Weigh in day….

Well you would think I am acting like a kid on the first day of school…LOL  I was awake at 4a…laid there waiting for the clock to tick by…didn’t want rush…LOL  so at 5a up took the dog out and did my thing, plugged in the coffee…tippy toed around, didn’t want hubby up disturbing the peaceful vibe…LOL  so back in to the scale…deep breath, actually said out..it is what it is…LOL   I have lost 3#’s.. last Thursday I weighed in at 270…and today I am 267….can’t think of how much bigger that number would of been, but no regrets…just do better in the future…so in all I am elated…whooo hoooo….on my way…I will do it, I will reach my next goal…it will not beat me!!!!   I can really get on a roll…I am sure I channel Helen Reddy sometimes…LOL….I Am Woman – Hear Me Roar….I won’t Eat Late Anymore…LA la LA la La…….I know I can be a jackass sometimes…LOL Anyway back to being serious….YAHOOOOOO   I am so happy that I didn’t gain any weight….I just need to tweek my eating habit, not my arse…LOL  I am on a roll I am so happy!!!!   Thanks everyone for the encouragement and kind words….

Well exercise was a bust at the pool today…we are having strong winds…hummm desert wind, dust…seems to be a repeat every other week here….anyway can’t see the mountains again so just getting my exercise in the house…

So Happy Cinco De Mayo to everyone…I spent the day cooking….I happen to drive by my favorite vegie stand and Mr. Gonzales is back, a week late, but he’s here…he gave me a great deal on vine ripened tomatoes so I made tomato sauce….to day along with stuffed bell peppers…yum…


Stuffed with black beans, bell peppers, onion, garlic, lots of Italian Seasoning and fresh oregano….baked at 375′ for 45 minutes.. and the last 10 minutes I added the cotija cheese and parmesan…140 calories per bell pepper….and they were good!!  Add a salad

13177346_10206153650180265_4969085443048461948_n and we had our Cinco De Mayo lunch….it was yummy…finished the day off at 1600 calories….blaming the wonderful watermelon we picked up….juicy and sweet…

The wind is bringing in cold air and the bones and joints are making sure I am aware…LOL  but alls good…we might even get a little rain tomorrow…that would be a very nice change…2 days ago we hit 101’…we re having fun learning a complete new way of living….it is 180′ from what we were doing in California…

Until tomorrow…….


Big loss Thursday….

Call me crazy…just found out that I didn’t hit publish last night on my long post I wrote so when it was sitting on here when I hit new post I sent it out anyway…LOL  all that hard work…dam it I want credit for it.!!!!

So been a busy morning….I was up and was at the lab at 7:25a to get my blood work done…I like to get in and out and not sit in the waiting room with real sick people…LOL   then off to the gym for my 9a session…my trainer was standing there and offered to do our session early so by 8:15a I was getting my sweat on…LOL finished that and was in the pool before the 9a water aerobics class and got an hour of that in and then did my jog in place in the pool for twenty minutes…wow that was a lot for me, the one who hates exercise…really enjoyed the morning;  felt I accomplished something for me…..

Got home and took the night dressing off the dogs leg and she had a bunch of staples that had ripped apart, not from her chewing or anything, but just walking in and out of the house to go outside to do her business, and where its located on her leg is where it takes the full brunt of her weight when she walks… so off to the vet we went…he cleaned it up, took out the staples and smothered it antibiotic ointment, wrapped it up and put her on oral antibiotics and we go back on Saturday…looks like it might be a long haul….its like having a sick child..hoh hummmm

Well onto the good news….since we were at the vets and I was sitting right in front of the scale:  we were the only ones in the waiting room as we are always early for our appointments and everyone was out for lunch….should I, why not…off came my shoes, and anything else that might weigh me down….my husband shaking his head…I stepped on the scales….yipppeee I lost 5 pounds since last Friday, bring my weight loss to 58#’s (big sigh)…I have only 18 more pounds to go to my next goal I set for myself…some thing is working…amazing how exercising, eating right and a positive attitude can make the weight melt off….yay….

