Tuesday….dentist appointment will be  done today, only one more medical appointment and I am done with my doctoring for another year…yay…

Well woke up with a new attitude on Christmas goodies…..I look back and realize how hard I have worked to come this far and why, oh why (?) would I ever want to put a piece of sugar/lard laden candy in my mouth?? (doesn’t even sound good when you call it what it is)  Well I know, because I think they taste wonderful, bringing back memories of Christmas past,  but eating my memories is just down right silly!!!  I can have the memories without the calories….duh!!! what a concept…LOL  So unless a piece of home made dark fudge comes into view, no more Christmas goodies no matter!!!!  There I have owned it and can now move on…


Had a crazy dream last night that I can only sums up the turmoil I have been having over my eating habits of lately, or perhaps the up and coming move, or probably both!!!   I was on a beautiful beach, watching killer huge waves coming up on shore…not sure where I was, or how I even got there, but I was sitting on the beach enjoying the show mother nature was putting on….lots of other people on the beach also…I didn’t know anyone I was by myself….the beach was slopped up to a tree line I was about half way to the water…..I am not sure how long I sat there but I eventually laid down and listened to the waves crashing onto the shoreline….then I heard people yelling all around me, I looked over my shoulder at the ocean and there was a wave, double to triple the size of all the others forming and just starting to crest…I told my self I better get to higher ground….to late the wave was already on top of me….I was able to stagger to my feet to only realize that the wave had gone all the way up to the tree line and the back flow was already starting back, I was standing in waist high water and was already feeling the pull of the undertow as the water started to recede around me, I was telling myself that I must prepare to be pulled out to sea and was hoping to stay on the surface….just as I was being pulled off my feet a giant hand reached out for me..imagesINMDGU05 ..I remember putting my hand in the giant hand and being pulled out of the water, I never saw any one’s face on the beach nor do I know who the giant hand belonged to, but I was saved…that’s where I woke up looking around to make sure I wasn’t on the beach, it was so real……the only way I can interrupt this dream is I must feel like I am overwhelmed with life and someone, not sure who showed me that it will all be okay, its all going to work out and soon I will be on dry land again….my first thought of whom the hand belonged to was all of you, my WordPress community,  a stranger to my face, but yet a friend in my heart, who all reach out and show how you all care by the encouragement  and love you put into words..so thank you for all your kindness and being my life vest…..

Well I am off to make rouladen……until tomorrow….

my many thanks for keeping me on dry land….kat

In Southern Cal…..

12219605_10205025470336474_6082814453421214906_n Heading out across the Golden Gate

12219515_10205025474296573_6782798048318758474_n  12246711_10205025472456527_6399471617994355440_n

San Luis Reservoir very low, above picture used to be full of water…..below – this used to be agricultural land, it looks like the beach….its dry – dry – dry!!


11218945_10205028962623779_138294815267345186_ndriving over the Grapevine on I-5 headed south above LA

12219410_10205028966023864_7946340357085931627_n12250092_10205028964623829_1555004021516869033_nthis is Indio Calif.   we are staying right under these beauties….12219483_10205028971223994_2455930950712938840_nits 85′ out, I need to wait to hit the pool until the sun starts to go down…LOL  I don’t want to get sunburned…..enjoying ourselves so far…warm, sunny and all’s well in RV land….

Arthritis is very happy to be away from the cold dampness of up north..knee is doing great, really glad I skipped the gym on Thursday….My computer is running very slow…..its taken me over an hour just to get this far…..so

I am going to load my 3 quote challenge all at once, thank you Cameron from http://worldsbiggestfridgemagnet.com/   if you haven’t visited his blog site, please do, Cameron has a great story to tell…..I suggest you go check him out…..******* 🙂

So all quotes in one day….I am calling the ole traveling on the road for this one, as I know I won’t be near internet for at least 3 days after today….

