Monday, Monday..

Well its Monday, no fireworks, no redo on a long lost project. no restart on a diet that’s swerving off course, no scale, no sweating from over exercising, no wet bathing suit hanging in the shower…..its been a long week into a weekend….I was back at it and then, for some unknown reason to me…I swerved  off course….not bad, well not real bad, no binging, just eating to much and not all at one time….just continual grazing so to say…. I have been making huge fruit salads, and then they become smoothies….and they are ooooooh  sooooo good….so I really need to back away from the fruit counter…LOL   they are so full of sugar (pineapples, watermelon, grapes, oranges, kiwis, bananas) the list is endless, cheap and seem to be everywhere, they don’t  have the pears, peaches and nectarines, or plums, well they have them but they are not very good…….so its probably, no it is lighting up my sweet/addiction area in my brain…and my cravings for sweets have increased over the last 2 weeks…the reason I am analyzing my last couple weeks is a good man Dr. Jonathan                         suggested I ask why??  why am I falling off the path of health and wellness…Why am I back to my old habits and eating our of control??   WHY?  WHY?  WHY?   So I have been reflecting what’s been going on in my life as far as eating and why I am having problems….I haven’t really come up with anything concrete, there is my inner REBEL, bitch that she is has been sitting on my shoulder making me feel powerless again…I know boo hoo quite whining and get back at it….I have also been fighting a sinus issue, headaches and my sinus are throbbing….so I have been doing salt eater rinses and using my nasal spray from the doctor I have on hand for this problem….popping tylemol for a low grade  fever…..not an excuse, but still just another issue I am fighting…I have been  craving comfort foods…pretty sure its due to feeling crappie……no not looking for sympathy just trying to answer the WHY’s   The weather has been changing rapidly, well at least every 3 days it seems there is a new pressure system bowing over, wind, higher humidity than normal, enough to feel it in my joints and head….and with my sinus inflamed on top of this its really effecting me….and last but not least, our routine, our life routine is still off balance…the projects are finally coming to an end….I hope…LOL  so being off balance in our personal lives effects me more than any of the other I have mentioned….so I will continue to reflect on correcting the WHY’S and get back on the path to health and wellness….

I will leave you with a few pictures of some more yard work… Playing with the rocks…LOL we needed to make a place to put our big plastic garbage cans, I did not get a picture of that….but we had all these big rocks in that area….so I lined them up along the brick walk way….makes a simple reminder not to walk over them as I have new cactus along the edge, you really can’t see them this will help protect them…especially from me….



My brother put a hat and sun glasses on my small saguaro, LOL  however as soon as they drove off, they have left to go to there home up north for the summer, the disguise went in the bin…LOL                                                                                                                                                       I really am not just sitting around eating bon bon’s LOL  We have been removing all 13 windows in the Arizona Room, used an air gun to blow all the dust out of the window sills, we washed and cleaned everything of all dust…LOL  as much as we could…we decided to make them permanent windows, so we removed all the handles and put everything back, all 13 windows and sealed them shut with silicone….this has taken us 4+  days just to get the inside done…we have to remove the Az. screen on the outside so we can silicone them…..hopefully this will help with the dust coming in….long story short, we had a quote for new windows and the cheapest we could get, were over eight thousand dollars for the house, with the Az room being the biggest chunk of change…so we are taking the bull by the horn and sealing them shut…LOL they are over 33 years old…and the seals prove it…LOL  we are leaving the door windows that open alone so we have a breeze coming through….took over 50 bricks to make the landing for the garbage cans so that was all manual labor…LOL  sweating the oldies it wasn’t but sweat I did…LOL

I have decided that it helps to post every night….so see you tomorrow….xxkat



Ahhh the weekend is over…

Been a windy weekend…the dust was especially bad yesterday….I tried to sit outside in the corner of the carport area but the wind and dust kept finding me….and this morning its blowing around 22mph…..suppose to slow down this afternoon….certainly gives you cabin fever….LOL my new pool is over at the base of the foothills where the dust is picked up first so I have not been swimming for 2 days…hopefully I will get to go this afternoon…

I actually picked up the weights yesterday and started a routine…today I will increase the reps, I can say I don’t feel anything from yesterday….but again I am not into hurting the next day from workouts….Spent a good hour in the pool and got a good work out in..only one there so it was very zen……notice the flag in the background sticking straight out…it was windy…..


