Its Monday…and all is way better in my life…my headache is gone, my tummy said, feed me, and all is better….I have kept my calories under 1000 these last couple days, and I am actually full and happy….only eating extremely healthy food, good stash tea, and lots of water…I feel better mentally and am so over sabotaging myself…..I can only move forward and get back on the ole proverbial wagon, so to say…I will not shoot myself in the foot again…I never say never, but will try to keep my six-shooter in the holster….I really don’t own a gun, so no worries…LOL   I did get on the scale on Sunday and I am pretty sure that I lost all that I consumed on Saturday….whooo hoooo for a quick start to weight lost…but I don’t recommend it at all!!!  The scale never went up or down…yahoooooo –  just hovered right there where it was….so that was nice….so feeling like I can do it again…

Got up this morning (5a) and was able to catch a few beautiful crescent moon beams and watch the sun rise….my little cheap Samsung phone refused to capture the beauty of the moon…so I will share the sunrise…


Then by noon, the wind picked up and we had a good ole dust storm, not real bad, but we could not see the mountains…been a long time since we have had a dust storm….


My good friend Rowena over at,  Beyond the Flow….nominated me for a 3 day Quote Challenge….Thank you Rowena, and as everyone knows, I never nominate anyone, but all…its fun and interesting to see what we all come up with…I am unable to get the link to add so you can just click on it and go directly to her blog…thanks to WP, please copy and paste here address below and go over and say hello and giver her blog a lookie looo, shes pretty special!!!  My Ausie friend from down under….

So onto the fun…as you all know I can’t just add one quote….it would be to hard to choose….you can never go bad with Popeye. Mary Poppins and Einstein…..


Not sure who wrote this one…but its the best!!!quote-919

Until tomorrow……


I am so excited this morning….it was weigh day…down 5#s…..I was concerned as my calories have been in the 1500’s to 1800’s all week, but I have been exercising like crazy in the pool, and been to the gym twice this week….so I am very happy with my results of the week….will try to get the calories back down to 1200 this week and continue with the exercising, try to get to the gym a few more times….and hopefully I will be under 280….whooo hoooo short term goal…..

I missed a couple days, I have been in the pool till after 9p both nights, I realize its no excuse to not post, but by the time I get home, shower and sit down on my bed, I lay down and go sound asleep….LOL  been hot the last couple days, 107, 108, swimming at sunset into the night is so refreshing …the little bats come out at sunset, when the sky is pink and they dip down into the pool for a little drink… fun to watch….and no one is there…whooo hooo so I get on with my exercising all by myself….there a couple gals that swim at that time, but they are very nice and don’t what to chat to much…I am not a pool chatter….LOL….

The shed was due yesterday but the truck that was suppose to bring it broke down in Flagstaff….so its on hold until the truck is fixed. eta unknown….my only question to the gentleman that called was, you don’t have another truck???   Sounds like our sad truck story…LOL  We spent the first half of the day entertaining paint contractors….were getting bids to have this relic painted….LOL  its amazing at the difference in bids….the old neighbor man who lives adjacent to us across the street had yet to come over and meet us sent over one of his friends, were waiting on his bid…he asked what we were going to do with the old metal shed….he is going to take it, we told him as long as he would haul it off it was free…so  that was a bonus….we don’t have to deal with tearing it down and the sooner it is gone the better….so life is good in our world….its all about hurry up and wait, but still good….

so until tomorrow….hope you all enjoy your Sunday….I am certainly walking a little lighter today….LOL

