Home Again….

What a great week we were having….then the heat wave was announced starting today!!!  It was only going to be one day here at home, today, but we were in East Idaho on the Salmon River…..temps going up to over a hundred for several days, they threatened into the beginning of July…Ahhhh no thanks….high 80’s, even low 90’s is okay as long as the nights cool down..no matter where we went the heat wave was going to affect that area, but our biggest concern was driving home in the heat of the day…pretty hard on tires and motors, let alone the humans and dog…LOL  so we pulled up the anchor and headed home…literally….so home yesterday…dirty clothes in washer, RV emptied out….

so now that I am home I am reflecting the last two days of hard driving, I am regretting some of my food choices…I used the excuse we were pushing to get home, poor me, having to drive so far each day….the need for a big, fat avocado, bacon burger was a must in my mind, 970 calories later…..I am thankful I didn’t get a milkshake to go with it…I continued to feel sorry for myself of course and for two days in a row, actually 3 days ate over my 2000 calories but not over 2500, not that that’s a good thing but I did try to control, cause believe me I could of just kept eating…..Boo Hooing now big time!!  I have to weigh in Saturday…..my last weigh I was a milestone…and I promised myself I would never go back to the weight I left behind…..but I am thinking I may have back slid a little….hoping not…but it isn’t looking to good…..I have beat myself up for the last 24 hours, actually as soon as I put the last bite of the burger in my mouth, guilt started, but didn’t make me stop eating…plus I was sooo full…I hadn’t felt that full for a very long time….I was miserable…rightly so….I got up this morning, new attitude, new goal, repeating my positive mantras…

I must applaud myself (just bring honest)  for at least counting every bite I put in my mouth no matter how high the calorie #s got, I wasn’t trying to cheat myself or pretend it wasn’t what it was.   I have been extremely careful today, actually got out the tablespoon and even measured my quarter cup of onions.  I realize that life will not always be easy but I really need to work on remembering why I am where I am, and why I am doing what I am doing…the rebel who feels I should get whatever I want no matter what snuck out and took over my brain for a few days…no excuse but that’s what happened….

So here I am blogging, writing it all down, trying to figure out a better plan in the future, as this will more that likely happen again….I can’t believe how much it helps to write it down and own it…. I will be on here daily for awhile to help me get back on my journey…..

nice to be home out of the extreme heat…..so until tomorrow

Made it to Orville…LOL

Spent the better half of the day looking at new RV’s….dreaming, wanting wishing we had money tree….ended up driving away and realizing that we are quite happy with what we have and we just need to buy better outside recliners to use…so happy to be out of dodge we are sitting near the Feather River, can’t see it from here but can see all the hungry flying critters in the air that live near the water..we even have wi-fi….bonus…..

have done well…really under my calorie quota today….so feeling good about that….looking forward to another adventure tomorrow….until then…keep smiling…

We’re off…

Heading out to a new adventure….excited to go check out the Feather River area…wished our RV did everything in the video…LOL…all packed with good food, no junk food to snack on, so it should be easy….taking a good book and some needle work I am working on to keep idle hands busy….been a difficult day as I went to see an arthritis Dr. and didn’t especially like to hear what they had to say, it had to do with a joint replacement, but will work on a plan to better my joint without surgery…weight loss being # 1…and add some joint lubricating medication…glucosamine…some natural anti-inflammatory, turmeric, cinnamon and be extremely careful of the way I walk and go up and down stairs….I am not going to win any marathon awards in the future…just really need to keep dropping the weight and keep positive…so until I am able to get internet connections…not sure what the camping situations will be until we get there….

keep smiling so they will all wonder whats up….

thank goodness for the younger generation….

To much my dismay I have been unable to figure out why the date has been one day ahead on my blog for the last few days, I hadn’t changed anything, hell I didn’t even know about the location of the date until I texted tech support, I even followed there instructions to a “Tee”…It changed the date but it still came up with the next days date…I even tried to change the time and it didn’t work…so after much frustration I called on my daughter who blogs herself and she is the one who got me started


blogging, and in the end I just hadn’t moved my time back far enough to change the date. a very simple fix…I realize it shouldn’t make any difference what day I write on, this has no legal value, or any value at all -LOL- only to me, but it was really frustrating me that I couldn’t make the fix on my own….have I aged that much that I can’t even figure out something as simple as changing a date on a blog….aghhh…really makes me realize how challenged I am on the computer…and I thought I was pretty computer savvy….not so I guess…LOL  well at least I can shrug it off today and let the frustration go….I can’t say it was in the learning curve since it seems I am on the very low end of that curve..LOL .I am thinking it will be put in the little mental box labeled – the getting to old to understand box –  hopefully I will remember how to fix it in the future if the date gets reset somehow, as my daughter pointed out, WordPress probably did an internal update on there systems and it changed some of the inner functions…I think she was trying to help my ego giving me a good out and blame it on them…LOL

Been another great day, my husband feels better so he’s less crabby….that’s a big plus for me…met my best friend for lunch with her mom, and have not had an anxious thought regarding food all day…just made good choices and counted the calories… I still have over 100 calories left from my low quota mark 1200 calories and full and thinking I will go to bed early tonight…so sending positive thoughts out to the universe…..until tomorrow