imagesAlmost New Years Eve….its so hard to keep my excitement contained…I am trying hard to keep a lid on it….but sometimes it just squeaks out…LOL…I would like to think I am a patient person,(ha ha) however in reality, I just want it all done now!!!  That’s where an unlimited bank roll would come in handy, you can have what you want, when you want it, because it is true, money talks….LOL   so for me, I just take a lot of deep breaths…LOL

I have been busy this morning rearranging appointments, moving them up sooner…so my husband can join me sooner….Yeah!!  Its always easier to have the other half of the team with you…..I want this to be joint venture, something we are doing together….If it were up to me, I would of left the kids in charge of the movers…LOL  but he insist on being here to supervise the move…can’t take that away from him..I love that he cares for our life that much….and then he will be there when the furniture arrives…YEAY…..he can be in-charge….

tudor rose english tearoom 00d

tudor rose english tearoom 03Well  I have a full day planned….meeting my girls at our favorite tea house for lunch, then over to our daughter-in- laws folks house for a lovely dinner…nice to spend time with all our loved ones…. its been a marathon the  last couple of weeks…tomorrow I am making a New Years Eve dinner, open invites for whoever wants to show up..LOL

and New Years Day is Star Wars    imagesPNZ3J5V1and last day with my kids….so its been a whirlwind last 2 weeks and I am glad it is all coming to an end…the anticipation of New Years Day has been painful at times…LOL but exciting…..its the beginning of a new year and journey for us….

My path to weight loss hasn’t been thrown to the wayside by no means…it has taken the back seat to all that is going on,  packing, dinners, coffees, cleaning, and picking through our life one corner at a time…LOL  but I am trying to make smart choices and saying no thank you to the high sugar deserts that are put in front of me more often than not….I saw my doctor yesterday and she was thrilled with my weight loss, she is a realist and understands the holidays and then throw in moving on top of it, she wrote down my last weigh in weight which showed 68# weigh loss  and that was that…she said we will do lab work in 6 months to a year…she is not worried about my A1C, she said it was barely pre-diabetes and that she would of waited a  year anyways…so YAY to all that…my BP was at the lowest its been in a long time, yay to weight loss….so we are staying “status quo” for another year and then we will reassess my medications…. so I am a happy girl….it was nice to hear her tell me that I do know my body and I am making good decisions about my health…so I left her office on a high for sure….I miss the pool and exercise, and I know my body does too….I will get back at it as soon as I get my home set-up and organized….should be within the month…can’t wait….in my mind I am already there and have it set up…LOL  its a wonder I am sleeping at all…LOL

I just want to say Thank You to You all….

your encouragement, caring, and out-put of warmth towards me and my journey is beyond what I could ever ask for or imagined….My WordPress Community is my backbone of strength for sure….

thanks for reading the rambles of my life…..






What time is it really???? I am lost…..

Okay am I going crazy or what….first I can’t figure out what day I am living in and now I can’t figure out what the real time is….aghhhhhhh

I set my alarm on my cell last night for 7:45a, I needed to be at the gym at 9a so wanted to have enough time to have breakfast and all the other morning BS that comes with it…my alarm went off….I couldn’t believe how dark it was out….checking the window, my mind said wow, must really be cloudy out, its so dark…so I literally dragged it out of my nice warm bed…did the bathroom gig, brushed my teeth, hair, ect….threw on my gym clothes….did my morning chores, I made the bed and opened the shades, hummm the sun was just coming up…my mind still wondering why??  I go get my coffee, I have about 30 minutes, of course in my mind, before I had to leave for the gym….husband up watching the morning news…so nothing wrong there…then I open my computer and glance down at the time..7:15am ???  I look at my cell 8:15a…I am starting to feel a little crazy coming on…I check both the settings, they are correct…I recheck the alarm I set, it was correct…I look to my husband for answers, he’s sound asleep by know…the grandfathers clock is to far away in the darkness of the room to really see clearly is it 7:15 or 8:15a  so I finally get up and start checking all the clocks in the house…they are all saying its it daylight savings time and no one mentioned it on the news, radio, papers….so how on earth did my cell phones time get changed…hummmm  no answer to that, as you actually have to go into it at 3 different windows just to get into the time, then 2 more times to adjust the times, so very unlikely it was an accident, like butt dialing*****scratching head???!!!??….not sure how that happened, but I have now adjusted my time and have an entire hour more before I have to leave…why and how do these things keep happening to me….????  makes me understand why I was dressing in the dark and why I was still so sleepy…If my son was still young it would of been one of his pranks…but for the life of me I have no idea how that happened….so I see I can add what time is it, to the what day is it game my life has become….can’t wait to see what goes next in my little mind…LOL