Saturday…..hummmm de dummm

Well I did it…. I really did it….I texted a friend early this morning the word – gym???  thinking if I ask someone to go with me then I have to go…no excuses, well unless she drives herself then I can still stay home if I want….I was hoping she was still sleeping….nope….she texted back when?  I said 11a – and went ahead and added –  wanna ride??….she said Yup!!….and there it was….I had to go, no way out…so I went to the gym….10 weeks away and can I ever tell…pretty pathetic actually….I knew enough to start out easy, not to heavy weights, well I didn’t have a choice…LOL  I couldn’t lift anything where I was 10 weeks ago…so I start over…I even got a quarter mile in on the tread mill…I know I hear you, that’s all!!!  Well for me and my arthritic knee, that was a lot…so was happy with that…I can tell you my arms are a little sore tonight, mostly focused on them and the abductors… knee and ankles weren’t having any part of the there machines today…I even made an appointment with the trainer on Tuesday for an hour with her – so lookin forward to that.  Then I went to the pool,  spent 40 minutes there and was just getting my jogging started when in walked a family with 2 small boys…one screaming and not having any part of swimming…that was enough for me to head out…but I also was up and outside at 7a to finish the brick project…sweeping sand in the cracks and then shoveling the rest into the wheel barrow to spread out front the gate…worked up a real good sweat doing that….

14199650_10207006526501640_2921255330290763230_n….but soooo happy the little project is done…whooo hoooo

I was laying in bed this morning, it was around 4a, all of a sudden it hit me….I may not meet my personal goal I set for myself last year….I was to be at 199#’s by January 1st, 2017..I gave myself an entire year to do ….was doing really well too!!!  ..I hadn’t thought about it much in the last 3 months, obviously !!!  I went on an eating binge on my 6 week vacation…came home and have been beating around the bush so to speak, making excuses to why I couldn’t go to the gym, worked to hard outside, its hot, way to many to write on here… oh boo hoo for me….but I started adding up the days till 2017, and its just right around the corner ….aggghhhhhh   my heart started to beat faster, I got all pissed off at myself for sabotaging my goal…without even thinking about it….119 days till the New Year…87# to loose….doesn’t give me much time…if I can even do it….but you know what, I am going to give it the best damn chance I can….that’s a little over 25#’s a month…eeeek  I am not sure I can, but like the little train said –

I think I can – I think I can – I think I can…..

So starts the race to the New Year…not sure I will weigh until then…but then again I probably will, I like to watch the scale go down…incentive…my calorie total is 1337 today, all healthy, no eating after 6p and I got lots of exercise…whooo hoooo …over an hour at the gym, 40 minutes in the pool of exercise, and a good hour this morning of pure sweat equity put into our home…LOL

Here’s a picture of the sun setting on my way home from the pool…taken from the car driving home…the phone didn’t pick up the intense pink/orange color….


Until tomorrow…..

Good Morning and welcome to June!!!!  Can’t believe how fast May went by…been a busy Memorial Day weekend….lots of swimming, enjoying the cool weather before the heat wave, and just good ole living!!! Gave the yard a good cool drink before the heat hits us…went around and checked everyone’s yards we are watching while they are away for the summer, all’s well in the desert.I am having to change my pool time to after the sun goes down ,so it will be late night swimming…hopefully all by myself….calories have been higher over the long weekend…just because…no excuses…but back on the 1200 quota as of today….need to get back to the gym….will be up and at the gym in the early hours, and swimming in the late….LOL….

Achy joints – hands and knee, not sure why….maybe my diet choices over the weekend have effected them…to many carbs….know that I wrote it down, it makes sense…LOL

starting to get piles together for our journey back to California…very excited to see my kids and everyone…

So Happy June to everyone….new moon on the 5th….get ready to dance!!!!!

Monday Monday…..

Well its been one of those days…..rain….as much as I love it, my body hates it…I woke up with my hands aching like they had peeled a thousand bananas….my shoulder, well lets just day its invited my elbow to the party… I am not trying to sound like a cry baby…but WTF so I had a couple appointments this morning and then I am house sitting my daughters home so I went and stayed with the kitties for awhile, but they had the right idea…curl up under the blankets on the bed….so I left there and the entire way to the gym I tried to talk myself out of going…but when I got in the pool everything felt a little better and even more so in the hot tub….so I am so glad I went….I just kept thinking about the hot water….ahhhhh   the only problem when I hurt this bad all I want is comfort food….so I am at 1500cal, mostly hot soup and yogurts….but still over my quota….I am not beating myself up as I did exercise and that has to count for something against the calories…..big sigh….

