is a life change not just a diet…

No need to talk about arthritis…its bad…hands, joints, knee hurts…screaming for sun and warmth….I just keep my chin up and take another Tylenol arthritis…I really don’t think I could live here again…to old….LOL

There is a natural sandy hook here named Ediz Hook, and it makes the Port Angeles Harbor/Port, there is also a big paper mill on the hook, Nipon Paper so big ships come in with logs, and some take out rolls of paper, others are taking lumber from another dock area, and then there is a ferry to Victoria Canada, its about a 30 minute trip over, its lots of fun…but we forgot to throw in our passports so no venturing out of the country this trip….anyway its always a hassle to get back in….Here’s a picture taken on the hook looking across to Port Angeles, this is just one of the many boats in the harbor at this time…ediz hook

We were out there this morning, gathering rocks, and treasures the water washed up, and had out morning coffee sitting at the water….

My sister has wi-fi  whoo hooo so we are at it on the computers…LOL  So until tomorrow….

looking forward to the weekend with my sister and her husband…feels like I am home, sleeping like a baby…LOL

We have landed on Washington State Coast

11890926_10204607939978476_6460289116752001435_n 11892124_10204607925018102_7105187428882164647_n

We have made it to Washington State….was up and in Astoria before 6:30a and headed to Safeway to get loaded up again…LOL  the bridge picture is the long Astoria bridge over to Washington…little hazy with the sun just coming up…and the flowers are all over downtown Long Beach and Ocean Shores in Washington….I love the flowers on the coast….they are soooo happy…We are going to the kite festively on Friday, there are sooo many people every where….we are used to traveling on the off seasons so its a little over the top for us….

Wi-Fi is just that….maybe you have – it maybe you don’t….guess I can’t complain being out on a narrow peninsula  lol   Food is going great….back to 1000 calories the last three days and have yet to feel hungry..been able to buy fresh tomatoes and fruit at stands by the road…so yummy….making salads with fruit and cheese from Tillamook….alls good in that area….

Getting some exercise in….so I feel better about that…just doing it and stopped fighting it….so easy to make excuses….wish I had the drive to want to do it…will walk to the beach today..its about 5 blocks, can’t take the dog as her arthritis is acting up and its not fair to make her suffer needlessly….I have been living on Ibuprofen so I feel better, no amount of herbs, or cream is helping….overcast and cool out today, but no problem….I love this weather….just not my body or husband…LOL’

Will finish before I get booted off here…we are at Ocean Park on the south side of the Washington Coast….Kite Festival in Long Beach about 5 miles away…its one of there big annual events…..

until tomorrow I hope……

Monday, just another day….

Good day, hot day, busy day….I was  up again before 7a…full of energy and ready to go….I have been forcing myself to eat breakfast, something I never did before…and it seems to be holding me until after 3p…not sure if that’s a good thing or not….I don’t want to eat if I don’t feel hungry, I am drinking plenty of vitamin zero water, and plain water, I have cut my caffeine intake to 2 cups in the morning from drinking coffee all day and then the cold as ice coffee… I am not having any afternoon napping urges..  before I was waiting 4 hours in between meals and was watching the clock like a hawk after a mouse…but now I have to remind myself I need to eat by 5p so I can be done by 6p since I have quit eating late…crazy compared to how I used to be…I guess you can teach on ole dog new tricks…LOL

so if anyone has any input, I am open to suggestions…???

I am getting my exercise in during the day….I do some at noon, then again a couple hours later and then finish it up before I go to bed…works for me…when we are out on the road in the RV, I will do the same thing at the rest stops…a little here and then a little more at the next stop…so I have that worked out….the food is under control while we are on the road…

With the warm weather my arthritis is in check, no aches, no pains today….

Today we went and  picked up a couple more bowling balls…call me crazy…but the ones with the rocks are my favorite and I want a few for the front yard…seems I may have a new addiction…frigin yard art…LOL

Until tomorrow…..

Day 7….cooling off….Reflecting

Been a pleasant day here….never got anywhere near the high temperature they predicted….whew…been a good calorie day…I can’t believe how hard of a time I had yesterday….I will blame it on the heat… lol…went over my 1500 calorie quota yesterday….only by 122 but still over….today I am 300 under….just a better, easier day…been real focused on my meals…

I am having trouble seeing where I have lost 30#s from….I am guessing about half of that was water weight. I know that I am smaller as some of my undergarments are fitting looser, but on the over all I don’t feel it or see it….maybe it is because I have a lot of weight to loose…. I am hopping that when I hit 50#s lost I can start getting down my boxes of smaller clothing…at some point that will happen…this is not the first time I have had to loose a great deal of weight….in 1982 I lost a hundred pounds in about 6 months….I stopped eating literally and only ate fruit, salads, beans and sweet potatoes, I had been a vegetarian for almost 9 years at that time of my life….plus my car broke down so I had to walk about 5 miles a day, between walking my daughter to school every morning and then buck it on down to the bus so I could make it to work on time…then after work walk a mile home from the bus station…so I think that had a lot to do with my massive weight loss back then….I got all the way down into a size 10…whoo hooo that was like being twiggy for me…LOL  I will just be happy to get under 200# this time around…I have been reflecting on my weight loss back then…I was really strict with what I ate, I didn’t weigh or count calories, I didn’t drink coffee, and I was very sparse with dairy products… I seem to have had some sort of self discipline back then…LOL   my, my how one’s life changes over the years…I will continue to reflect on my vegetarian years, I can’t believe how strict I was, I still haven’t had a hotdog, bologna, steak. prime rib, roast beef or any processed meat for over 40 years and I have never eaten any fish, seafood or organ meat with the exception of albacore tuna and then only once or twice a  year, then maybe at that. I added meat back into my diet in late 1983, I craved mea couldn’t get enough I thought I had gone crazy… I ate a hamburger, rather wolfed it down after not having one for 9 years, it caused my body to revolt and I had a bad case of red welted hives all over my body on fire..I later found out I was pregnant and my iron was low so my body wanted what it wanted. That was late 1983/84, I started to consume some meat (mostly turkey) but my diet has broadened since those days, I include some pork, sometimes I can do chicken breast, I love hamburger, I will buy extra lean, but since its really high in calories I have turkey burgers….I love turkey..poor birds….unfortunately I love breads of any kind…especially home made cinnamon rolls…French bread smothered in butter and dipped in really hot coffee…Oh my I think that’s my favorite..kinda like my drug of choice…LOL…so I am reflecting this week and wondering if I am capable of being so strict with my food choices again…I count every single morsel no matter how high the calories go over I stand accountable….and I am feeling satisfied with what I am eating…I rarely feel hungry, I am always wanting what I shouldn’t have, I will always have to fight those mental cravings…my biggest fight is with me, the rebel that says, No one can tell me what I can eat, no way” I am my most worst enemy…..so as you see I have spent a better part of this day, reflecting, contemplating and wondering why its so dang hard….so until tomorrow