2 3images untitled

My heart is with all those in France………………….nothing but sadness…..kat

Monday… Monday…

Monday…first day of the week….first day after the long, lazy, over indulgent weekend….we all made our personal, private vows to ourselves…I’ll do better, I’ll be better, I’ll stop doing that or this, I can, I will, I am…Because its Monday, the first day of the week…its a new beginning after all….it happens every 7 days – its always easy to restart…right?  Why does Monday have to symbolize so much, why has society made Mondays like the Grand Pooopa of all the week days…what happens by Wednesday if you, fall off the wagon so to speak…do you just throw in the towel until the infamous Monday, after all its coming in in several days…free for all till Monday!!  I know ! –   I will wait until Monday….it holds special powers…must only begin all new life changing events on Mondays…any other day will not work…Thursdays…can’t do it then its just 2 days away from the free for all weekend…Fridays – are out as your just getting in gear for the weekend….Tuesdays out…to close to Monday…you screwed up if you waited till Wednesday…so you might as well wait until Monday…its aright to wait…right????

Crazy…I got started on this little rant from a question I was asked about when I started my journey to better health….I am sure the person who asked me if I started my weight loss on a Monday had no idea what she really was saying…or how insane it sounded….We were talking about my journey so far and out of her mouth came the question, you started on a Monday, right…like any other day would of been cause for disaster….I was stymied…I said I don’t know what day of the week it was, does it make a difference??  She kind a mumbled a little and went on to another subject….I thought – let it go….she didn’t even realize what she was insinuating…

.however I obviously couldn’t let it go….LOL   I thought about it for several hours..hummmmm  deep breath I feel better now!!!

Well having a wonderful day…started a new yard art project…that always makes me happy to be crafty…LOL

bowling balls 2 Bowling balls getting prepped by filling wholes with aluminum foil and then epoxying over the wholes…now 36 hours for dry time, then sand and start the fun part..

Under my 1200 cal quota…exercise in….weather has warmed up so my joints are feeling better, slept well…still had a weird dream but I was able to shake it off and get some good sleep… feeling good about my journey…

until tomorrow….

Day 5….

Long Day…..had a night full of dreams….crazy dreams….they kept waking me up so woke up already sleep deprived.. Makes a really long day…and know I can’t sleep…crazy….

had a good calorie day…high end of my calorie quota but in range…so that’s a good thing…I did eat after 6p…I have been trying to finish my meal intake by 6p and have been sleeping better with less on my tummy…but there was very good piece of watermelon screaming my name so we could meet again all through out the night….LOL oh well I can take a nap tomorrow….

Really enjoying everyone else’s blogs…love all the stories and just reading what everyone’s about….funny when I started this blog it was just a place for me to check into, keeping tabs on myself…my daughter taught me to tag, I thought no one will read this…boring… but….then it happened and you all were checking on what I have been posting, never in a zillion years did I think I would be communicating with so many wonderful people from all over the globe…so much encouragement, and inspiration from so many….thanks for making me part of the blogging world…

So until tomorrow….

Bad Dreams again….

Crazy night mares have returned….its the same one that was haunting my sleep last week, however it took a turn in my favor..I learned how to kill the creatures that were after me…water melts them….don’t ask…I don’t even watch horror movies or anything close…so I spent most of my time in the shower in my dream spraying them….I was able to wake up from it and apparently since I learned how to destroy them in no longer haunts me…I went back to sleep and was able to sleep without incident the rest of the night….it did take a toll on my deep sleep so I have been fighting sleep all day…but the day is coming to a close and I will be in bed soon….yeah!!!

On a calorie intake note…I have done well today…still under the 1200 Calorie quota and have had sufficient amount of food.  I am not hungry nor craving anything…had over 32 ounces of water including my morning coffee so I also met that quota…feeling good about life…

until tomorrow…

Just another day….

Good day…..stayed on track….ate well….added grains to my meals…drank my 8 glasses of water…exercise behind me…now onto the night we go….I have had insomnia for the last week, crazy dreams….nothing new in my life….but normally its only a few nights….we are going on over a week….maybe its my metabolism working overtime and keeping me up….I don’t feel tired during the day or fatigued, so I am hoping its all good and will soon level off…..otherwise I am going to by a bottle of melatonin….so until tomorrow…..