We have the RV parked out front and the loading has begun…The rain has stopped and its suppose to be sunny and cool tomorrow but at least I can finish up some of my projects outside and finish the yard for cold wet weather while we are gone…

so been a long day I am heading for bed….until tomorrow everyone…sweet dreams to those hitting hay and happy days for those just welcoming in Tuesday morning….kat


Been a long day….I think I am finally shaking my bug….no fever all day…yay…and the urge for comfort food is subsiding…I hate not feeling well..

I got my new bed…took a nice long nap in it today…so comfy….looking forward to a good night sleep tonight…. my calories are  at 1600 today……on the high side again, I have been mostly sleeping, but when I am up all I want is to snuggle in my robe and eat comfort foods….I am hoping I jump out of bed in the morning and feel like heading to the gym….

My arthritis is doing okay…I have been taking advil or Tylenol every 4 to 6 hours for the past couple days so it is keeping all the arthritic pains at bay….

Nothing else to day…heading to bed…hopefully I will have a good gym report tomorrow and get my calories back down to where I like them…

Until tomorrow

no gain….no loss

Well its Saturday morning…I rushed in to get on the scale…thinking its been a good week, stayed down in my calories, went to the gym  5 times this week. including the pool…well I am exactly where I was last week…no gain…and no loss…oh well…I will just get back at it…I even waited to weigh in till Saturday as I worked out big time on Thursday and when I got up Friday I was sore and I thought it would be better to wait till Saturday to weigh in…giving my body a chance to calm down…didn’t help…wishful thinking and all that crap…

1 imagesthis is how I felt all week

I am thinking part of it this crazy whirlwind of factoids going on in my head…trying to dissect each morsel going in to my mouth….calories vs carbs, vs proteins, vs fats, vs sugars, fiber and salt….Agggghhhhh was all I could do, so I called the nutritionist back and I am only tracking my calories, carbs and proteins now…..yay and not having to worry a great deal about it, just stay away from sugar and high starch food, which I was already doing…she felt I was on the right track before and didn’t mean to get me all worked into a frenzy…just keep doing what I was doing I have a feeling my lack of weight loss is due to the fact that I was so obsessed with dissecting my food that I forgot to just have fun with it….like she said I was doing something right as I have lost over 60#’s  so just keep doing whatever it is that’s working…so I have given myself permission to do just that…get back to the joy of weight loss, leave the frigin worries behind of what’s in a frigin calorie…

So lesson learned….thanks to everyone who has tried to help me through this craziness of trying figure out what the hell I was doing….I am more savvy for sure about calorie content and how to  choose better foods to eat as a pre-diabetic , the glycemic balance and to eat proteins with carbs,  see I was paying attention to it all…and in retrospect that is exactly what I have been doing…LOL  so lesson’s learned and on with the show, as they say…

Now after all that, I am going out for lunch, been craving spring rolls and my ole standby yellow vegetable curry, hold the rice…this is something I have and count it all so looking forward to that today….

Saturday….hummmm maybe the gym this afternoon and then work on a few projects I have been doing….needle work and I have been working on…and  felting rocks…interesting at best…but not as easy as they u-tube video makes it look….a lot of massaging he dam things…LOL what to finish them up….I have a batch of greens in the fridge that needs to be cleaned and steamed…I love adding them to my omelets and other foods…plus they are exceptionally good for macular….I suppose if I feel up to it, I could shhh don’t say it to loud, vacuum….LOL

hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend….

so until tomorrow…

My 200th Post……

post-milestone-200-2x I have made 200 post….whoo hoo….