Doing pretty well in the calorie department…I seem to get to 6p and then around 8 my urge to eat starts…last night I ate granola….so I was over my quota by a bit…but it was all healthy food…just to much of it….today I am 1217…so all’s good…weigh in the morning and am hoping for some weight loss….but I will be happy just getting through the evening without eating….I keep saying popsicles, popsicles, popsicles….!!!

With the wind comes changes in the weather making arthritis raise its ugly head….even the dog is limping more….but its 6:30 and 85′, and the wind has stopped….yay….suppose to hit 99′ this week…look’s like summer is coming like it or not!!

So until tomorrow…..



Thursday… pool

Well can’t believe the week is almost over…had a great day…got in a good work out this morning…we were putting up wire on the back side of the fence to keep the snakes and critters out of the yard this summer….living right on the desert has some down falls…LOL  but worked up a good sweat and even backed my behind into one of the frigin pokey cactus out there….so had to stop and pull little spines out of my bum!!!  all well…you only do that kind of stupidity once…LOL

I joined the new pool club yesterday…had a great work out…they have 2 morning aquatic classes and then 9a to 11a is lap swimming….I was the only one there at 9a but soon a couple arrived to do lap swimming so I was forced into doing the same…there is room for 3 of us to swim…so I got in 45 minutes of going back and forth and doing some exercises in-between paddling back and forth….great pool…really clean facility…no indoor showers but that’s okay, I never showered at the gym anyway…there is one on the side to rinse off before and after…so that works…clean restrooms too!!   no mold or nasty broken walls….they have a minute clock by the pool and a clock in the table area, but easy to read – 6′ to 3′ and 2 sets of steps leading into the pool for easy access….they also have the hand water weights/buoys to use…so that’s a bonus as I was going to buy a set….they are open 4a to midnight 7 days a week…the best part is its only 150$ annually…which is only 12.50 a month….YEA and I have a key card to let my self in at anytime…just have to sign the log book and swim…I couldn’t be happier….heading back to the pool in the morning…after we string the rest of the wire…..

12994330_10206029482636154_8432345641521394041_n to the left is a club house, pool table kitchen, etc….all available to use if I like….

untitled My new pool club…pool to the left of the arch…very excited…

My son sent me some pictures he took, there was a blue heron nest rght behind where we were camped….we could see the 2 little heads bob up and down in the nest…we counted 6 adults it the tree at once…


Below is one of the 2 cliff dwellers home…my son said that there was room for at east 60 people inside the cave….amazing…


I am still fighting the rebel at night…she wants me think I have the right to eat all willy nilly any time I want….so as of right now I am at 1304…its going on 7:30p…I am heading to bed early away from the kitchen…sounds like I am a wussss, LOL  I am….I have popsicles in the freezer ready to go…but I am bigger than that….I will just remove myself from the food….LOL  I have set my calories at 1200 and that is helping, now I just need to get back into the habit of no eating after 6p….

Still haven’t lifted a weight…but I am working on a routine mentally…that’s something…guess I could move them off my dresser and out to the living room where I might actually life them…LOL

After while crocodiles….LOL


Well I have to say that I am happy to be home….we talked about whether it was going to feel like we were home when we got here or not….and I am home…as I explained to my sweetheart, home is wherever he is….whether we are in the RV, or here in Yuma….the house in California belongs to us, but its not home anymore…..because we are not there…

I have an appointment tomorrow morning at 8:45a to meet up to join my new pool community…so I should get in a good work out there…I was so lucky over the weekend to spend almost everyday in a pool or hot springs….even on the way home I made sure we stayed at a place with a great pool and hot tub…did okay on my calories….definitely over my quota but I journaled everything I ate…so getting back at it….setting up a spot in the house to do a morning work out with my weights and blue ball…I am thinking 30 minutes to start with….that’s what I was doing at the gym and then the pool…I did it at least 4 times a week and swam almost everyday…

My brother and his wife are getting ready to leave for the summer….its going to be really quiet after they leave…I will miss them…

Arthritis is calming down….what a difference getting home to low humidity, and warmth….makes me understand why so many people gather to the southwest for there health…..

