Well just came in from watching a great thunder and lightening storm from the deck….I love storms….hardly any rain,  just enough to make the ground wet….but different weather than sun….whoooo hoooo okay I have an update…its been slamming rain for about an hour now and no sign of it stopping….very exciting for us….lovin it…

Well my workout yesterday worked..my body has reminded me of how hard I pushed it…I went back to the way I worked out in Calif. start out light, move the weights up each set, ending pushing myself…LOL  I only did 12 reps per set, but I know that will increase…so I am feeling very confident about reaching my next goal….its all about discipline and  tenacity….so off to the gym in the morning &if my sinus are up to it off to the pool in the afternoon… I need to remember to keep my head above the water…water out of my ear canals….I hit 1800 calories again today….very satisfied, good healthy food….

Arthritis is acting up…weather change always gives me the heads up that its in control of my pain no matter what I take for it..!!

Just want to remind every one that the 21st is Full MOON night…LOL you all know what that means…..however when your out dancing in the moon light please think good thoughts for our Terry  (https://spearfruit.com/)  lets help him and Gary sell that house so they can get on the road!!!  Can’t hurt….give a twirl…..only takes a minute…..

Until tomorrow……

Have to share my good luck with you all…I am so excited…Whoooo Hooooo I won the iherb.com give away over at vegan needs at:


If you have never visited her blog, you should, she is a vegan, and tries all sorts vegan products both to consume or use….I call her my own personal guinea human…LOL  she has give-a-ways a couple times a year…I wasn’t so lucky earlier this year, but this time I was one of two that won a $50 gift certificate to iherb.com; it was like an early birthday present…  Good Luck has struck for the New Year….YAY!!!  I am a happy girl for sure….I never win anything….Thank you veganneeds……

Its been a wonderful day, my daughter took her mini cooper to the dealer for its annual check up…so we were spend the morning together shopping and lunch…..we drove away in a brand new 2016 loner car….lots of fun…LOL  we did lunch and shared several dishes…some healthy, some yummy and not so healthy…, and no dessert….came home and finished loading the RV….seems its ready to head south…all it needs is the rest of my clothes and my bedding…and of course my dog and her bed…LOL  my poor husband can’t find anything, I didn’t realize I packed his combs in the bathroom…LOL well I laugh, but really he wasn’t laughing…so I have to go buy him a comb….the kitchen is packed, we only have the bare necessities left…well the ones I think we need…poor husband…my mantra is next month it will all be over dear….so far so good….LOL  .so I am taking deep breaths waiting for Friday to get here…I am not a very patient person….LOL

Enjoy the rest of 2015…..breathing in…..breathing out….kat



images   I love the month of October….., Everything pumpkin, the leaves changing color, the air starts to turn cool…there’s to much I like to write it all down……oh yes did I mention witches & black cats….

Well Tuesday…I was going to get up early and have all my exercise over early….well that went out the window with no sleep last night…I was up, oh I don’t know, maybe 5 times…couldn’t get my mind to shut off… my MD wrote me an email and told me my lab values looked good but she was classifying me pre-diabetic… I in the normal, just near the high end…not all the way but near…I have lost over 55 #’s been eating a complete healthy diet, exercising…so WTF!!!  I thought and thought about what I had been eating… I have been eating a slice of cheese daily with my eggbeater omelet…so that must be it….I have otherwise cleansed myself of all processed  foods…I have introduced Zero vitamin water into my life…it has 5 carbs, and 0 on all the rest…and I can drink up to 4 a day….hummmm could that be the culprit…so I have decided to start tracking my carbs, proteins, sugars and fats….I am determined to get my #’s back down to where they were a year ago…so I am pretty sure that’s what kept me up all night….starting in the morning I will be writing it all down in a journal, my app on my phone doesn’t list the carbs per entry, but it keeps an on going count of carbs, pro, and fats….and until I get a littel more educated in regards to carbs per food so I can make better choices….

I did make it to the gym for a 1.5 hr work out…before I even left for the gym, I did some shopping, more dirt… then I got home and did some  yard work and got a good sweat on and my heart rate up for about 30 minutes…then off to the gym….30 minutes on the machines and I worked up another good sweat and elevated heart rate…I am trying to push myself by upping the weights and lower the reps but doing more sets…its working…I included 100 crunches on the abd machine..then on to the pool…I upped my 20 minute jog to 30 minutes and then another 30 minutes of swimming the pool and doing some more water aerobics….I am loving the exercise…especially the pool…strange to think and even more strange to say it out loud…LOL.

I am sitting here yawning so it looks like I am going to get some sleep…Yay…

I am at 1056 calories but real high carb intake according to my app…so I am going to bed to review my app for the last couple months…

until tomorrow….

What time is it really???? I am lost…..

