Monday, cloudy, misty and it really feels like winter…last year this time it was in the 70’s, blue skies and sunny…..its certainly nice to see clouds and cooler weather for the state…however my arthritis is screaming….my husband has been coughing from the moisture….whah whah whah….I will quit whining as I know most of you live in real winter weather, snow, ice, sleet…..dipping numbers into the teens….anyway I hurt and am glad its not as cold as it could be!!!

Food is difficult at best…I am finding I am stressed….and when I get stressed I reach out to my comfort food….carbs, yeast products, calories have been closer to 2000 rather than 1ooo to 12oo….I weigh in and am so excited that I am finally getting close to my next goal and then I go and let stress beat me up… it never will end….I am going to always need to be focused and in total control… I woke up today with a new attitude….back at it and doing well so far…its almost 4p and I am on top of it….yay…its been a mental effort on my part but its important to deal with it in the here and now….I am determined to get down under 200#’s….so back at it!!

Went to the pool yesterday….my niece the dolphin was in and swimming like a fish, I got in and started to jog, the water was the coolest I have ever felt it…my knees, hands and elbows all were getting stabbing pains from the cold water….so I quickly exited and made my way to the hot tub where I ended up staying for over 30 minutes…nothing like soaking in hot water….so no real exercise in the pool…I did ask at the desk on our way out and they we were having heater issues….but it was fixed and it should be warmer soon…Maybe tomorrow….

I meet with my nutritionist tomorrow….looking forward to that….I could of done better but hey its life… least I was exercising….

I am hoping you all are enjoying the holiday season….kat




A good day….we have the RV half packed, the flowers has been soaked, the clothes are all packed, just a few more things on my list and we will be ready to head out Monday morning…can’t wait…my cousin is watching the house and will water if needed….looks like the weather is going to stay cool here…at least for the next 10 days…I have our route mapped out and alternates just incase…trying to stay off all interstates this trip….we like the nice slow go of the back roads…I told my husband we are going to slow down and not be in a hurry…all the bases at home are covered so to speak, so no hurry to get anywhere or to get home…LOL  I have even found a place for the scale so I can weigh in….yay

Another wonderful afternoon in the pool….I actually walked for a full 20 minutes arthritis has not showed any stress from the water exercises I have been doing…I don’t know why I waited so long to join a gym with a pool…I love the water and it seems to be loving me…steam rooms, saunas, and the Jacuzzi….its all good….I was going to go to the aerobic water class this morning..but I over slept…I must of needed sleep worse, or so me shutting off my alarm thought…LOL anyway when I get back I will try one out and see if I like it…

Another good food day…I am under 1000 calories, 920cal, and stopped eating at 5p…my husband has decided he needs to shed a few pounds so that will make cooking easier in the RV…

Other than that its all good at my house….when we travel we don’t always have Wi-Fi connections for our laptops, I will try to keep up on my posting on my phone, but I am not promising anything…LOL

Soooo until tomorrow….

Fighting the Rebel….trying to do better, but what a fight !!!

glass roks

The bowling balls have begun there transition into beautiful yard art…LOL   I am having issues with the adhesive eating through my paint so the glass has black spots under them…a call to my sister and her husband and I think the problem has  been remedied …so I need to go to a hardware store….all a learning curve…

Good day on the calorie front…I feel good, starting to see results, getting excited about weighing in on Saturday morning..still struggling with my exercises….I don’t know why its such a chore to me…I really am not a lazy person, I just really fight having to conform to what I am told to do – even if its me telling me I have to do it…Hummm crazy maybe?? ..I have been like this all my life, I can see my mom shaking her head up & down looking down on me. LOL..this is part of my problem and why I am in this situation…overweight…Aghhhhh   The rebel in me is still yelling…you don’t have to do it…who says you have to…..its so hard to quiet the fool in my mind….I have been doing my positive mantras and pushing away negative thoughts…but sometimes its to hard..(loud whining – lol)

I am trying to eat under 1200 cal daily and living on very low cal home made popsicles to help curb the urge to get up and eat something….actually really enjoying them….getting a lot of great ideas for different low calorie meals from other bloggers…thanks everyone….one good thing, my hands and other joints are feeling good, have been really watching my diet and keeping up on my natural herbs to help keep the inflammation away…yay….

Off here to go do my exercises ,Aghhh –  check my balls, LOL  – And put a new batch of popsicles in freezer….

until tomorrow….

Sunday…..& Nightmares

Here comes Monday….can’t believe the weekend is over so quickly….had a really nice day…gardening, kitchen is clean, working on a crafty project…got a bunch of bowling balls and will make them into yard art….so getting all my tiles and rocks together to start on them…

Calories under the 1200 quota…yay…

not much else to report….going to bed early….having nightmares again…I had the movie “Not without my Daughter” on my mind all day yesterday, not sure why, no commercials seen, I don’t own it…just popped into my mind and I dwelled on it a bit yesterday, for nothing better to do I guess…there was a crying baby at the restaurant we ate at, maybe that sparked the movie?!? Anyway my dream was about getting my daughter out of this country, I took her from her school and we escaped down to the underground area, like a subway area, we were having troubles getting back to the top above ..The bad men, which one was my daughters father, was looking for us and some good people were helping us escape, we were being hidden in fake walls and crawling around the edges of the underground. I also had my old dog Chika with us, not sure why, guess to make it more difficult..LOL ..I had lost my bag with all the money and passports, etc, in it of course, so when I got the escalator to go to the top, we could see the blue sky and we knew there was an airplane waiting to whisk us away to America, but…the man wanted the dog to let us pass, theses people down here were starving so Chika looked like prime rib to most of them,  I am sure my dog understood what the man wanted because she looked up at me with her big eyes pleading “Please don’t leave me here”  so of course I couldn’t leave the dog, so we trudged on….I finally woke up…Its been with me all day…I am hoping it won’t take up where it left off from this morning, crazy, but my nightmares generally have to have an ending, good or bad before they leave me alone…so I am going to go read and relax and hopefully won’t end up in another country stressing to get out…LOL

so until tomorrow

Made it to Orville…LOL

Spent the better half of the day looking at new RV’s….dreaming, wanting wishing we had money tree….ended up driving away and realizing that we are quite happy with what we have and we just need to buy better outside recliners to use…so happy to be out of dodge we are sitting near the Feather River, can’t see it from here but can see all the hungry flying critters in the air that live near the water..we even have wi-fi….bonus…..

have done well…really under my calorie quota today….so feeling good about that….looking forward to another adventure tomorrow….until then…keep smiling…