images   I love the month of October….., Everything pumpkin, the leaves changing color, the air starts to turn cool…there’s to much I like to write it all down……oh yes did I mention witches & black cats….

Well Tuesday…I was going to get up early and have all my exercise over early….well that went out the window with no sleep last night…I was up, oh I don’t know, maybe 5 times…couldn’t get my mind to shut off… my MD wrote me an email and told me my lab values looked good but she was classifying me pre-diabetic… I in the normal, just near the high end…not all the way but near…I have lost over 55 #’s been eating a complete healthy diet, exercising…so WTF!!!  I thought and thought about what I had been eating… I have been eating a slice of cheese daily with my eggbeater omelet…so that must be it….I have otherwise cleansed myself of all processed  foods…I have introduced Zero vitamin water into my life…it has 5 carbs, and 0 on all the rest…and I can drink up to 4 a day….hummmm could that be the culprit…so I have decided to start tracking my carbs, proteins, sugars and fats….I am determined to get my #’s back down to where they were a year ago…so I am pretty sure that’s what kept me up all night….starting in the morning I will be writing it all down in a journal, my app on my phone doesn’t list the carbs per entry, but it keeps an on going count of carbs, pro, and fats….and until I get a littel more educated in regards to carbs per food so I can make better choices….

I did make it to the gym for a 1.5 hr work out…before I even left for the gym, I did some shopping, more dirt… then I got home and did some  yard work and got a good sweat on and my heart rate up for about 30 minutes…then off to the gym….30 minutes on the machines and I worked up another good sweat and elevated heart rate…I am trying to push myself by upping the weights and lower the reps but doing more sets…its working…I included 100 crunches on the abd machine..then on to the pool…I upped my 20 minute jog to 30 minutes and then another 30 minutes of swimming the pool and doing some more water aerobics….I am loving the exercise…especially the pool…strange to think and even more strange to say it out loud…LOL.

I am sitting here yawning so it looks like I am going to get some sleep…Yay…

I am at 1056 calories but real high carb intake according to my app…so I am going to bed to review my app for the last couple months…

until tomorrow….

Weekends coming to an end……

What a great weekend….its been sunny, and yes we had wind but its still nice out….we worked in the back yard, tore out a huge aloe vera and got rid of the old box bed and took it down to the ground level and put pavers back in…I am scaling back….after 6 hours of outside work, we work, rest, work, rest, the only way to do it…I was beat…..LOL below is the before and after… .


so much cleaner and next spring we will put our pots of big cactus across the back…ahhh big sigh that’s done….

Then I showered off the dirt  and went to the pool…jogged for my 20 minutes…felt like my legs were going to fall off, and then I did another 20 minutes of lighter pool exercise, hot tub forever and then the hot sauna….I think it saved my muscles…that and Advil..Been a good exercising weekend…let me tell you I had my heart rate up several times during the day…part of the rest….LOL  and today I picked up my 12 year old niece at 10a and we went swimming…she is part dolphin, LOL, I jogged again for my 20  minutes and today I was able to actually get my knees way up and put some ump into it…then I swam and did a few other pool exercises to make it almost an hour and then hot tub and that was I could do today…LOL so I feel even though I didn’t get my machine work out in, I did get a garden work out in…LOL

Food has been good…I was at 1173 cal yesterday and so far today 936…so I am on track….I will have popsicles later tonight…so all good…

Got all my labs back…everything is normal…no highs or lows….yay….I always sweat the lab test…so that was a good thing that happen this weekend….

Another good thing that happened to me, well it happened awhile ago, Emily from Word Press  asked me if I would like to participate in the National Arthritis Week in the UK, of course I accepted so I have been working on a blog for that…the week starts on October 12th so I will post it on that date…I was very excited to help this good cause…

Speaking of my arthritis, it wasn’t very happy with me yesterday…but sometimes you just have to push through the pain to reach the goal…and when your as stubborn as I am you sometimes don’t think before you push ahead…..so I am sore everywhere but dam am I happy I got that job done…my husband was my hero…we actually got an axe and chopped the aloe vera into 4 pieces to get it out, but we got it…LOL

Hope everyone had a good weekend….

Until tomorrow….

Sunday…..& Nightmares

Here comes Monday….can’t believe the weekend is over so quickly….had a really nice day…gardening, kitchen is clean, working on a crafty project…got a bunch of bowling balls and will make them into yard art….so getting all my tiles and rocks together to start on them…

Calories under the 1200 quota…yay…

not much else to report….going to bed early….having nightmares again…I had the movie “Not without my Daughter” on my mind all day yesterday, not sure why, no commercials seen, I don’t own it…just popped into my mind and I dwelled on it a bit yesterday, for nothing better to do I guess…there was a crying baby at the restaurant we ate at, maybe that sparked the movie?!? Anyway my dream was about getting my daughter out of this country, I took her from her school and we escaped down to the underground area, like a subway area, we were having troubles getting back to the top above ..The bad men, which one was my daughters father, was looking for us and some good people were helping us escape, we were being hidden in fake walls and crawling around the edges of the underground. I also had my old dog Chika with us, not sure why, guess to make it more difficult..LOL ..I had lost my bag with all the money and passports, etc, in it of course, so when I got the escalator to go to the top, we could see the blue sky and we knew there was an airplane waiting to whisk us away to America, but…the man wanted the dog to let us pass, theses people down here were starving so Chika looked like prime rib to most of them,  I am sure my dog understood what the man wanted because she looked up at me with her big eyes pleading “Please don’t leave me here”  so of course I couldn’t leave the dog, so we trudged on….I finally woke up…Its been with me all day…I am hoping it won’t take up where it left off from this morning, crazy, but my nightmares generally have to have an ending, good or bad before they leave me alone…so I am going to go read and relax and hopefully won’t end up in another country stressing to get out…LOL

so until tomorrow

Day two

Did well today….still having urges to keep eating, and eating and eating but have been able to keep it in check….for this week I will not eat after 6p…at 1500 calories today, but most of it was fruit…went to the store came home with loads of fruit ..so made big fruit salads with lime zest….very good….have been drinking water with lemon to help cleanse my food fest….going to freeze some fresh blended fruit into ice cubes to add to my water…always nice to have a little watermelon cube in my water or fresh frozen plum juice….yumm

Beautiful weather, gardening and just enjoying the outdoors…really glad we got home before the heat wave hit in the eastern side of the state and Idaho and Nevada….I have big plans for some of my cactus this weekend….bought them new containers to move to, and need to trim back some of the growth out back…

will continue to count every morsel I put in me and am trying to get away from bread completely since it is one of my trigger foods..so until tomorrow…..