Okay am I going crazy or what….first I can’t figure out what day I am living in and now I can’t figure out what the real time is….aghhhhhhh

I set my alarm on my cell last night for 7:45a, I needed to be at the gym at 9a so wanted to have enough time to have breakfast and all the other morning BS that comes with it…my alarm went off….I couldn’t believe how dark it was out….checking the window, my mind said wow, must really be cloudy out, its so dark…so I literally dragged it out of my nice warm bed…did the bathroom gig, brushed my teeth, hair, ect….threw on my gym clothes….did my morning chores, I made the bed and opened the shades, hummm the sun was just coming up…my mind still wondering why??  I go get my coffee, I have about 30 minutes, of course in my mind, before I had to leave for the gym….husband up watching the morning news…so nothing wrong there…then I open my computer and glance down at the time..7:15am ???  I look at my cell 8:15a…I am starting to feel a little crazy coming on…I check both the settings, they are correct…I recheck the alarm I set, it was correct…I look to my husband for answers, he’s sound asleep by know…the grandfathers clock is to far away in the darkness of the room to really see clearly is it 7:15 or 8:15a  so I finally get up and start checking all the clocks in the house…they are all saying its 7:15..is it daylight savings time and no one mentioned it on the news, radio, papers….so how on earth did my cell phones time get changed…hummmm  no answer to that, as you actually have to go into it at 3 different windows just to get into the time, then 2 more times to adjust the times, so very unlikely it was an accident, like butt dialing*****scratching head???!!!??….not sure how that happened, but I have now adjusted my time and have an entire hour more before I have to leave…why and how do these things keep happening to me….????  makes me understand why I was dressing in the dark and why I was still so sleepy…If my son was still young it would of been one of his pranks…but for the life of me I have no idea how that happened….so I see I can add what time is it, to the what day is it game my life has become….can’t wait to see what goes next in my little mind…LOL

Good Day…will be under 1000 calories today again…yay…feeling on track and extremely focused…made it to the gym by 8:45am after my morning time issue you would think I would of been there really early…LOL   and had my last session with my trainer…she was very informative and a very good teacher, I feel like I have a better idea for the machines in the gym and with lots of help from Paul @  https://wwwpalfitness.wordpress.com/ , I feel I can go in and get a really good work out all on my own…YAY….then I went on to the pool and got in on the last 30 minutes of the pool aerobics….good class, I walked my 20 minutes after that and did another 10 minutes of pool exercises…then into the hot tub….I love the heat on my joints and use the jets on my knee and shoulder…and I also sit in the sauna for 5 minutes or a little longer…so that was a good morning….really becoming a gym person…LOL who would of thunk it!!!

Off to the city with my daughter for a fun night, and I get to visit with her all the way there and back…that’s golden in my book….

so until tomorrow….

Happy Fourth of July

Can’t beat Johnny Cash and his Rugged Old Flag song for the Fourth of July weekend…

ENJOY THE WEEKEND EVERYONE….Safe and Sane should be on all our minds…its dry out there….

Doing well today after a slow morning…getting a lot done, cleaning house, repotting plants, restocking the cupboards from the pantry…Enjoying the nice cool day we are having…yesterday I woke up feeling ready to go, awake and alert, happy and humming songs….last night I had a cheese sandwich at 9p, (still in my calorie range)….however when I woke up this morning, I had a carb hangover, I could barely get it out of bed at 9a, I need to go back to no eating after 6p, it seems to work for me… after a shower, coffee and vitamins I finally got the pep back in my step…got a lot of work done today I was putting off…

Good calorie intake so far….going back to 4 hours in-between eating again…otherwise its to easy to just keep eating, I am allowing myself to have iced coffees, vitamin waters, water and I made lite minute maid popsicles so I can have as many of those as I want…they are only 5 calories, and its a great substitute if I feel the need to eat….the rebel in me has been fighting with me all week about how I shouldn’t deprive myself of anything!! no matter!!   So between fighting the cravings and urges I mentally feel like a rag at the end of the day sometimes…I am not a weak person mentally,  but when it comes to food, my addiction takes over and I crumble easy….staying on top of it all; part of the process of getting on to a healthy journey….but why does it have to be so frigin hard!?!!  Why isn’t it as easy to loose weight as gain?….the pendulum does not swing fairly…just sayin…

so until tomorrow….

Day 3 and I am down another # 3

Whoooo Hooooo who would of thought it…..I had been sweating and stewing since a week back….really attacking my self for being such a fool with my food decisions a week ago….Now, I am not thinking I can do this and still loose weight, I am thinking that because I caught myself early and got back on track I am still loosing weight, I was never trying to cheat the system, ( like I would of before)  I just simply felt sorry for myself and thought I deserved to eat what I wanted because of  the “poor me: attitude and situation that I put myself into..

