Look out — Here We Come……

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We’re packed and ready to go….we are heading to Hwy #101 South….first stop is Yuma to see my brother and get rid of a couple bags and a huge picture frame…LOL  birthday presents and stuff I am handing off….then it will depend on the weather where we will head from there, we will end out trip back in Yuma for Thanksgiving….I am so ready to be on a road trip….the dog won’t let us out of her sight…she will not be left behind…she loves to travel as much as we do…

I am not ignoring anyone, but unless we have Wi-Fi I won’t be able to get on here, my phone is just a cheap Motorola, and it takes forever to get on the WP site…

I have had a good day….my knee is about 50% better…so that’s a good thing…I skipped the gym again, no way am I going to irritate it more before we start out on a road trip….foods been just okay..I need to get my self back on a low calorie quota again…did okay yesterday…I am over 1500 today….so looking forward to being on the road and getting into routine, I seem to be floundering here….getting back on the wagon is harder than I would like…not sure why but foundering is the only thought that comes to my mind..I am thinking the pastry….sugar….yeast….it is like my heroine….I know its my trigger so I just need to buckle down and fight through it….I am guessing the urges, desires and wants are always gonna be there when it comes to my trigger foods….dam those pastries…..dam my weakness….oh hum….big sigh….

so until I can find Wi-Fi…..kat


Oh Hum…Lazy Saturay…..

Its been a nice kick back day….I did clean the house…worked up a great sweat….we did the grocery shopping….that was totally uneventful…my husband has come down with terrible allergies so I literally mucked out the bedroom…all the blankets have been washed and I dare anyone to find a speck of dust!!!!  LOL I had a cooking bug going on so I made a big pot of soup with pork and leeks, kale and collard greens for my husband…put up 5 servings for the freezer…and I made myself a big batch of steamed greens…kale, collards, spinach and leeks….adding a lot of dark leafy greens to my diet..they go with everything and low carb, low cal and high in goodness….I ended my day under 1000 calories @ 992 and my carbs are @ 80.06 so I was able to get those numbers down…It is getting easier…

I spent the rest of the day playing in the yard, reading, and watching the Blue Angels in San Francisco, the local station had it live..I added a couple pictures I took on my tv…LOL  I know I am terrible…but they were magnificent…


and then a fellow blogger and I talked about conks, the fungi that grows on trees, she had a beautiful picture of some on a post and I said I would add my picture of mine…so here you go Pearly: go check out her blog..  https://designinglife01.wordpress.com/

IMG_20151010_210502824my conk painted my mother, this one was found in the Olympics in Washington state near our home when I was young…its 8″  high and 9″ long…and its over 30 years old…..

I am adding a couple other pictures just for the fun of  it….12112157_1213188052030386_4592164130554164446_nwitches by dick

My brother painted the witches…one of my favorites…the other is off the internet…

As you can see it has been a very calm peaceful day….tomorrow I am picking up my niece the dolphin and will be at the pool by 10a….

sooo until tomorrow…..

Mystery Solved…..

First let me say thank you to everyone who has tried to help me understand the carb vs calories, but I really felt like I was tying to learn a new language…LOL

So I had a mini melt down inside my head this morning trying to wrap my head around a pre-diabetic diet…It was so straight forward just counting calories…..I have never been a number person in any form and this was no different…so I called to get in with a nutritionist, and lucky for me she had a cancelation at 11:30a….I was there 15 minutes early with all my info I had collected and my food app on my cell…she had reviewed my chart, and had already printed out information to help me…bonus!!…as we sat talking it was soon apparent we were both talking about different lab values as I was saying 91 glucose verses her 5.9%….she mentioned the A1c test and I told her it never showed up on my labs, so I was going by the glucose…well my MD forget to check the little box to let it be seen on my profile…so now that that mystery is solved I can take a deep breath and understand it all…I am at the very low end of there chart so that’s good….and my glucose has dropped since last year, another good sign..so after learning about the carb counting in calories and all the other interesting factoids…I realize I am going to be busy journaling my food and the breakdown…I am committed for the next 3 months…with my exercise and weight loss lets hope this will be just a bad memory after January….

Been a good day….I am at 813 calories and I am at 107 carbs. I will spare you all the other numbers…so that’s all good…I will work for lower carb numbers, (I am allowed 90 to 160grams) I could go a little lower but that’s my range. I am sure it will get easier as the days go by…just need to do some research….

I went to the gym and jogged for 30 minutes and another 15 minutes doing H2O aerobics…and then the hot spa…..so that felt good…arthritis has been reminding me its still trying to be in control….an ugly fight but I soaked it out in the hot water today…LOL

I messed in the flower beds for awhile…and just sat outside in the fresh air…unfortunately my husband has caught some bug…and has him under the weather, with his COPD it doesn’t take much to knock the wind out of his sail…

1  So until tomorrow….

Day 1 of week 2

Another great day….no fears….no anxiety over eating…I have started to incorporate exercise…baby steps, but still a step never the less….I have been very focused all day and have started week two on good footing..

.My lovely daughter who is recovering from a wicked fall and a break in her arm is now on to the second part of her recovery….so my anxiety from her demise is over….she is going to be fine and will heal, even though she will be more bionic than she was at birth with metal plates, screws and fasteners in her arm…she will be able to recovery to full range of motion…even though your children grow up and become adults…they both ( I have 2 kids) will always be 5 years old to me when they are sick…you never stop worrying about them…But kudos to me for keeping it together while she was going through what I am sure was one of the worst times of her life…its so hard to see them in pain…I never once ran to food to sooth my anxious mother nerves…not only did focusing help but prayer helped…no matter to whom to pray to…

Alright rambling…..so on to the evening and soon off to bed……looking forward tomorrow and the weekend…feels good to start feeling balanced….good night….

Day 2 of start over week….

As I promised myself I am blogging every day for a week….Had a fantastic day….having my “Fat Secret” app on my new phone helps with keeping track of calorie counting anywhere no paper and pencil and dealing with remembering….only way I can loose weight is to count calories…and stay with it….so today…I ate yummy food, and  do not feel deprived or the need to rebel….I even got in 2 hours of heavy gardening…so exercise it was!!!  I got on the scale and found I was down 9# since we have returned from our vacation to the south…so that made my day even better…for all the brow beating I had been doing to myself I was able to say good job after the scale…so new goal for tomorrow…no more brow beating only positive mantras…stay focused on the day…one day at a time attitude helps…more exercise…