Fun Sunday with my niece the dolphin…LOL  at the pool by 10:15 and jogged for over 30 minutes and swam with her for another 15 then the hot tub and sauna…..its so nice to spend time with her…she’s growing by leaps and bounds….12 today and 20 tomorrow….the years just flash by!!!  So I got my exercise in and that felt great…

Had a good day, way under 1000 for me coming in at 916 calories and 80 carbs..yummy food all day and I am full to the rim….so that’s working…

I even took a nap today….felt great to kick back and sneak a few winks….not much else happening in my life on this beautiful, sunny Sunday….

My knee and joints have been giving me grief…the nights get cool and the days get warm, its still 82 right now at 6p and suppose to warm up this week, but yet down in the low 50’s, may not sound cool to some but its been in the 60s at night here and all my succulents have a beautiful pink, cold look on ’em……I am thinking its a change of seasons and the cool nights….funny how out joints and bones know when the seasons change…LOL

So until tomorrow

Monday, Monday

First I must add to yesterdays post…after I finished my post, I had a sandwich and ended up adding 500 calories to my daily intake….taking me to 1649…I thought I was starving, I have a feeling, (my excuse for doing it) was the Benadryl I took for my allergies….anyway…own it and that’s that…

been a great day today….had a yummy lunch at MY noodles, MY is for (Martin Yan) good food…service was okay, lots of seafood dishes, no thank you, but they did have a good chicken curry and the chicken was large pieces of breast….and the food was fresh…shared the rice with my husbands dish, we will go back for dinner as we couldn’t order some of the dim sum items I wanted because they are only served at dinner…I had a nice dinner at home and ended my day at 863 calories and no starving munchies tonight…no allergy pills….

Kokopelli%20Rain%20Dance%20by%20Carla%20Mora THANKS to anyone who did a little rain dance, we have had a wet drizzling day and are expecting more through Wednesday…..YAY

Arthritis and joints have been telling me the weather is cool and damp….LOL

Very excited about tomorrow…11a I meet my trainer…can’t wait to get started….I will let you all know tomorrow how that goes…

so until tomorrow…



I have seen this on FB and on another WP site (eatinglikethefrench), I love it….my sentiments exactly….

Another extremely warm day in sunny Cal. and most of us are whining about it…LOL  it hit 92′ and suppose to cool off tomorrow…yay….I am ready for a cool ocean breeze and fog….hopefully this is the end of the heat for this year!!

12 images8EIDUEYE imagesT8M7LZXM

Went to the doctor for my eye and sinus, going to see an eye  specialist to make sure its nothing more that allergies and as far as my sinus’s I am using the medication’s I always use and seem to be getting better…apparently the medical “whom ever makes up the rules”  has ruled that sinusitis has to have been going on for 10 days before they want antibiotics used, she is ruled by a large company….nice huh…I feel for MDs when they can’t think for themselves…so my symptoms were not bad enough to warrant antibiotics…and I do feel better today…so I am back to the same regime I have been doing…

Didn’t make it to the gym today..I went yesterday and it wiped me out, and I really didn’t do anything but bob around in the pool,(I did 15 minutes of water aerobics, it was hard but I did it) and use the hot tub….I came home and slept for hours…so I am taking a break till Monday and get my sinus’s under control… I meet with my new trainer on Tuesday and would like to do it without a sinus headache…LOL

Food has been good…went out for breakfast…and just had a big bowl of fresh fruit so I am done for the day, I used….852 calories….I am not expecting a big weight loss this week, I have kept my calories under 1060 all except one day, but I have done little else for exercise other than get up and sit, go out for lunch and sit or to the beach and sit some more..LOL…plus with the extreme heat its hard to lose weight when your body is retaining water…boo hoo for me…I really am whining a lot lately…sorry about that…I normally just say I am fine and carry on..


Must say something about the date…9-11, I am sadden on this day and have been talking with friends and family about the NY Towers…the families and men and women in NY who were left to deal with the aftermath are in my thoughts today…I can’t imagine what they have been through all these years….

Until tomorrow