Home Sweet Home

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Home…feels great to be sitting in my living room…..I added a few more pictures…the top is Ruby Beach at Kalaloch, in the Olympic National Park on the West coast in Washington State…we lived there from 2nd grade to 6th…then moved to Point Reyes National Park, in California…raised on the ocean was great….I went to school in the land of Twilight..LOL  Forks, Washington….the bottom picture with the fog is the mountains you see as you enter Lake Crescent, it was so beautiful….

Been a good day, but….Tuesday was a bust….we drove for 11 hours…I am pretty sure my husband is a road warrior..LOL  I thought I was, but he has beat me hands down…LOL  anyway between trying to keep my calories under 1200cal, but I was busted after dinner….so I just counted all my calories…today was back on track…even though we drove for 9 hours today…I have kept my calories under 1200 and stopped eating before 5pm….Ahhhhh is all I can say…since I have weighed in and met one of my goals by loosing 50#’s…it has been tough, vacation, family, being away from home…feeling like a free pass was handed to me….its time to re-evaluate some of my mind thinking…and just get back at it…I know I can follow my new life journey…I have done it….I just need to work on how I handle the big steps as I make them…there is no free passes, and it shouldn’t make any difference where or whom I am with, my life journey and health needs to stay front and center…

My shoulders hurt, I am sure it was from driving for such long periods of time…even though we split the difference….and my tail bone is sore….I am going to have a little talk with the road warrior and we need to change or mind set on how we return home….we do well and take our time, relax, and chill, its like a red light is flicked in his mind when the rig gets turned around toward home, all chillin is out…LOL I have been taking Advil and the long hot shower has helped…a good night sleep will put it all back right….and then off to the pool in the morning for a work out and the hot tub….

until tomorrow….

Raining in the Northwest

Sitting in Port Angeles Washington at my sisters, enjoying the rain, fog and damp weather….feels refreshing….it was so foggy this morning, it felt magical….fog at marLove the green trees and all the ferns….I lived here many moons ago….went to first grade in this town….my father worked for the Olympic National Park Service, was a great childhood….I will later next week have pictures of Kalaloch, another part of the Olympic NPS out on the coast….

My husband being the gambler in the family, LOL, we spent a few hours at 7 cedars, 11952036_10204649651581240_4384993722748565440_n11896094_10204649649421186_7898662245772619722_n

and here are a couple of there totems….beautiful… there are several therse are just a couple….

Doing pretty well on the food front…I have been eating a lot of fruit…fresh peaches to be exact….oh my so sweet and juicy, can’t get enough….I have been staying around 1500cal sometimes over a little other times under a little…I new it would be harder here than anywhere else on our journey…I am not making cinnamon rolls this trip, I usually make them a couple times while I am here, today I have cut up a big bowl of fresh strawberries and peaches to have over angel food cake and home whipped cream….yum….and really  not bad on the calories…I am using a measuring cup so I am trying to be as exact as I can…enjoying myself keeping myself in check at the same time…as I am trying to retrain myself that this is a life change not just a diet…

No need to talk about arthritis…its bad…hands, joints, knee hurts…screaming for sun and warmth….I just keep my chin up and take another Tylenol arthritis…I really don’t think I could live here again…to old….LOL

There is a natural sandy hook here named Ediz Hook, and it makes the Port Angeles Harbor/Port, there is also a big paper mill on the hook, Nipon Paper so big ships come in with logs, and some take out rolls of paper, others are taking lumber from another dock area, and then there is a ferry to Victoria Canada, its about a 30 minute trip over, its lots of fun…but we forgot to throw in our passports so no venturing out of the country this trip….anyway its always a hassle to get back in….Here’s a picture taken on the hook looking across to Port Angeles, this is just one of the many boats in the harbor at this time…ediz hook

We were out there this morning, gathering rocks, and treasures the water washed up, and had out morning coffee sitting at the water….

My sister has wi-fi  whoo hooo so we are at it on the computers…LOL  So until tomorrow….

looking forward to the weekend with my sister and her husband…feels like I am home, sleeping like a baby…LOL

Whooo Hoooo

Well I am down another 3#’s…making it 44# so far..feeling the energy of not carrying that weight around…I am starting to see a difference in my clothing, yay!!!  I have stepped up my exercise regime and still at 1000 calories….I am giving my body a break on the day I weigh in making it an exercise free day, but still trying to keep the calories below 1200 on that day…have to have a little incentive every week..I can’t believe how easy it has been this time…last year I spent some time at Overeaters Anonymous…I believe that some of the steps that they work through helped me over come some of the guilt and sorrow of loosing my older sister a few years back…I was surprised at how closely I was already living to the 12 step program without even realizing it….I am thankful that I found an outlet that was able to finally find the pain deep down inside that I had been trying to eat away…I not only feel lighter in weight but my inner soul is shining a lighter light these days….life is good….

I am on my way this morning to Saratoga, down by San Jose, my daughter is taking a survivors course in the wilderness with a group…my daughter in law and I are driving her down and we will play in Saratago for the day….

so until later….YIPPPPEEEEEEEEEE

On the road again….

Just wanted to check in and say I am feeling excited about my road trip north to see my sister and her husband…I am not worried about my eating…I have mental plans lined up for myself..So  I may or may not get back to my blog this week…it will depend on time, internet and internet access…my sister lives on a hill and he internet is iffy at best….thanks everyone for your support….until then

Well company’s gone…

Great having company….love seeing my brother and wife, my cousin came over with yummy dessert and my girls came over for dinner…good family time, lots of laughter and love….so after a lovely 2 days I am back on the journey….counting my calories…I did pretty good, didn’t count every morsel that past my lips and at my weekly weigh in, nothing lost, nothing gained, so that was a positive sign…so know just need to work on adding more exercise…..