While I was in the pool today, we were all lined up at the edge doing our cool down exercises, one of the women mentioned I was using the most resistant water buoys that were there and she thought I should take it easy, why am I working so hard??  This is why I don’t talk to people in the gym..it took all I had to be nice, but I was so I told her that if I was going to show up to exercise why not make it worth my while…I didn’t feel I was pushing myself and believe me I don’t take any chances in regards to hurting myself….she just said wellllllll all drawn out,  you should go slower.  The instructor had been standing above us, not really involved in the conversation, however she bent down and told me congratulations, you get it!!! Made me feel good….I am not at the gym to make BFF’s or take unasked for advice….hum…..makes me think she might not be working as hard as she should be….anyway I left there feeling fantastic..

imagesVW1SM9B9Got my new swim suit in the mail today….crazy!! Did I say swim suit….LOL  I told my husband I waited to by one until I was sure I was really going to stick with it.  I am tired of wearing a pair of shorts that hang down and make me feel very subconscious of myself and my tank top is more like a wet t-shirt contest look…aghhhh just what I don’t want….lol  and then not to speak of the air bubbles that arise from my shorts and top in the water…LOl  anyway I don’t think I have bought a swim suit since grade school…its always been cut offs and tank tops and in some instances skinny dipping….LOL  not enough private swim holes around here for that…LOL  (it really doesn’t look like that – LOL)

Ending my day with an intake of 723 calories…. and I am full…been eating a lot of squash…..I like to cut them and dry fry them with a little pam spray, and lots of spices….and an eggbeaters omelet…I add lots of jalepenos and onions to my food,  and always use homemade salsa that a friend of mine makes…I have been buying salsa from her for over 10 years….its yummy on everything, so needless to say I must be doing something  correct in my eating….yeah!!

Arthritis flaring its ugly head in my shoulders, I am thinking I may need to back off a couple of the machines that use my shoulders or back off on the weight level…plus it was 93′ here today…I though that it was cooling off..but doesn’t look like it….so  some times even thought the heat is nice…it plays hell with some of the joints…..oh well it won’t stop me!!!!

so until tomorrow….

Sunday…..& Nightmares

Here comes Monday….can’t believe the weekend is over so quickly….had a really nice day…gardening, kitchen is clean, working on a crafty project…got a bunch of bowling balls and will make them into yard art….so getting all my tiles and rocks together to start on them…

Calories under the 1200 quota…yay…

not much else to report….going to bed early….having nightmares again…I had the movie “Not without my Daughter” on my mind all day yesterday, not sure why, no commercials seen, I don’t own it…just popped into my mind and I dwelled on it a bit yesterday, for nothing better to do I guess…there was a crying baby at the restaurant we ate at, maybe that sparked the movie?!? Anyway my dream was about getting my daughter out of this country, I took her from her school and we escaped down to the underground area, like a subway area, we were having troubles getting back to the top above ..The bad men, which one was my daughters father, was looking for us and some good people were helping us escape, we were being hidden in fake walls and crawling around the edges of the underground. I also had my old dog Chika with us, not sure why, guess to make it more difficult..LOL ..I had lost my bag with all the money and passports, etc, in it of course, so when I got the escalator to go to the top, we could see the blue sky and we knew there was an airplane waiting to whisk us away to America, but…the man wanted the dog to let us pass, theses people down here were starving so Chika looked like prime rib to most of them,  I am sure my dog understood what the man wanted because she looked up at me with her big eyes pleading “Please don’t leave me here”  so of course I couldn’t leave the dog, so we trudged on….I finally woke up…Its been with me all day…I am hoping it won’t take up where it left off from this morning, crazy, but my nightmares generally have to have an ending, good or bad before they leave me alone…so I am going to go read and relax and hopefully won’t end up in another country stressing to get out…LOL

so until tomorrow

Things are happening

bar stoolsWell on my journey, its been a slow and steady weight loss of 31#. yay…but I haven’t really been able to see any physical results except on the scale…sure my under garments are getting baggy..of course that’s a sign…but really, do I see or feel a difference, not yet, part of that is I had over a hundred pounds to loose, so I am guessing I will need to loose more before I really see and feel the difference…I do understand the concept of weight loss, this is not the first time I have done this….around 1984 I lost a hundred pounds in 6 months…of course I was coming off a divorce and doing a lot of walking, and I was a lot younger…but the concept is the same, eat less, move more…patience and focus..

Good News….it did happen today….was at a friends house and she has these little tiny bar stools, bolted to the floor, so you can’t move them… they are very slim and have set the stools up for themselves obviously…however I tried to sit there a few months ago, and there was no way I could squeeze into that stool/chair without being wedged in….however today I was able to sit in it and even able to hold my hand between me and the bar freely…..so that was huge for me…a sign, huge sign I am on the right track…I have a spring in my step and a song on my heart that it is working….I just need to be a little more attentive to my calorie intake…and not go over 1200cal with the exception for special occasions…and then not over the high quota of 1500…after I loose another 30 I may re-evaluate all that but for now I need to stick to a plan and make it work for me…

I have verbally said out loud that exercise will start tomorrow…not stressing, just going to do it and that’s that…we are going to go check out a gym with a big pool, I love to swim and I could actually use some of the equipment too….we will see…

So I am feeling quite happy this end of the Fourth of July weekend.   its been good food, good company, lots of family time..

Noting but happiness….Soooo until tomorrow…