oaky till tomorrow…..kat



We are home…

Oh my, you never know how bad you really need to get away until you go….It was so much fun, not only seeing my son, but just getting away…..I gave up on the ole calorie counting while I was away…but kept mindful about eating…and got plenty of exercise….some walking, swimming, and soaking in the hot springs…did a lot of reading…played some games….and had dinner every night with my son and his friend…I sure miss my kids…but the time we shared was so full of love just being together, we didn’t have time to fight and quarrel…LOL   I went down to there camp and enjoyed the hot springs with them…and sat around the fire eating dark chocolate and drinking sips of southern comfort….all in all a really great time…Our Campsite…we were the only ones there…whooo hoooo

gila campsiteThe cliffs all around us….

cliffis in gila

The Gila National Forest from the top of the road into the Cliff Dwellers Monument

Gila mountians

The huge rock where the cliff dwellers made there home on the back side of the rock…stands about 7000′ at the top…

gilaa cliff dewllwes

The weather varied, this was a really big thunder storm, started a few fires on the mountains but the hail and rain put them out…my phone camera didn’t catch the ominous looking cloud it really was….


The Gila River and one of the hot spring soakers…

gila spagila river

One the way through Arizona East of Phoenix….Lake Mohawk

lake mohawkred rocksSaguaros on top of a huge pile of red rocks, the road below was a really bad dirt road we ended up on after Lake Mohawk, we are up on top looking down to where we were headed….went on least it felt like it…the one below is at the end of the road…it had pavement the last 1/4 mile..LOL  the Beaver Tale cactus growing out of the side of the rocks….big road







bever tail

saguraThis huge mama was in our campsite on the way home…we stopped in Benson Arizona, the weather was windy and wet, rally hard to drive in, so we stopped and enjoyed the evening…I swam and used the hot tub got a good workout in…

Well glad to be home…I forgot how bad my arthritic body could hurt,  as soon as we were in cooler, damp climate….boom it all came back…LOL…not complaining but was just amazed at how much better I am in Yuma…however its been raining off and on here….not a lot, but its definitely cooler than when we left….

Back at it in the morning….kat

Day 25…..

Happy Good Friday to you all..   Under my calorie quota…at 1106 and already counted in the piece of pizza and 1/2 cup of ice cream I am having later….it is Friday night and that’s game night with brother and his wife along with another couple they went to high school with…LOL  they are bringing pizza and ice cream…I did not go to the pool today…I have been dealing with charlie-horses in my  lower legs.(calves to be exact)..they are rebelling against all the jogging in the pool….LOL….so I will go in the morning….up and out the door at 8a..beat the crowds…I will go do some upper body weights and get something in today…..otherwise all is good once again on my weight journey…I am noticing parts of my person changing, rather shrinking again…yay

Its been a nice day…in the 90’s….back deck over half done…cant wait to spend the morning out waiting for the sun and getting in a little meditation…..will be very good for the soul!!!  This is our final project for awhile…I am ready to get out and explore the area and maybe get a few days in up north to the Sedona area…we have never been there…

arthritis is under control with naproxyn daily and using creams and gloves….it seems when the wind comes in we all get sore and achy…hummm  something to do with the barometric pressure I am sure…even the dog was limping a lot more than usual….

Happy Weekend everyone…until tomorrow


Day 24

Another good day in paradise….went swimming….worked out for 40 minutes and then chit chatted with some of the woman floating around on noodles…LOL  I found out there is another pool here near our home…it is only 12$ a month and you get a key to come and go as you please…no work out room, but lets be honest at the place I am paying 45$ a month the machines I could use is extremely limited, I counted 3…I can’t use the elliptical or the treadmill as it hurts my knee and they have a pull down I can use, of course free weights and a couple others that have to do with abds….I am thinking I would rather invest in a home security system over the machines….I have to give to get…so I am changing pools in April…there I talked myself into the change just like that…LOL  I have free weights and a big blue ball…I will do just fine…    its been a busy day…started by laying more bricks, got a good work out with that…so  that was good….and then the pool….food is around 1500…I was hungry today….so I had a wonderful fruit salad…put me right over the quota…so its all good…

Hope everyone was able to get a glance at the moon last night….it was so big and bright here…it was amazing…heres a shot I took as I was twirling….LOL



Here is a bloom on one of brothers cactus, a Santa Rita…I have a start in my yard and hope to have blossoms next year….


