Day 24

Another good day in paradise….went swimming….worked out for 40 minutes and then chit chatted with some of the woman floating around on noodles…LOL  I found out there is another pool here near our home…it is only 12$ a month and you get a key to come and go as you please…no work out room, but lets be honest at the place I am paying 45$ a month the machines I could use is extremely limited, I counted 3…I can’t use the elliptical or the treadmill as it hurts my knee and they have a pull down I can use, of course free weights and a couple others that have to do with abds….I am thinking I would rather invest in a home security system over the machines….I have to give to get…so I am changing pools in April…there I talked myself into the change just like that…LOL  I have free weights and a big blue ball…I will do just fine…    its been a busy day…started by laying more bricks, got a good work out with that…so  that was good….and then the pool….food is around 1500…I was hungry today….so I had a wonderful fruit salad…put me right over the quota…so its all good…

Hope everyone was able to get a glance at the moon last night….it was so big and bright here…it was amazing…heres a shot I took as I was twirling….LOL



Here is a bloom on one of brothers cactus, a Santa Rita…I have a start in my yard and hope to have blossoms next year….


Until tomorrow

Day 23

Another windy day in desert paradise….it was so windy at the pool that it was blowing plastic chairs all around…but I got my 45 minutes of exercise in and some hot tub time….sure feels good to be back in the water…I went right after the water class, and there was only 6 women there, and then down to 2….so I almost had the pool to myself….very nice….gonna make a habit of getting there early….but I must say the inside of the gym was very busy….I will eventually get to the inside to work out but for now I am very happy with the pool….I forgot to mention that I was under 1200 calories yesterday, and I am today to!!  I am feeling so much better….I am still working on getting all the toxins that were in my system out, but out they go!!!  Its not that I was eating bad food, however there was some ice cream involved, but just over eating and way to much yeast products…I love bread products, however my body craves them….so I need to keep away from all white sugars, and all yeast product…I am sleeping better and waking up with a clearer mind….yay…..its working…..

Well its a full moon tonight…and one of my favorite…a crow moon….I urge you all to step out and do a twirl and send healing thoughts to Brussels… only takes a moment of you time… all know I will be out doing a jig for sure….


Arthritis is acting up with all the winds and cooler air…..but with creams, gloves and advil its all under control…I am not one to complain about my aches and pains…just –  chin up and carry one wants to hear me whine about my aches and pain and that.there are so many that are worse than myself…that deserve our healing energy….

Wow that was going to get deep…do on a lighter subject….remember clothes are optional for dancing under the moon….

mrsmendymac   if any of you follow Mendy…I would appreciate a shout out to her from me…I cannot no matter what I do reach her through WordPress…keeps telling me that there no such blog…????  Thanks….

Until tomorrow….my heart  aches for Brussels…..

Almost done….they started laying cement today…yay…can’t wait for all this to be done!!

They will be back in the morning at 8a to pour the rest of the driveway…should be done this time tomorrow night…we have to wait to get the gate welded back on until Friday and we have to wait at least 3 weeks till we can move the RV onto the pad, we actually squeezed it into the back yard….it is literally less than a 1/2″ from a stump sticking up…LOL…my husband almost broke a blood vessel thinking I was going to scrap his mistress…LOL  (the first picture is from the street looking to the back of the house…you can see the V peeking around the corner of the house…LOL – the second one is me standing in front of the RV looking toward the street…and of course the third is the back, the RV pad getting smoothed out…

Needless to say even though I am not doing any of the work, I feel like I have worked all day…LOL  I was up most of the night stressing on my son’s life…he is having marital problems and they have separated to see if they can work this out…they live in a tiny house and its not very conducive to having privacy and space….I am extremely sad about this situation, but am in high hopes that they can find the love that brought them together….however I am also a realist and know that there is nothing I can do to help…just be here and give them both all my love and listen if they want to talk….

So with all that fun news’s…I am exhausted from no sleep, to feeling like I worked all day watching the men work…LOL   Weather is great….warm in the high 70’s and will be in the 80’s tomorrow….then we are suppose to be getting the wind from the big storm hitting the western states…so will batten down the hatches and hang on I guess…LOL

I am doing ok on eating….trying not to eat my stress….I have gone back to making Feb 1st my start over date….I still am eating healthy and staying away from processed foods…stopped eating them months ago and have no desire to put them in my body…however you still can over-eat, eating healthy food…oxy moron I am sure…lol

So I could ramble on, and on , and on….and not say anything…so its better I leave you with a couple quotes I found on Facebook….

Maybe a little dance at midnight might set me right….LOL

Until tomorrow….remember clothes are optional under the moon…LOL

Sunday – A Good Day

Good Day here at my house….up and at the gym by 10:30a, had a really good work out…worked hard for over 30 minutes – .got in 100 crunches at 3 different weights…felt good, I tried a bike but my knee was uncooperative…however I tried an elliptical and it worked okay….I of course am so out of shape I wasn’t able to stay on long, but it gave me a good sweat and heart rate ramp….so begins my stamina build for the elliptical…I will talk with my trainer on Tuesday on the correct way to approach this, unless any of you have some ideas…I would be grateful for them…then I went and picked up my 12 year old niece, we stopped for lunch and then headed back to the pool….it is family day and all family members can come for free…so we went and swam for over an hour…I got my 20 minute jog in and a bunch of other exercises all the while I watched my dolphin like niece swim laps around me…lol so great exercise day….yay….and by the way the swim suit is wonderful…it works and feels great…

I am at 1225 calories for the day…so doing well…I have introduced a potatoes back into my diet, I peel it and microwave it and then have it with my omelet only 1/2 cup but I am interested in seeing what it does to the scale…I alternate it with a slice of bread/toasted dry with my breakfast….so we will see what it does….they are both foods I have been avoiding for the last few month and I miss them…I love breakfast and feel like something is missing….oh well-we will see….count the calories but its the starch and yeast that affects me…

I hope all of you are able to see the beautiful lunar eclipse….I keep jumping up and going to watch its progress…I am a lunar baby and have a special bond with the orb….I may even have to break into a dance later, and of course clothes are optional at all my lunar dances…LOL


So as my weight comes off, so does layers of fat…I have started to notice I have someone else’s arms… my wrist, fingers and upper arms do not belong to the old Kathy…I notice when I am in bed my hip bones are more prominent…crazy…it feels like I am touching the body of an old friend…that’s doesn’t sound right, but I am sure you understand…the last time I started to loose weight when my body started to show signs, it gave me anxiety…so then I would eat….but this time I am excited. I am ready to be who I once was, never young again, and I will never have a firm body again, but I will be down in a decent clothes size, to go in a store and by a large or lets hope a medium top, I am so tired of having to by plus sizes…..anyway I can’t wait…

I have also noticed the terrible pain in my knee is almost gone….of course its not winter so I can’t say its gone for good, but it is really nice not have a dull ache constantly in my knee…I am still very careful about where I walk and how I move but the pain involved is a lot less…my hands continue to grow bumps on my knuckles, afraid there isn’t much I can do about that….so I continue my herbs and spices..just trying to stay ahead of the aging process….lol.

So until tomorrow