Look out — Here We Come……

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We’re packed and ready to go….we are heading to Hwy #101 South….first stop is Yuma to see my brother and get rid of a couple bags and a huge picture frame…LOL  birthday presents and stuff I am handing off….then it will depend on the weather where we will head from there, we will end out trip back in Yuma for Thanksgiving….I am so ready to be on a road trip….the dog won’t let us out of her sight…she will not be left behind…she loves to travel as much as we do…

I am not ignoring anyone, but unless we have Wi-Fi I won’t be able to get on here, my phone is just a cheap Motorola, and it takes forever to get on the WP site…

I have had a good day….my knee is about 50% better…so that’s a good thing…I skipped the gym again, no way am I going to irritate it more before we start out on a road trip….foods been just okay..I need to get my self back on a low calorie quota again…did okay yesterday…I am over 1500 today….so looking forward to being on the road and getting into routine, I seem to be floundering here….getting back on the wagon is harder than I would like…not sure why but foundering is the only thought that comes to my mind..I am thinking the pastry….sugar….yeast….it is like my heroine….I know its my trigger so I just need to buckle down and fight through it….I am guessing the urges, desires and wants are always gonna be there when it comes to my trigger foods….dam those pastries…..dam my weakness….oh hum….big sigh….

so until I can find Wi-Fi…..kat


Vacation….automatic free for all….

Why is it that when you (rather me) is on vacation I feel it is an automatic pass for a free for all…no limits on anything, grocery store buys, trinkets, places to stay….money is no object…..all food is acceptable !!!  How bizarre that I have given myself a free pass at this time….I logically know that I am not going to get any healthier if I don’t eat better, and why is it so much harder to prepare healthy eating than high calorie food ?? And as my husband would remind me, we don’t have more money when we go traveling just because I think its a free for all, the money doesn’t duplicate itself just because I feel I have the right to spend willy nilly….?

well to stand up for myself…

it is easier to pop high calorie micro wave food in the ole zapper than to pull out all the pots and pans and then have to clean up behind yourself, I’d rather toss the plastic cooking vessels in the garbage than wash pots and pans in my littlie sink area….I do make salads and we always have plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables (microwave containers to cook them in) and salad fixins…I find its hard to say its to hard to peel a cucumber in the RV or, cut up a tomato…lol

However, just being on vacation seems to be an automatic mind pass to: bags of unhealthy chips, cookies, and candy!!!

So while I was shopping at a really wonderful Safeway, I was fighting with my inner demon child at almost every choice, chips verses trisket crackers….bought both!!!  cake verses pie….neither very healthy but the berry pie (small one) won out….instead of a 6 pack of diet Pepsi, only bought 2 bottles…so I was finding myself at least trying to stay in the conscience state of mind and making better choices and if I couldn’t fight it I bought both and would fight out the evil demon later if I could….

Being able to put down in writing has helped and will make me think before eating……

On that note I am going to peel potatoes and make vegetable soup for dinner since it is going to rain…lets hope I left the big pot in the RV…LOL

WHY ??????

Why ? That is the big question I keep asking myself daily, mainly at night, but never the less, daily….I so want to change how I eat and what I am becoming….I can keep on track for awhile and then…boom…I can’t stop….it always happens in the evening….my spouse goes to bed and that seems to be a green light for a free for all in the kitchen…AGHHHH makes me crazy….well lets say tomorrows another day….and I will give it a run for its money….I am sitting here shaking my head and wondering why I am killing myself with food….I know better, I am an intelligent woman and am aware of the consequences of obesity….oh well   wont’ help to complain…I will  head to bed  and tell myself its okay don’t beat yourself up.. and try not feel guilty…perhaps I need to focus on the anxiety part of the eating late at night…maybe it is as simple as my mom used to say to me,,,you always ate when you were tired..maybe is because we have been trained to have a full belly to sleep on since birth…babies sleep better on a full tummy…well maybe I am in baby mode….know I am just grasping at idea….I will go to bed and wake u it will be a new day…..

Back on Track….Again

Well back on track…yet again….Fell off the wagon so to speak last week…having a melt down about my dental extractions…yes I did eat as many things crunchy as I could…and my melt down was unfounded of course….so day after surgery back on my plan and feeling good about it…Amazing how many calories you can drink…do feeling good about getting my dental work in order and will soon be able to eat whatever I want….yeah!!!  Anyway I hope so….

So I need to introduce exercise next…wait a couple more days for the healing and then bam on to  anew routine in my life…