Until tomorrow

Day 21


My gym…looks bigger than it really is…but hey its only 4 miles from my house and it has a pool!!!   Well it has taken 2 months and 21 days for me to join the gym…how wonderful to bob around in the pool…23 adults and 9 kids but I just closed my eyes and let the water take me away….I got in over 30 minutes of exercise..and was able to swim around some….I even used the hot tub before I left, and let me tell you it was hot…but my body thanked me after….they open at 6a…so I will go get a work out and then go swimming….hopefully most of them will still be in bed when I arrive…LOL…they don’t have a lot of machines but I will make the best of what they have…finally is all I can say….

Food is great….I am eating between 1200 and 1500 at this time….only good healthy food…no more eating after 6p….except popsicles….and they are waiting for me in the freezer….drinking detox ice tea and pumpkin….I am finally feeling like I am back in control…well as much as I can be….LOL…..Oh yeah I weighed in this morning….nothing to shocking, all my over eating finally has showed up on the scales…back up to 267….but no problem…I am determined to reach my next goal 250!!!! owning it….and moving on…..

Our new steps will be put in tomorrow…at least the front steps and the ones into the Arizona room…not sure if the deck is done..anyway that means we are so close to being finished…at least for awhile…..

so until tomorrow…can’t wait to report on the work out!!!!!

Day 20

Well my friend over at was nominated for an award, the good ole Liebster…well he is like me, doesn’t nominate anyone, but anyone who wants to can participate…so what the heck…looked like fun…its the end of a weekend might as well end it with some fun….if you haven’t visited his website before, I insist you swing by and have a look around, he’s a good man, loves his family, loves music and pictures and always has something interesting going on…..

So here it goes….

  1. Who/what was/is your favorite cartoon character?  Huckleberry Hound & Popeye
  2.  Where is your favorite place to vacation?   Any body of water..preferably an ocean….
  3.  Are you a parent?    Yes to a beautiful young woman, 39 and my handsome son 29..
  4.  What part of the world are you from?  Born in Western Washington, raised on the west coast in the Olympic National Park on the ocean.
  5. What is your sign?   Capricorn
  6. Do you believe in ghosts/hauntings?  yep
  7. Do you believe in love at first sight? oh yes…..
  8. What is your career, or what do you hope to have as your career?  It was administration in the Medical field, geriatric to be more specific..
  9. What is your favorite band? Oh my…hummmm  Led Zeppelin, Johnny Cash
  10. What is your favorite cocktail?   Pina Colada’s and any French Champagne
  11. What is your theory about the key to happiness?   To surround yourself with happiness and as much joy as you can…keep all negative people, situations or vibes away from yourself….and smile and enjoy the moment your living in!!!

So that was fun…..

The weekend is over, and for some of you it is already well into Monday….been another good day….calories are right around 1500 and full of healthy calories at that…spent the morning at the outdoor Arizona Market…lots of walking…mostly just window shopping at the stalls….lots of “stuff/crap” for sale…LOL  something to do on the weekends….I did go by a few yard sales, nothing exciting there either….it was a warm day…95′ just another great day in desert paradise….not sure how much long I am going to be chanting that…LOL   I am learning that no matter how warm the sun is and how low the humidity is, 9%, the joints and bones still hurt…..oh well that’s what bengay and creams are for….LOL

Well hope this finds everyone doing well….spring is just around the corner…and summer not far behind…..

until tomorrow…..

Day 18

Friday…work week over…onto the weekend…it was a good day…up early…did some yard work…cleaned the house, well straightened it up…game night was at our house this week…every Friday we all get together to play some dice game and a tile game called chicken foot, we + us, my brother and his wife and another couple, friends of my that was fun…they will all be leaving in the next few weeks…most of the winter visitors will be gone by the end of the month…looking forward to less people….

Doing okay in the food area…not counting calories….just watching what I eat…the stress of the house renovations are coming to an end…YAY…only the steps and small deck left and I am hoping that by the end of next week that will all be done….then we are stopping for awhile…just going to enjoy life without worrying about what more needs to be done…weather is great…..low 90’s….surprising how wonderful the dry heat arthritis is like the dry heat, so happy that some of the aches and pains are at bay…they have been bailing hay, so my allergies are acting up, but hey it is spring after all….I am not sure when they pant the cotton, but that is also grown here as well, my sinus’s really hate it when its harvested…hopefully I will be able to get some pictures of those crops…and harvest…pretty interesting…

Well I find myself part of the day sitting outside under our Ficus Trees…they are actually great shade trees and rustle in the wind….I rook a few pictures from my chair….


One of my favorite place to be…

Until tomorrow….