Good Day…will be under 1000 calories today again…yay…feeling on track and extremely focused…made it to the gym by 8:45am after my morning time issue you would think I would of been there really early…LOL   and had my last session with my trainer…she was very informative and a very good teacher, I feel like I have a better idea for the machines in the gym and with lots of help from Paul @ , I feel I can go in and get a really good work out all on my own…YAY….then I went on to the pool and got in on the last 30 minutes of the pool aerobics….good class, I walked my 20 minutes after that and did another 10 minutes of pool exercises…then into the hot tub….I love the heat on my joints and use the jets on my knee and shoulder…and I also sit in the sauna for 5 minutes or a little longer…so that was a good morning….really becoming a gym person…LOL who would of thunk it!!!

Off to the city with my daughter for a fun night, and I get to visit with her all the way there and back…that’s golden in my book….

so until tomorrow….

Family & Friends

As I have  reached a half year of blogging, I must say what an experience it has been….completely eye opening….I am not a big social media fan, I do have a Facebook page and find its a good way to stay in touch with my family, and friends, a good way to  enjoy watching the little ones of the family grow up in far away states…not a bad site to be on, but it has its downfalls….

Back to the blog…

.I have found that there is a wonderful community of people from all over the globe that has come together to encourage, tell there stories and share there lives with everyone who’s interested to listen….its a place to be accountable to ones self and in front of others, not being judged…no matter what is going on in your life…no matter if your fighting a demon, a disease, or on here to creative and share love, joy and beauty….there is something for everyone…I appreciate all of you that has taken the time to read what I am about and encourage my journey…I know that I enjoy reading all of your posts and following you on your journey….

Today again, another good day, oh hum….I did get my exercise in, and am at my 1200 cal limit….feeling positive and no cravings….I must say I did buy a candy bar today…after touching at least 6 bars and checking the calories the one I picked was 190 calories, I fondled it all through the store, my mouth was salivating at the thought of the chocolate melting on my tongue….I got to the register, still fondling the bar…I laid it down, paid for it….watched the bagger put it in my bag so I know which bag its in… I am starting to sweat, the anticipation…..I get to the car, low and behold someone has parked so close to my car  there is no way I can get in, I can’t open the drivers door more than about 5 inches….even the skinniest gal would of had trouble, plus who want to scratch up there safe haven not so safe, I contemplate getting into the back seat to wait and its a safe secure place to eat my candy!!!  No I will wait I say… as I stand there waiting for the jerk to come out of the store, I can’t take it anymore…..I go rifling through my bags…where’s my precious…LOL  by this time I am feeling like a dope addict…so I pull out the shiny package, open it, smell it, break off a small amount, lay it lovingly on my tongue, ahhhh at last…I close my mouth…..I gag…its horrible, I spit it out….doesn’t even taste like heaven I thought I was missing…..all I tasted was lard, fat, sugar….it was an eye opening moment….I am no longer addicted to sugar…..YAY…I think I am over it…what a wonderful feeling of freedom…being a food addict, that’s a big one in my book….so I threw it away, never looked back  and the lady came of the store and got in her old Honda and drove away and so did I…felt great….

soooooo until tomorrow…

Another loss, just 1#, but still a loss

Yay….another loss….yes, yes I said I was going to change my weigh in to every 2 weeks….well I woke up sweating bullets, had to know, did I or didn’t I…so I did step on the scale….and whoohoo, down another pound making it 31# to date…many more to come….but, hey one pound at a time, its still a loss….I have noticed that my under garments are a bit more baggy. LOL

I have openly stated that some kind of exercise will start on Monday…not sure what but some sort…I am going to go visit a gym that has a nice pool and see what kind of place it is…I love to swim and that is something good for my arthritis….so we will see…

Had a great fourth of July, Good BBQ from my daughter and her husband, and spent the day with family….doesn’t get much better than that…

Since my weight loss was only 1#, I have reviewed my last week of eating and most days were at 1500 calories, and a couple nights or more I ate after 9p and went to bed,,,,so will correct that and keep my calories at 1200 all week and no eating after 6p…so hopefully I will lose more next week…

so until then………