I had a talk with my husband about the scenario we both had put ourselves into and unless there is some one dying at home, we should never do that again….we will stop and act like humans instead of driving 10 hours like maniacs mind you because we had decided it was time to come home….crazy…it takes us 2 days to recoup at home, totally exhausted and for what???  We have this mental thing going on…we go out rving, enjoy ourselves, seeing beautiful country sides, lakes , rivers and total relaxing, but at the first thought of heading home, it becomes a mad ass race to get back…is it because we have to travel the same route to get home, maybe, is it in our little minds that the vacation is over and the need to get back is so important, maybe, but what ever the thoughts are, we need to change them….we have nothing to race  home to…were both retired and enjoying life…so WTF, so to say…..well we are going to try a different mind set next time….we are actually gong to try to enjoy the route home instead of racing through it..no reason not to keep it all enjoyable….I do agree that there will be times that distance traveling is necessary and I am sure it will happen again…but believe me I will handle it all differently…

.As I reflect to where I got this incisive need to get from Point A to Point B in record time, well I am going to chalk it up to my dad….that is how he traveled all the time…so I will accept it was instilled in me from childhood and I am going to break that habit today….my husband as well is a Point to Point traveler so he will have to work on breathing more at rest stops and not panting like myself….lets go-lets go-lets go…we will be needing a new mantra…LOL   Stop and smell the roses will work till I think of a better one…LOL

Well lets get back to my Whooo Hoooo numbers….I am down 30 #s  I am sooo happy and glad I am through that little back slid in my journey and back on track, feeling balanced and centered….a good place to be….Now I am thinking, and have been thinking for several weeks how to instill an exercise routine in my daily life….even just 10 minutes a day would be a benefit…I joined a gym and hired a trainer before to make me go…so maybe that’s what I will do, and they even have a pool, I love to swim…I just hate the public thing….well back to thinkin…..

So until tomorrow….Whoooo Hooooo and Yipeee

Home Again….

What a great week we were having….then the heat wave was announced starting today!!!  It was only going to be one day here at home, today, but we were in East Idaho on the Salmon River…..temps going up to over a hundred for several days, they threatened into the beginning of July…Ahhhh no thanks….high 80’s, even low 90’s is okay as long as the nights cool down..no matter where we went the heat wave was going to affect that area, but our biggest concern was driving home in the heat of the day…pretty hard on tires and motors, let alone the humans and dog…LOL  so we pulled up the anchor and headed home…literally….so home yesterday…dirty clothes in washer, RV emptied out….

so now that I am home I am reflecting the last two days of hard driving, I am regretting some of my food choices…I used the excuse we were pushing to get home, poor me, having to drive so far each day….the need for a big, fat avocado, bacon burger was a must in my mind, 970 calories later…..I am thankful I didn’t get a milkshake to go with it…I continued to feel sorry for myself of course and for two days in a row, actually 3 days ate over my 2000 calories but not over 2500, not that that’s a good thing but I did try to control, cause believe me I could of just kept eating…..Boo Hooing now big time!!  I have to weigh in Saturday…..my last weigh I was a milestone…and I promised myself I would never go back to the weight I left behind…..but I am thinking I may have back slid a little….hoping not…but it isn’t looking to good…..I have beat myself up for the last 24 hours, actually as soon as I put the last bite of the burger in my mouth, guilt started, but didn’t make me stop eating…plus I was sooo full…I hadn’t felt that full for a very long time….I was miserable…rightly so….I got up this morning, new attitude, new goal, repeating my positive mantras…

I must applaud myself (just bring honest)  for at least counting every bite I put in my mouth no matter how high the calorie #s got, I wasn’t trying to cheat myself or pretend it wasn’t what it was.   I have been extremely careful today, actually got out the tablespoon and even measured my quarter cup of onions.  I realize that life will not always be easy but I really need to work on remembering why I am where I am, and why I am doing what I am doing…the rebel who feels I should get whatever I want no matter what snuck out and took over my brain for a few days…no excuse but that’s what happened….

So here I am blogging, writing it all down, trying to figure out a better plan in the future, as this will more that likely happen again….I can’t believe how much it helps to write it down and own it…. I will be on here daily for awhile to help me get back on my journey…..

nice to be home out of the extreme heat…..so until tomorrow


If I write it down in black and white it will help me ….I am having company, my brother and his wife….love having them, the only problem they are also food-a-holics, we’re all cut from the same cloth…weakness and the love of food….being related and all…lol…however it seems no matter when we are all around each other the sky is the limits with breads, deserts and lets just say it food in general…I have the need to feed them….I have menus planned out for the two and half days they are here with lots of food I don’t eat so that helps….I will have to have breads, butter (my heroin) and deserts for them….in reality its me I am worried about…I will only buy enough butter for the 2 days…and instead of sitting here and fretting, I should repeat my mantras…I will be strong and will say no…I am down 16 pounds and do not want to back track…so I can do it, I think I can, I think I can….said the little red train….that will be playing over and over again in my mind for the next three days….See how this little exercise of writing it down has helped….so..here I go to the store and load my fridge full of food I normally don’t have in the house….I can do it..

I think I can….chug chug chug down the tracks I go…

Day 2 of start over week….

As I promised myself I am blogging every day for a week….Had a fantastic day….having my “Fat Secret” app on my new phone helps with keeping track of calorie counting anywhere no paper and pencil and dealing with remembering….only way I can loose weight is to count calories…and stay with it….so today…I ate yummy food, and  do not feel deprived or the need to rebel….I even got in 2 hours of heavy gardening…so exercise it was!!!  I got on the scale and found I was down 9# since we have returned from our vacation to the south…so that made my day even better…for all the brow beating I had been doing to myself I was able to say good job after the scale…so new goal for tomorrow…no more brow beating only positive mantras…stay focused on the day…one day at a time attitude helps…more exercise…